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World Federation of Independent Scouts
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Founder Lawrie Dring
PresidentKlaus Tegeder
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The World Federation of Independent Scouts (WFIS) is a non-governmental international Scouting organization with 82 affiliated Scout organizations in 41 countries. The affiliate Scout organizations collectively had an estimated 200,000 members in 3562 Scout Groups in 2010. [1] WFIS was formed in Laubach, Germany, in 1996 by Lawrie Dring, a British Scouter with the independent Baden-Powell Scouts' Association (BPSA).


The World Federation of Independent Scouts is open to any Scouting association that is not affiliated with another international organization. WFIS requires that member associations "follow, and use, Baden-Powell's original program, traditions, uniforms, morals, ethics, and structure as laid out in Baden-Powell's Scouting for Boys ," amended only for "health, environmental, first-aid, and safety reasons."

The current President of the WFIS World Council is Klaus Tegeder, who was elected for a five-year term in 2007 and reelected in 2012 and 2017. [2] He is the former President of WFIS-Europe and still leads a German Scout troop.

WFIS Worldwide Committee

The WFIS Worldwide Committee is the chief executive body of the World Federation of Independent Scouts and is composed of elected volunteers. WFIS-Worldwide acts as an umbrella association for each of the regional Scout organisations.

Current members of the WFIS Worldwide Committee [3]

Klaus TegederPresident
Fabian FigueroaVice-President
Silvana Silva MaurielloSecretary
Per StigaardTreasurer
Marc BruyneelWood Beads (Wood Badge) Coordinator

Regional divisions

The WFIS is divided into eight regions: [4]

The Asian Region and Middle East Region are currently inactive, although there are WFIS Associations operating there.

List of members

Including prospected members

WFIS Africa

5860 members in 2010 [1]

CountryGroupMembership status
Congo BrazzavilleEclaireurs Eclaireuses Laïque du Congoprospect member
GhanaBaden Powell Scouts of Africaprospect member
Ivory CoastAssociation des Eclaireurs et Eclaaireuses Evangéliques de Côte d'Ivoireprospect member
Baden Powell Scouts of Africaprospect member
Scouts d'Afrique de Côte d'Ivoireprospect member
Scouts Unitaires de Côte d'Ivoireprospect member
KenyaBaden Powell Scouts Associationprospect member
NigeriaBaden Powell Scout Association, NigeriaFull member[ citation needed ]


155,303 members in 2010 [1]

CountryGroupMembership status
India The Scouts/Guides Organisation [5] full member
Hindustan Scouts and Guides Association [6] full member
Scout Bharti [7] full member
Shriram Bajpai Scouts & Guides Organisationsfull member
Federation of India for Sports, Scouting and Education [8] Prospect Member
Future Scouts & guidesProspect Member [ citation needed ]
Japan Independent Scouts of Japanprospect member
Nepal Metro Scouts Nepal [9] prospect member
Nepal Independent Scouts Association [10] prospect member

WFIS Europe

10,834 members in 2010 [1]

CountryGroupMembership Status
Austria Scouts of Europafull member
Belgium Onafhankelijke Scouts en Gidsen - Scouts et Guides Indépendantsfull member
Czech Republic Skaut - Český skauting ABSfull member
Svaz skautu a skautek Ceske Republikyfull member
Skaut SSV [11] prospect member
Denmark De Gule Spejdere i Danmark – Baden-Powell spejderne [12] full member
France Scouts de Chavagnes full member
Germany Bund Europäischer St. Georgs-Pfadfinderinnen und -Pfadfinder [13] full member
Bund Unabhängiger Pfadfinder, Stamm Cassiopeia [14] full member
Christliche freie Pfadfinderschaft Goldenstedtfull member
Christliche Pfadfinderschaft Dreieichfull member
Deutscher Pfadfinderbund e. V. gegr. 1911 (DPB 1911) [15] full member
Europäischer Pfadfinderbund - Georgsritter e. V. [16] full member
Europäischer Pfadfinderbund St. Georgfull member
Freie Deutsche Waldläufer Olpe [17] full member
Freier Pfadfinderbund Asgard [18] full member
Freier Pfadfinderbund St. Georgfull member
Freie Pfadfinderschaft Kreuzritterfull member
Independent Scout Association [19] full member
Pfadfinder im Mühlenbecker Landfull member
Pfadfinderbund Weltenbummler e.V. [20] full member
Pfadfindertrupp Frederick Selous [21] full member
Solmser Pfadfinderschaft [22] full member
Ireland Baden-Powell Scouts Slygufffull member
Italy Associazone Amici Delle Iniziative Scoutfull member
Associazione Esploratori e Guide Italiani [23] full member
Associazione Indipendente Scoutfull member
Associazione Sezione Scout di Gelafull member
Assoraiderfull member
Federazione del Movimento Scout Italiano - FederScoutfull member
Fedarazione Italiana di Scautismo Raider – FIS Raiderfull member
Kosovo National Scout Center of Kosovo [24] full member
Latvia Latvijas Kristīgie Skauti (Christian Scouts of Latvia) [25] full member
Malta Baden-Powell Scouts Malta [26] full member
Romania Asociatia Cercetasilor Traditionali din Romaniafull member
Russia Russian Union of Scoutsfull member
Spain Associació Catalana de Scouts - Catalan Association of Scouts [27] full member
Asociación de Scouts Independientes de Madrid - Independent Scouts of Madrid [28] full member
Asosiación Juvenil Group Scout Independiente Gilwellfull member
Federación Scout de la Comunidad Valencianafull member
Scout Group Alphafull member
Scouts Independientes del Principado de Asturiasfull member
Asociación de Scouts Independientes de Extremadura [11] prospect member
Grupo Scout San Pío [11] prospect member
Scouts Magma [11] prospect member
Switzerland Feuerkreis Niklaus von Flüe [29] full member
Turkey Kapiffull member
United Kingdom Baden-Powell Scouts' Association [30] full member
Ukraine Rodzvinskyfull member

WFIS America

3643 members in 2010 [1] [31]

CountryGroupMembership Status
Argentina Asociación Argentina de Scouts de Baden Powell full member
Scouts Navales de Argentinafull member
Bolivia Asociación Boliviana de Scouts Independientes de Baden-Powellprospect member
Brazil Associação Escoteira Baden-Powell (AEBP)full member
Grande Fraternidade Escoteira IMPISAfull member
Canada Baden-Powell Service Association (Canada) full member
Canadian Traditional Scouting Association prospect member
ZHR Polish Scouts of Canada [32] full member
Chile Agrupación Nacional de Boy Scouts de Chile full member
Hermandad Scout del Desierto Chilefull member
Colombia Asociación Colombiana de Escultismo (ACE)full member
Curaçao Independent Scouts of Curaçaofull member
Ecuador Asociación de Boy Scouts del Ecuadorfull member
El Salvador Asociacion de Scouts Independientes de El Salvador ASI-ESfull member
Guatemala Asociación de Escultismo Ecológico Baden-Powell Guatemalafull member
Honduras Asociación Hondureña de Escultismo Tradicionalfull member
Mexico Agrupación Scout Mexicana, A.C. full member
Asociación Nacional de Scouts Independientes Mexico (ANSI)full member
Federación Mexicana de Scouts Independientes, A.C.full member
Asociación Tradicionalista de Scouts Tiro y Pesca, A.C.full member
Asociación de Scouts del Sureste A.C.prospect member
Panama Cuerpo de Exploradores Panameñosfull member
Paraguay Hermandad Scout de Paraguayfull member
United States Baden-Powell Service Association [33] full member

WFIS South-East Asia

Bangladesh Independent Scouts of Bangladesh
China Shanghai Scout Association
South Korea Third Eye Scouting Association
Pakistan Independent Scouts of Pakistan
Nankana Sab Scout Organization
ADABKADA Scout Association
Sri Lanka Independent Scouts of Sri Lanka
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates Independent Scout Association
Dubai Scout Organization

Jamborees and international camps

WFIS has held World Jamborees in 2002, 2007, and 2011.

In addition to World Jamborees, the WFIS also regularly host regional international camps, such as Eurocamp. The following camps having taken place or are scheduled:

YearEventLocation, CountryThemeDatesAttendanceCountries
2006Eurocamp 2006 Switzerland
2010Eurocamp 2010 Germany
2014Eurocamp 2014 Italy
2018 Eurocamp 2018 Newbury, Berkshire, United Kingdom Lifelong friendships created by Scouting28 July to 4 August 2018203021
2022Eurocamp 2022 Austria July 30 to August 6 [34]

WFIS also hosts a Jamboree On The Internet:

Member Associations also regularly invite each other to their own camps, examples including:

International Scout Fellowship

International Scout Fellowship
International Scout Fellowship.svg
WikiProject Scouting fleur-de-lis dark.svg  Scouting portal

The International Scout Fellowship is an affiliate of WFIS, but not a member. It is open to former and current adult members of WFIS, to other adult friends of Independent Scouting who wish to contribute to independent Scouting, regardless of their Scouting backgrounds.

The ISF is governed by its World Council which is composed of representatives of each member Chapter. It meets once a year, usually electronically. Its day-to-day affairs are directed by the Executive Committee, which is elected by the World Council.

All positions in the ISF are staffed by volunteers. There are no paid employees.


The badge is that of the WFIS in reverse colours. There is no set uniform of the ISF. Member chapters determine their own uniforms with the badge of the ISF. Other chapters may use casual dress such as T-shirts, etc.

The emphasis of the ISF is on tangible results in supporting Independent Scouting associations, not on formalities.

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Pfadfinder und Pfadfinderinnen Österreichs Austrian Scouting and Guiding organization

Pfadfinder und Pfadfinderinnen Österreichs is the largest Scouting and Guiding organization in Austria and the only one approved by World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) and the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM). The association claims more than 300 troops with more than 85,000 Scouts nationwide. WOSM and WAGGGS give quite smaller membership values for the PPÖ: 9,503 Scouts and 10,508 Guides.

Magyar Cserkészszövetség

Magyar Cserkészszövetség, the primary national Scouting organization of Hungary, was founded in 1912, and became a member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement in 1922 and again after the rebirth of Scouting in the country in 1990. The coeducational Magyar Cserkészszövetség had 8,145 members in 2011.

Ring Deutscher Pfadfinderinnenverbände

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Scouting and Guiding in Mainland China was reported as banned with the establishment of the People's Republic of China (PRC) by the Communist Party since 1949. Instead, the Young Pioneers of China and the Communist Youth League, led by the Communist Party, have become the dominant youth organization in mainland China for younger and older youth, respectively. However, China now has multiple and originally separate Scouting activities within its borders. In 2004, the Scout Club of Hainan (海南童子军俱乐部), borrowing heavily from Scouting in terms of emblems, uniforms and activities, was founded in Hainan Province; it is, however, not affiliated with worldwide Scouting. An attempt to organize a nationwide Scouting organization in Wuhan was ended by the government in 2004. The Scout Association of the People's Republic of China (中华人民共和国童军总会), founded in 2008 serves Venture Scouts in both genders as well as Rover Scouts. The Rover Explorer Service Association operate groups in China.

Verband Christlicher Pfadfinderinnen und Pfadfinder voluntary association

The Verband Christlicher Pfadfinderinnen und Pfadfinder is a German Protestant coed Scouting and Guiding association. According to the VCP, the organization has about 47,000 members.

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The Scout movement in Germany consists of about 150 different associations and federations with about 260,000 Scouts and Guides.

Confederation of European Scouts

The Confederation of European Scouts, called in French Confédération Européenne de Scoutisme and abbreviated as CES, was formed in Brussels, Belgium, on 12 November 1978 and is still based in Belgium. CES stresses the European dimension of the Scouting programme and claims to provide the "authentic Scouting of Baden-Powell". The CES is a confederation of national federations. The CES is a split-off from the Fédération du Scoutisme Européen (FSE) later renamed to the Union Internationale des Guides et Scouts d'Europe; it left after controversies about the importance of religious elements in the single associations' programs and co-education. The exact number of members of the CES is unknown.

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Scouting and Guiding in Switzerland is made up of numerous scouting and guiding bodies which act to provide the opportunities to scout. This could be though Swiss national Scouting and Guiding organizations, through independent troops or through international troops established in Switzerland. While the latter two are similar, there is a fundamental difference because the three independent groups while taking guidance under different national regimes it is a program developed by people in the various cities, where the presence of international groups in Switzerland is a top down targeted programs that have been developed to offer expatriates scouting and guiding in the language they are used to and are developed in areas with a larger expatriate community. All of which are supported the existence of KISC and Our Chalet, both acting as semi-permeant jamborees.

Alexander Franz Anton Lion was the co-founder of the German Scout Movement.

Jamboree 2008 (Northumberland) Northumberland Scout Jamboree

Jamboree 2008 was developed as "an Inter-organisational & International event" which was intended to "bring 600 young people from Scouting and Guiding together — to develop skills & friendships that will lay the foundations for the next 100 years of Scouting". The Jamboree was set up to be independent of Associations, and hoped to involve members of the World Federation of Independent Scouts (WFIS), the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM), and the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS).

Deutscher Pfadfinderverband voluntary association

The Deutsche Pfadfinderverband is an umbrella federation of sixteen German non-denominational Scouting associations. It was founded in 1970 and serves about 29,000 members.

The World Organization of Independent Scouts is an international Scouting organization for traditional Scouting.

Pfadfinderbund Weltenbummler

The Pfadfinderbund Weltenbummler e.V.(Scouts' Association Globetrotter) is an inter-confessional and apolitical German Scout association founded in 1981. It has about 2000 members and is part of the World Federation of Independent Scouts (WFIS), the Duke of Edinburgh's Award (DofE), the German Scout Association (DPV), the Bavarian Scout Council and the German Parity Welfare Association. It is recognized by German law as a charitable and nonprofit organization. The association is built on the principles constituted by Robert Baden-Powell. Their uniform is dark blue, they wear black pants and striped neckerchiefs with varied woogles.

Baden-Powell Service Association (United States)

The Baden-Powell Service Association (BPSA) is a co-ed scouting organization in the United States that takes its name from the Scouting movement founder, Robert Baden-Powell. The BPSA is a member of the World Federation of Independent Scouts (WFIS).


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