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Political map of the Mediterranean Sea as of September 2004. Mediterranean Relief, 1028 x 1024.jpg
Political map of the Mediterranean Sea as of September 2004.

The Mediterranean countries are those that surround the Mediterranean Sea or located within the Mediterranean Basin. [1] Twenty sovereign countries in Southern Europe, Western Asia and North Africa regions border the sea itself, two island nations completely located in it (Malta and Cyprus), in addition to two British Overseas Territories ( Gibraltar in the west and Akrotiri & Dhekelia in the east) located at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula.


While not having a coastline in the Mediterranean, Portugal, Andorra, San Marino, Vatican City, Kosovo, Serbia, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Romania and Jordan are often included on the list of Mediterranean countries. [2] [3] Such classification is mostly based on their geographical, economic, geopolitical, historical, ethnic and cultural (language, art, music, cuisine) ties to the region as a whole. Other factors include climate and flora.

List of countries on the Mediterranean Sea

Below is the list of the countries and territories bordering the Mediterranean, listed clockwise from Gibraltar on the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula:

Southern European coast, from west to east

Western Asian coast, from north to south

Northern African coast, from east to west

List of countries in the Mediterranean Basin

Below is the list of the countries and territories in the biogeographical Mediterranean Basin.

Southern Europe

Western Asia

Northern Africa

Other countries

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<span class="mw-page-title-main">Mediterranean Sea</span> Sea between Europe, Africa and Asia

The Mediterranean Sea is a sea connected to the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by the Mediterranean Basin and almost completely enclosed by land: on the north by Southern Europe and Anatolia, on the south by North Africa, and on the east by the Levant in Western Asia. The Mediterranean has played a central role in the history of Western civilization. Geological evidence indicates that around 5.9 million years ago the Mediterranean was cut off from the Atlantic and was partly or completely desiccated over a period of some 600,000 years during the Messinian salinity crisis before being refilled by the Zanclean flood about 5.3 million years ago.

This is a list of lists of universities and colleges by country, sorted by continent and region. The lists represent educational institutions throughout the world which provide higher education in tertiary, quaternary, and post-secondary education.

This gallery of sovereign state flags shows the national or state flags of sovereign states that appear on the list of sovereign states. For other flags, please see flags of active autonomist and secessionist movements, flags of extinct states and gallery of flags of dependent territories. Each flag is depicted as if the flagpole is positioned on the left of the flag, except for those of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia, which are depicted with the hoist to the right.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Southern Europe</span> Southern region of Europe

Southern Europe is the southern region of Europe. It is also known as Mediterranean Europe, as its geography is marked by the Mediterranean Sea. Definitions of Southern Europe include some or all of these countries and regions: Albania, Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Turkey, Gibraltar, Greece, Italy, Kosovo, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Portugal, San Marino, Serbia, Slovenia, Southern France, Spain, and Vatican City.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Regions of Europe</span>

Europe, the westernmost portion of Eurasia, is often divided into regions and subregions based on geographical, cultural or historical factors. Since there is no universal agreement on Europe's regional composition, the placement of individual countries may vary based on criteria being used. For instance, the Balkans is a distinct geographic region within Europe but individual countries may alternatively be grouped into Southern Europe, Southeastern Europe, or less commonly East Central Europe.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Mediterranean Games</span> Multi-sport event of the Mediterranean countries

The Mediterranean Games is a multi-sport event organised by the International Committee of Mediterranean Games (CIJM). It is held every four years among athletes from countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea in Africa, Asia and Europe. The first Mediterranean Games were held in 1951 in Alexandria, Egypt, while the most recent games were held in 2022 in Oran, Algeria.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">European microstates</span> European sovereign states having very small population or very small land area

The European microstates or European ministates are a set of very small sovereign states in Europe. In modern contexts the term is typically used to refer to the six smallest states in Europe by area: Andorra, Liechtenstein, Malta, Monaco, San Marino, and Vatican City. Four of these states are monarchies, three principalities—Andorra, Liechtenstein, and Monaco—and one papacy, Vatican City. These states trace their status back to the first millennium or the early second millennium except for Liechtenstein, created in the 17th century.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Mediterranean Basin</span> Region of lands around the Mediterranean Sea that have a Mediterranean climate

In biogeography, the Mediterranean Basin, also known as the Mediterranean Region or sometimes Mediterranea, is the region of lands around the Mediterranean Sea that have mostly a Mediterranean climate, with mild to cool, rainy winters and warm to hot, dry summers, which supports characteristic Mediterranean forests, woodlands, and scrub vegetation.

This is a list of lists on the cities of present-day nations, states and dependencies. Countries are listed in bold under their respective pages, whereas territories and dependencies are not. Disputed and unrecognized countries are italicized.

This is a list of articles holding galleries of maps of present-day countries and dependencies. The list includes all countries listed in the List of countries, the French overseas departments, the Spanish and Portuguese overseas regions and inhabited overseas dependencies.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">International Committee of Mediterranean Games</span>

The International Committee of Mediterranean Games is the organization of the National Olympic Committees who presides, regulates and organizes the Mediterranean Games. It is based in sport complex OACA in Athens.

A museum is an institution that cares for (conserves) a collection of artifacts and other objects of artistic, cultural, historical, or scientific importance and makes them available for public viewing through exhibits that may be permanent or temporary. According to Museums of the World, there are about 55,000 museums in 202 countries. The International Council of Museums comprises 30,000 members in 137 countries.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Athletics at the 2018 Mediterranean Games</span> International athletics championship event

The athletics competitions at the 2018 Mediterranean Games in Tarragona took place between 27 June and 30 June at the Campaclar Athletics Stadium while half marathons were held at the Adnan Menderes Boulevard.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Athletics at the 2022 Mediterranean Games</span> Mediterranean Games edition

The athletics competitions at the 2022 Mediterranean Games in Oran, Algeria took place between 30 June and 3 July at the Oran Olympic Stadium.


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