Candid Records

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Candid Records
Parent company Cadence Records
Founded1960 (1960)
Founder Archie Bleyer
Genre Jazz, Blues
Country of origin United States
Location New York

Candid Records was a jazz record label first established in New York City.


Early Candid Records

The CANDID jazz label was founded in New York City in 1960 as a subsidiary of Cadence Records, owned by Archie Bleyer. The jazz writer and civil rights activist Nat Hentoff [1] [2] was the label's (A&R) director and, consequently, he attempted to create a catalog that represented the prevalent jazz music of the day. Hentoff also worked with the graphic designer and photographer Frank Gauna to create Candid's distinctive album covers. [3]

Candid's catalog included Don Ellis, Abbey Lincoln, Booker Little, Charles Mingus, and Cecil Taylor. Later, the label was acquired by pop singer Andy Williams, [4] who either reissued the catalog on his own Barnaby label or licensed them to foreign record companies into the 1970s and late 1980s. [5]

The Cadence-era Discography

The 34 Cadence-era LPs

Mono CatalogStereo CatalogLeaderAlbum [6] Year
CJM-8001CJS-9001 Otis Spann Otis Spann Is the Blues 1961
CJM-8002CJS-9002 Max Roach We Insist! 1961
CJM-8003CJS-9003 Richard Williams New Horn in Town 1961
CJM-8004CJS-9004 Don Ellis How Time Passes 1961
CJM-8005CJS-9005 Charlie Mingus Charles Mingus Presents Charles Mingus 1961
CJM-8006CJS-9006 Cecil Taylor The World of Cecil Taylor 1961
CJM-8007CJS-9007 Steve Lacy The Straight Horn of Steve Lacy 1961
CJM-8008CJS-9008 Nancy Harrow Wild Women Don't Have the Blues1961
CJM-8009CJS-9009 Clark Terry Color Changes 1961
CJM-8010CJS-9010 Lightnin' Hopkins Lightnin' in New York 1961
CJM-8011CJS-9011 Benny Bailey Big Brass 1961
CJM-8012CJS-9012 Toshiko Mariano The Toshiko Mariano Quartet1961
CJM-8013CJS-9013 Cecil Taylor Jumpin' Punkins 1961
CJM-8014CJS-9014 Booker Ervin That's It! 1961
CJM-8015CJS-9015 Abbey Lincoln Straight Ahead 1961
CJM-8016CJS-9016 Phil Woods Rights of Swing 1961
CJM-8017CJS-9017 Cecil Taylor & Buell Neidlinger New York City R&B 1961
CJM-8018CJS-9018 Jaki Byard Blues for Smoke 1961
CJM-8019CJS-9019Various Artists
(Charlie Mingus, Max Roach, Booker Little, Cal Massey, Kenny Dorham and others)
Jazz Life1961
CJM-8020CJS-9020 Pee Wee Russell and Coleman Hawkins Jazz Reunion 1961
CJM-8021CJS-9021 Charlie Mingus Mingus 1961
CJM-8022CJS-9022Jazz Artists Guild Newport Rebels 1961
CJM-8023CJS-9023 Memphis Slim Tribute to Broonzy, Carr, Davenport1961
CJM-8024CJS-9024 Memphis Slim Memphis Slim, U.S.A.1962
CJM-8025CJS-9025 Mack McCormick Treasury Of Field Recordings Vol. 11962
CJM-8026CJS-9026 Charlie Mingus Reincarnation of a Lovebird 1963
CJM-8027CJS-9027 Booker Little Out Front 1963
CJM-8028CJS-9028 Ray Crawford Smooth Groove1963
CJM-8029CJS-9029 Cal Massey Blues to Coltrane1963
CJM-8030CJS-9030Chamber Jazz SextetPlays Pal Joey1963
CJM-8031CJS-9031 Marty Paich The Picasso of Big Band Jazz1963
CJM-8032CJS-9032 Don Ellis Out of Nowhere 1963
CJM-8033CJS-9033 Eric Dolphy Candid Dolphy1963
CJM-8034CJS-9034 Cecil Taylor Cell Walk for Celeste 1963

In 1964, due to its financial difficulties, Archie Bleyer opted to shut down Cadence Records, parent company of Candid Records [7] and sold the complete Cadence catalog (inclusive of the Candid Records recordings) to the singer, Andy Williams, owner of Barnaby Records. [8] [9]

Post-Cadence Italian/German/British Candid Records

CatalogLeaderAlbum [10]
(Eu) CS-9035 Lucky Thompson Lord, Lord, Am I Ever Gonna Know?
(Eu) CS-9036 Ricky Ford Manhattan Blues
(Eu) CS-9037 Art Hodes Pagin' Mr. Jelly
(Eu) CS-9038
(Eu) CS-9039
(Eu) CS-9040 Erica Lindsay Dreamer
(Eu) CS-9041 David Newman Blue Head
(Eu) CS-9042 Charlie Mingus Mysterious Blues
(Eu) CS-9043
(Eu) CS-9044 Kenny Barron & John Hicks Rhythm-a-Ning
(Eu) CS-9045 Louis Hayes The Crawl
(Eu) CS-9046 Cecil Taylor Air

Candid Records UK

In 1989, the Candid recordings were bought by Black Lion Records, [11] which reissued the vintage material on CDs and produced new recordings succeedingly. The new Candid Records (UK) catalogue expanded to include Greg Abate, Kenny Barron, Luis Bonilla, Art Hodes, Lee Konitz, Dave Liebman, Shorty Rogers and Bud Shank, Mongo Santamaría, Shirley Scott and a host of new jazz talent.

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