List of Korean given names

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This is a list of Korean given names by type. Most Korean given names consist of two Sino-Korean morphemes each written with one hanja. There are also names with more than two syllables, often from native Korean vocabulary. Finally, there are a small number of one-syllable names. Originally, there was no legal limitation on the length of names, but since 1993, regulations in South Korea have prohibited the registration of given names longer than five syllable blocks, in response to some parents giving their children extremely long names such as the 16-syllable Haneulbyeollimgureumhaennimbodasarangseureouri (하늘 별님 구름 햇님 보다 사랑 스러우리). [1] Lists of hanja for names are illustrative, not exhaustive.


Names by common first and second syllables

G or k (ㄱ), n (ㄴ), d (ㄷ)

First syllable →
Second syllable ↓
경 ( )
광 ( )
규 ( )
기 ( )
남 ( )
다 ( )
대 ()
도 ( )
동 ( )
Gun/Geon (건) Dong-gun
Kyung (경)
Guk/Kook (국)
Gyu/Kyu (규) Nam-kyu
Geun (근) Dong-geun
Gi/Ki (기) Nam-gi
Nam (남) Ki-nam
Mi (미) Da-mi
Min (민) Kyung-min Kwang-min Dong-min
Bin (빈) Kyu-bin Da-bin Dong-bin
Seok/Suk (석) Kyung-seok Kwang-seok Dong-suk
Seon/Sun (선) Kyung-sun Kwang-seon Nam-seon Dae-sun
Seong/Sung (성) Dae-sung
Se (세)
Soo/Su (수) Kyung-soo Kwang-su Dong-soo
Sook/Suk (숙) Kyung-sook Dong-suk
Sik/Shik (식) Kyung-sik Kwang-sik Dae-sik
A/Ah (아) Kyung-ah
An/Ahn (안)
Eon (언)
Yeon/Yun (연) Ki-yeon Da-yeon Do-yeon Dong-yeon
Young/Yeong (영) Kyu-young Ki-young Da-young Dae-young Do-young Dong-young
Ok (옥) Kyung-ok
Yong (용) Ki-yong
Woo/Wu (우) Ki-woo Dong-woo
Wook (욱) Dong-wook
Woong (웅) Ki-woong Dae-woong
Won (원) Kyung-won Kyu-won Ki-won Dae-won Do-won Dong-won
Yoon/Yun (윤) Kyung-yoon Ki-yoon Do-yoon Dong-yoon
Eun (은) Kyung-eun Da-eun
Il (일) Kyung-il Kwang-il Kyu-il Nam-il Dae-il Dong-il
Ja (자) Kyung-ja
Jae (재) Kyung-jae
Jung (정) Ki-jung Da-jung
Joo/Ju (주) Kyung-ju Dong-joo
Joon/Jun (준) Kyung-joon Kwang-joon Ki-joon Nam-joon Dae-joon Do-joon Dong-jun
Ji (지) Nam-ji
Jin (진) Kyung-jin Kwang-jin Do-jin Dong-jin
Chul (철) Kyung-chul Kyu-chul Ki-chul Dae-chul Dong-chul
Tae (태) Kyung-tae Kyu-tae Ki-tae
Ha (하) Kyung-ha Kyu-ha Ki-ha Do-ha Dong-ha
Hak (하)
Han (한) Dae-han
Hyuk (혁) Kwang-hyok Kyu-hyuk Ki-hyuk Nam-hyuk Dae-hyuk Do-hyuk Dong-hyuk
Hyun (현) Kyung-hyun Kwang-hyun Kyu-hyun Ki-hyun Da-hyun Dae-hyun Do-hyun Dong-hyun
Hye (혜) Kyung-hye Da-hye
Ho (호) Kyung-ho Kwang-ho Ki-ho Nam-ho Dong-ho
Hwa (화) Kyung-hwa
Hwan (환) Kyung-hwan Kwang-hwan Kyu-hwan Ki-hwan Do-hwan Dong-hwan
Hoon/Hun (훈) Kyung-hoon Kwang-hoon Ki-hoon Dae-hoon Do-hun Dong-hoon
Hee (희) Kyung-hee Kwang-hee Kyu-hee Nam-hee Da-hee Dae-hee Do-hee

M (ㅁ), b (ㅂ)

First syllable →
Second syllable ↓
만 ( )
명 ( )
문 ()
미 ()
민 ( )
보 ( )
범 ( )
병 ( )
Gun/Geon (건) Byoung-gon
Kyung (경) Mi-kyung Min-kyung Bo-kyung
Guk/Kook (국) Min-guk
Gyu/Kyu (규) Min-kyu Beom-gyu
Geun (근) Mi-kyung Min-kyung Bo-kyung
Gi/Ki (기) Man-ki Min-ki
Nam (남)
Mi (미)
Min (민)
Bin (빈)
Seok/Suk (석) Man-seok Min-seok Beom-seok
Seon/Sun (선) Myung-sun Mi-sun Min-sun Bo-sun
Seong/Sung (성) Min-seong
Se (세) Man-se
Soo/Su (수) Man-soo Myung-soo Moon-soo Min-soo Beom-soo Byung-soo
Sook/Suk (숙) Myung-sook Moon-sook Mi-sook Min-sook
Sik/Shik (식) Man-sik Moon-sik
A/Ah (아) Min-a, Min-ah Bo-a
An/Ahn (안)
Eon (언)
Yeon/Yun (연) Mi-yeon Bo-yeon
Young/Yeong (영) Moon-young Mi-young Min-young Bo-young
Ok (옥) Man-ok Myung-ok Moon-ok Mi-ok Min-ok Byung-ok
Yong (용) Myung-yong Moon-yong Min-yong
Woo/Wu (우) Myung-woo Min-woo Beom-woo Byung-woo
Wook (욱) Myung-wook Min-wook Byung-wook
Woong (웅) Min-woong
Won (원) Myung-won
Yoon/Yun (윤) Byung-yoon
Eun (은) Min-eun
Il (일) Byung-il
Ja (자) Myung-ja Mi-ja Min-ja
Jae (재) Min-jae Byung-jae
Jung (정) Moon-jung Mi-jung Min-jung
Joo/Ju (주) Mi-joo Min-ju
Joon/Jun (준) Myung-jun Min-jun Beom-joon Byung-joon
Ji (지) Min-ji Byung-ji
Jin (진) Myung-jin Mi-jin
Chul (철) Moon-chul Min-chul Beom-chul Byung-chul
Tae (태) Min-tae
Ha (하) Min-ha Byung-ha
Hak (하)
Han (한)
Hyuk (혁) Moon-hyuk Min-hyuk
Hyun (현) Byung-hyun
Hye (혜) Moon-hye Min-hye
Ho (호) Man-ho Moon-ho Min-ho Beom-ho Byung-ho
Hwa (화) Myung-hwa
Hwan (환) Myung-hwan Min-hwan
Hoon/Hun (훈) Myung-hoon Min-hoon Byung-hoon
Hee (희) Man-hee Myung-hee Moon-hee Mi-hee Min-hee Byung-hee

S (ㅅ)

First syllable 
Second syllable 
상 ( )
서 ( )
석 ( )
선 ( )
설 ( )
성 ( )
세 ()
소 ( )
수 ( )
순 ( )
시 ( )
신 ( )
승 ( )
Gun/Geon (건)
Kyung (경) Seong-gyeong Soo-kyung Si-kyung
Guk/Kook (국)
Gyu/Kyu (규)
Geun (근) Sung-keun Soo-geun Seung-geun
Gi/Ki (기) Sung-ki Seung-gi
Nam (남) Sung-nam Seung-nam
Mi (미) Sang-mi Sun-mi Sung-mi Se-mi So-mi Su-mi Seung-mi
Min (민) Sang-min Sun-min Sung-min So-min Soo-min Seung-min
Bin (빈) Sun-bin Sung-bin Se-bin So-bin Su-bin Seung-bin
Seok/Suk (석)
Seon/Sun (선)
Seong/Sung (성)
Se (세) Sang-sik
Soo/Su (수) Sang-soo Sung-soo Seung-soo
Sook/Suk (숙) Sun-sook Sung-sook
Sik/Shik (식) Sang-sik Seung-sik
A/Ah (아) Sang-ah Sun-ah Seol-ah Sung-ah Soo-ah Si-ah Seung-ah
An/Ahn (안) Si-an
Eon (언) Seo-eon Si-eon Seung-eon
Yeon/Yun (연) Seo-yeon Seok-yeon Se-yeon So-yeon Su-yeon Si-yeon Seung-yeon
Young/Yeong (영) Seo-young Sun-young Se-young So-young Soo-young Si-young Shin-young
Ok (옥) Seon-ok Sung-ok Sun-ok Seung-ok
Yong (용) Sung-yong Shi-yong Seung-yong
Woo/Wu (우) Sang-woo Seo-woo Sun-woo Sung-woo Si-woo Shin-woo Seung-woo
Wook (욱) Sang-wook Sun-wook Sung-wook Se-wook Shi-wook Seung-wook
Woong (웅) Sun-woong Se-woong Si-woong
Won (원) Sang-won Seo-won Sung-won Se-won So-won Su-won Si-won Seung-won
Yoon/Yun (윤) Sang-yoon Seo-yun Sung-yoon Se-yoon Si-yoon Seung-yoon
Eun (은) Sang-eun Seo-eun Sung-eun Se-eun So-eun Si-eun Seung-eun
Il (일) Sung-il Shin-il Seung-il
Ja (자) Sun-ja Seong-ja Soon-ja
Jae (재) Sun-jae Sung-jae Soon-jae Seung-jae
Jung (정) Seo-jung Se-jung So-jung Soo-jung Si-jung
Joo/Ju (주) Seok-joo Sun-ju Sung-ju Seung-ju
Joon/Jun (준) Sang-jun Seo-jun Seok-jun Sun-jun Sung-jun Se-joon Shi-jun Seung-jun
Ji (지) Su-ji Shin-ji
Jin (진) Sang-jin Seo-jin Seok-jin Sun-jin Sung-jin Se-jin Soo-jin Seung-jin
Chul (철) Sang-chul Sung-chul Seung-chul
Tae (태) Sung-tae Seung-tae
Ha (하) Seo-ha Sung-ha Si-ha Seung-ha
Hak (하)
Han (한)
Hyuk (혁) Sang-hyuk Sung-hyuk Se-hyuk Su-hyuk Si-hyuk Seung-hyuk
Hyun (현) Sang-hyun Seo-hyun Seol-hyun Sung-hyun So-hyun Su-hyun Si-hyun Seung-hyun
Hye (혜) Sun-hye Sung-hye Su-hye Shin-hye Seung-hye
Ho (호) Sang-ho Seok-ho Sun-ho Sung-ho Se-ho Su-ho Shi-ho Seung-ho
Hwa (화) Sang-hwa Sun-hwa
Hwan (환) Seok-hwan Sung-hwan Se-hwan Shi-hwan Seung-hwan
Hoon/Hun (훈) Sang-hoon Seok-hoon Sung-hoon Se-hoon So-hoon Si-hoon Seung-hoon
Hee (희) Sang-hee Seo-hee Seok-hee Sun-hee Sung-hee Se-hee So-hee Soo-hee Soon-hee Seung-hee

Vowels and semivowels (ㅇ)

First syllable →
Second syllable ↓
연 ( 沿)
영 ( )
예 ( )
용 ( )
우 ( )
원 ( )
유 ( )
윤 ( )
인 ( )
은 ( )
Gun/Geon (건)
Kyung (경) Won-kyung Yoo-kyung In-kyung Eun-kyung
Guk/Kook (국)
Gyu/Kyu (규)
Geun (근) Young-geun
Gi/Ki (기) Young-gi Yong-gi Won-gi Yoon-gi Eun-gi
Nam (남) Young-nam Yong-nam Eun-nam
Mi (미) Young-mi Won-mi Yumi Yoon-mi Eun-mi
Min (민) Young-min Woo-min Yoo-min Yoon-min
Bin (빈) Young-bin Ye-bin Woo-bin Won-bin Yu-bin Yoon-bin Eun-bin
Seok/Suk (석) Yeon-seok Young-seok Yong-seok Woo-seok Won-seok Yoo-suk Yun-seok In-seok Eun-seok
Seon/Sun (선) Young-sun Woo-sun Yu-sun Yoon-sun Eun-sun
Seong/Sung (성) Ye-sung Yong-seong Woo-sung Yoo-sung Yoon-sung In-sung Eun-sung
Se (세)
Soo/Su (수) Yeon-su Young-su Yong-su Yoon-su In-soo Eun-su
Sook/Suk (숙) Yeon-suk Young-suk Ye-sook Won-suk Yoon-suk In-sook Eun-sook
Sik/Shik (식) Young-shik Yong-sik Woo-shik Won-sik Yoon-sik In-sik Eun-sik
A/Ah (아) Yun-ah Young-ah Yoon-ah Eun-ah
An/Ahn (안)
Eon (언)
Yeon/Yun (연) Young-yeon Woo-yeon Yu-yeon
Young/Yeong (영) Ye-young Woo-young Won-young Yu-young Yoon-young In-young Eun-young
Ok (옥) Yeong-ok Won-ok Yoon-ok In-ok Eun-ok
Yong (용) Won-yong In-yong Eun-yong
Woo/Wu (우) Yeon-woo Young-woo Yong-woo Won-woo Yoon-woo In-woo Eun-woo
Wook (욱) Young-wook Yong-wook In-wook Eun-wook
Woong (웅) Yeon-woong Won-woong In-woong
Won (원) Young-won Ye-won Woo-won Yu-won
Yoon/Yun (윤) Young-yun
Eun (은) Young-eun Ye-eun
Il (일) Young-il Yong-il Woo-il Won-il Yoon-il Eun-il
Ja (자) Yeon-ja Young-ja Yong-ja Won-ja Yoon-ja Eun-ja
Jae (재) Yeon-jae Young-jae Yong-jae Woo-jae Won-jae Yoo-jae Yoon-jae Eun-jae
Jung (정) Yeon-jung Woo-jung Won-jung Yoo-jung Yoon-jung In-jung Eun-jung
Joo/Ju (주) Yeon-ju Young-joo Woo-ju Won-ju Yu-ju Yoon-ju Eun-ju
Joon/Jun (준) Yeon-jun Young-jun Ye-jun Yong-jun Woo-jun Won-jun Yoo-jun Yoon-jun In-jun
Ji (지) Yeon-ji Young-ji Ye-ji Yoon-ji Eun-ji
Jin (진) Yeon-jin Young-jin Ye-jin Yong-jin Woo-jin Won-jin Yu-jin Yoon-jin Eun-jin
Chul (철) Young-chul Yong-chul Woo-chul Won-chul Yoon-chul In-chul Eun-chul
Tae (태) Young-tae Yong-tae Woo-tae Won-tae Yoon-tae In-tae
Ha (하) Young-ha Yong-ha Yoon-ha In-ha Eun-ha
Hak (하)
Han (한)
Hyuk (혁) Woo-hyuk Yoon-hyuk In-hyuk Eun-hyuk
Hyun (현) Young-hyun Yong-hyun Woo-hyun Yoo-hyun
Hye (혜) Young-hye Yoon-hye In-hye Eun-hye
Ho (호) Young-ho Yong-ho Won-ho Yoon-ho In-ho
Hwa (화) Young-hwa
Hwan (환) Young-hwan Yong-hwan
Hoon/Hun (훈) Young-hoon Ye-hoon
Hee (희) Yeon-hee Young-hee Yong-hee Woo-hee Won-hee Yoon-hee Eun-hee

J (ㅈ) and ch (ㅊ)

First syllable →
Second syllable ↓
재 ( )
정 ( )
종 ( )
주 ( )
준 ( )
지 ( )
진 ( )
창 ( )
채 ()
철 ( )
춘 ()
Gun/Geon (건)
Kyung (경) Jae-kyung Jin-kyung
Guk/Kook (국)
Gyu/Kyu (규) Jae-gyu Jin-gyu
Geun (근) Jae-geun
Gi/Ki (기) Joon-ki Jin-gi Chang-gi
Nam (남) Jae-nam Jung-nam Jong-nam
Mi (미) Ju-mi Jin-mi
Min (민) Jae-min Jung-min Jun-min Ji-min Chang-min Cheol-min
Bin (빈) Jae-bin Jung-bin Ji-bin
Seok/Suk (석) Jae-suk Jong-seok Jun-seok Ji-seok Jin-suk
Seon/Sun (선) Jae-sun Ji-sun Jin-sun
Seong/Sung (성) Jae-sung Jun-sung Ji-sung Jin-sung
Se (세)
Soo/Su (수) Jung-soo Jong-soo Jun-su Ji-su Jin-soo Chang-soo Chul-soo Chun-soo
Sook/Suk (숙) Jae-sook Jung-sook Ji-sook Jin-sook
Sik/Shik (식) Jae-sik Jung-sik Jong-sik Joon-sik Chang-sik
A/Ah (아) Jae-ah Jung-ah Joo-ah Ji-ah Jin-a
An/Ahn (안)
Eon (언)
Yeon/Yun (연) Jung-yeon Jong-yeon Ju-yeon Ji-yeon Chae-yeon
Young/Yeong (영) Jae-young Ju-young Jun-young Ji-young Jin-young Chae-young
Ok (옥) Jung-ok Jong-ok Joo-ok Jin-ok
Yong (용) Jae-yong Jun-yong Ji-yong Jin-yong
Woo/Wu (우) Jae-woo Jung-woo Jong-woo Jun-woo Ji-woo Jin-woo Chang-woo Chul-woo
Wook (욱) Jae-wook Jung-wook Jun-wook Jin-wook Chang-wook
Woong (웅) Jae-woong Jun-woong Ji-woong Jin-woong
Won (원) Jae-won Jung-won Joo-won Ji-won Chang-won Chae-won
Yoon/Yun (윤) Jae-yoon Jung-yoon Ju-yoon Ji-yoon Chae-yoon
Eun (은) Jae-eun Jung-eun Ju-eun Ji-eun Chae-eun
Il (일) Jung-il Jong-il Joon-il
Ja (자) Jeong-ja Chun-ja
Jae (재) Jung-jae Jun-jae Chang-jae
Jung (정) Jae-jung Chul-jung
Joo/Ju (주) Jung-joo Jin-joo
Joon/Jun (준) Jae-ju Chang-jun Chul-jun
Ji (지)
Jin (진) Jae-jin Jung-jin Jong-jin Chang-jin Chul-jin
Chul (철) Jae-chul Jung-chul Jong-chul Joon-chul Jin-chul
Tae (태) Jung-tae Jun-tae Ji-tae Jin-tae
Ha (하) Jae-ha Jong-ha Joo-ha Jun-ha Ji-ha Jin-ha Chang-ha
Hak (하)
Han (한)
Hyuk (혁) Jae-hyuk Jung-hyuk Jong-hyuk Joo-hyuk Jun-hyuk Ji-hyuk Jin-hyuk
Hyun (현) Jae-hyun Jung-hyun Jong-hyun Joo-hyun Jun-hyun Ji-hyun Chang-hyun
Hye (혜) Ju-hye Ji-hye
Ho (호) Jae-ho Jung-ho Jong-ho Ju-ho Jun-ho Ji-ho Jin-ho Chang-ho Chul-ho
Hwa (화) Jung-hwa Chun-hwa
Hwan (환) Jae-hwan Jung-hwan Jong-hwan Ju-hwan Ji-hwan Jin-hwan Chang-hwan
Hoon/Hun (훈) Jae-hun Jung-hun Jong-hoon Ji-hun Chang-hoon
Hee (희) Jae-hee Jung-hee Jong-hee Ju-hee Joon-hee Ji-hee Jin-hee Chang-hee Chul-hee Chun-hee

T (ㅌ) and h (ㅎ)

First syllable →
Second syllable ↓
태 ( )
하 ( )
한 ( )
해 ( )
호 ( )
홍 ( )
효 ( )
현 ( )
형 ( )
혜 ( )
희 ( )
Gun/Geon (건)
Kyung (경) Ho-kyung Hyo-kyung Hyun-kyung Hye-kyung Hee-kyung
Guk/Kook (국)
Gyu/Kyu (규)
Geun (근)
Gi/Ki (기) Tae-gi Hong-gi Hyo-gi Hyun-gi Hyung-gi
Nam (남) Hae-nam Hyo-nam Hyung-nam
Mi (미) Hyun-mi Hye-mi
Min (민) Tae-min Ha-min Hyo-min Hyun-min Hyung-min Hye-min
Bin (빈) Ha-bin Han-bin Hae-bin Hyo-bin Hyun-bin Hyung-bin Hye-bin
Seok/Suk (석) Tae-suk Ho-seok Hong-seok Hyun-seok Hyung-suk Hee-suk
Seon/Sun (선) Ha-sun Hyo-sun Hyun-sun Hye-sun Hee-sun
Seong/Sung (성) Tae-sung Hae-seong Ho-sung Hyo-sung Hyun-sung Hye-sung Hee-sung
Se (세)
Soo/Su (수) Tae-su Hyun-su Hyung-su Hye-su Hee-soo
Sook/Suk (숙) Hyun-sook Hye-sook
Sik/Shik (식) Tae-sik Hong-sik Hyun-sik Hyung-sik
A/Ah (아) Hyun-ah Hee-ah
An/Ahn (안)
Eon (언)
Yeon/Yun (연) Tae-yeon Hyo-yeon Hye-yeon
Young/Yeong (영) Tae-young Ha-young Hae-young Ho-young Hyun-young Hye-young Hee-young
Ok (옥) Hae-ok Hyun-ok Hee-ok
Yong (용) Tae-yong Hee-yong
Woo/Wu (우) Tae-woo Hyun-woo Hyung-woo Hee-woo
Wook (욱) Tae-wook Hyun-wook Hyung-wook Hee-wook
Woong (웅) Tae-woong Hyun-woong Hee-woong
Won (원) Tae-won Hae-won Hyo-won Hyung-won Hye-won Hee-won
Yoon/Yun (윤) Tae-yoon Ha-yoon Hae-yoon Hye-yoon Hee-yoon
Eun (은) Tae-eun Ha-eun Hyo-eun Hye-eun Hee-eun
Il (일) Tae-il Hae-il Hong-il Hyung-il
Ja (자) Hong-ja Hyun-ja Hye-ja Hee-ja
Jae (재) Ho-jae Hong-jae Hyun-jae Hee-jae
Jung (정) Ho-jung Hyo-jung Hyun-jung Hye-jung Hee-jung
Joo/Ju (주) Tae-ju Hae-ju Hong-joo Hyo-joo Hyun-joo Hyung-joo Hye-ju Hee-ju
Joon/Jun (준) Tae-jun Ha-jun Hae-jun Ho-jun Hong-jun Hyo-jun Hyun-jun Hyung-joon Hye-jun Hee-joon
Ji (지) Tae-ji Hyun-ji Hye-ji
Jin (진) Tae-jin Ha-jin Hae-jin Ho-jin Hyo-jin Hyun-jin Hyung-jin Hye-jin Hee-jin
Chul (철) Hyun-chul Hyung-chul Hee-chul
Tae (태) Hyun-tae Hyung-tae Hee-tae
Ha (하) Tae-ha
Hak (하)
Han (한)
Hyuk (혁)
Hyun (현) Tae-hyun Ha-hyun
Hye (혜)
Ho (호) Tae-ho Hyun-ho Hyung-ho Hee-ho
Hwa (화) Tae-hwa
Hwan (환) Tae-hwan
Hoon/Hun (훈) Tae-hoon Ha-hoon Hye-hoon Hee-hoon
Hee (희) Tae-hee Hyun-hee

Native Korean names

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