International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation

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International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation
Formation1946;76 years ago (1946)
Type Sports governing body
Headquarters Geneva, Switzerland
91 member federations
Jose Antonio Perez Priego

The International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation (IWWF) is the world governing body for all towed water sports. Founded in Geneva, Switzerland in 1946, it is recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as the sole authority governing all towed water sports and has 91 affiliated member federations worldwide. The IWWF is also an affiliate member of the Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) and is one of the seven founding sports of the World Games.


The IWWF’s competitive and recreational towed water sports divisions include the following: Tournament (3-Event Waterskiing), Wakeboard, Barefoot, Show Skiing, Cable Wakeboard, Cableski, Ski Racing, and Disabled Skiing. [1]

Functions of the IWWF:

The current President of the IWWF is Jose Antonio Perez Priego from Mexico.

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Wakeboarding is a water sport in which the rider, standing on a wakeboard, is towed behind a motorboat across its wake and especially up off the crest in order to perform aerial maneuvers. A hallmark of wakeboarding is the attempted performance of midair tricks. Wakeboarding was developed from a combination of water skiing, snowboarding and surfing techniques.

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Water skiing is a surface water sport in which an individual is pulled behind a boat or a cable ski installation over a body of water, skimming the surface on two skis or one ski. The sport requires sufficient area on a stretch of water, one or two skis, a tow boat with tow rope, two or three people, and a personal flotation device. In addition, the skier must have adequate upper and lower body strength, muscular endurance, and good balance.

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The Dutch Waterski Association is a union of all Dutch water ski, wakeboard, cable skiing and water sports clubs and organisations. The association's goal is to promote the sport of water skiing and wakeboarding. It organises competition, subsidies, training and scouting, and coordinates sending skiers to international sport events.

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The Fédération Internationale du Sport Universitaire is responsible for the organization and governance of worldwide sports competitions for student-athletes between the ages of 17 and 25. It was founded in 1949 as the world governing body of national university sports organizations and currently has 174 member associations from five continents. Between 1949 and 2011, it was based in Brussels (Belgium); since 2011, it is based in Lausanne (Switzerland).

Correct Craft is a United States-based builder of powerboats primarily for waterskiing and wakeboard use. It was founded in 1925 by Walt C. Meloon as the Florida Variety Boat Company. Correct Craft is the oldest family-owned and operated boat manufacturer in the world. Correct Craft owns Nautique, Centurion, Supreme, Bass Cat, Yar-Craft, SeaArk and Bryant boat companies, Pleasurecraft Engine Group, Parker boats and Aktion Parks.

Nautique is an American boat manufacturer that produces boats primarily for waterskiing, wakeboarding and wakesurfing. With models in the Super Air Nautique and Ski Nautique lines, they are widely considered the gold standard in the inboard towboat market. Owned by parent company, Correct Craft, Nautique is a member of the oldest family-owned and operated boat manufacturer in the world.

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Regina Jaquess is an American water skier. She had won awards in the sport by age 13 and won medals in Water skiing at the 2003 Pan American Games. In that same year she won at the Water Ski World Championship. She won gold medals in Water skiing at the 2011 Pan American Games and for 2012-2013 was named "Female Slalom Skier of the Year" by Water Ski Magazine.

Danny Harf is an American professional wakeboarder and sports video producer.

Australian Waterski and Wakeboard Federation, or AWWF is the governing body for the Waterskiing, Wakeboarding and Bare footing in Australia.

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The Ontario Place West Channel, also known as the Toronto Western Beaches Watercourse is a 'flat water' training and competition centre for rowing, paddling and water sports located on the shoreline of Lake Ontario in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The following is the qualification system and qualified countries for the Water skiing at the 2019 Pan American Games competitions.

This article lists the in the water and on the water forms of aquatic sports for 2020.

Water skiing competitions at the 2022 Bolivarian Games in Valledupar, Colombia were held from 2 to 4 July 2022 at Club Los Lagartos in Bogotá, a sub-venue outside Valledupar.

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Morocco competed at the 2022 World Games held in Birmingham, United States from 7 to 17 July 2022. Athletes representing Morocco won four silver medals. The country finished in 52nd place in the medal table.


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