List of Mexican states by population density

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Mexican states by population density, 2012. 2012 Density Map.png
Mexican states by population density, 2012.

This is a list of Mexican States by population density. Population density is calculated as the ratio of resident population divided by total land area.

Population density A measurement of population numbers per unit area or volume

Population density is a measurement of population per unit area or unit volume; it is a quantity of type number density. It is frequently applied to living organisms, and most of the time to humans. It is a key geographical term. In simple terms population density refers to the number of people living in an area per kilometer square.


StatePopulation(2010) [1] Area (km2) [2] Population
Density (/km2) [3] [4]
-- Flag of Mexican Federal District.svg  Mexico City 8,851,0801,4855,920
01. Flag of Mexico (state).svg  State of Mexico 15,175,86222,357679
02. Flag of Morelos.svg  Morelos 1,777,2274,893364
03. Flag of Tlaxcala.svg  Tlaxcala 1,169,9363,991293
04. Flag of Aguascalientes.svg  Aguascalientes 1,184,9965,618211
05. Guanajuato Flag.svg  Guanajuato 5,486,37230,608179
06. Flag of Puebla.svg  Puebla 5,779,82934,290168
07. Flag of Queretaro.svg  Querétaro 1,827,93711,684156
08. Flag of Hidalgo.svg  Hidalgo 2,665,01820,846128
09. Flag of Colima.svg  Colima 650,5555,625116
10. Flag of Veracruz.svg  Veracruz 7,643,19471,820106
11. Flag of Jalisco.svg  Jalisco 7,350,68278,59994
12. Flag of Tabasco.svg  Tabasco 2,238,60324,73891
13. Flag of Michoacan.svg  Michoacán 4,351,03758,64374
14. Flag of Nuevo Leon.svg  Nuevo León 4,653,45864,22073
15. Flag of Chiapas.svg  Chiapas 4,796,58073,28965
-- Flag of Mexico.svg  United Mexican States (México) 112,322,7571,972,55057
16. Flag of Guerrero.svg  Guerrero 3,388,76863,62153
17. Flag of Yucatan.svg  Yucatán 1,818,94839,61249
18. Flag of Sinaloa.svg  Sinaloa 2,767,76157,37748
19. Flag of Baja California.svg  Baja California 3,155,07071,44644
20. Flag of San Luis Potosi.svg  San Luis Potosí 2,585,51860,98342
21. Flag of Tamaulipas.svg  Tamaulipas 3,268,55480,17541
22. Flag of Oaxaca.svg  Oaxaca 3,801,96293,79341
23. Flag of Nayarit.svg  Nayarit 1,084,97927,81539
24. Flag of Quintana Roo.svg  Quintana Roo 1,325,57842,36130
25. Flag of Zacatecas.svg  Zacatecas 1,490,66875,53920
26. Flag of Coahuila.svg  Coahuila 2,748,391151,56318
27. Flag of Campeche.svg  Campeche 822,44157,92414.9
28. Flag of Chihuahua.svg  Chihuahua 3,406,465247,45513.2
29. Flag of Sonora.svg  Sonora 2,662,480179,50313
30. Flag of Durango.png  Durango 1,632,934123,45112
31. Flag of Baja California Sur.svg  Baja California Sur 637,02673,9227

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Demographics of Mexico ethnic groups and demographics

With a population of over 123 million in 2017, Mexico ranks as the 11th most populated country in the world. It is the most populous Spanish-speaking country and the third-most populous in the Americas after the United States and Brazil. Throughout most of the twentieth century Mexico's population was characterized by rapid growth. Although this tendency has been reversed and average annual population growth over the last five years was less than 1%, the demographic transition is still in progress, and Mexico still has a large cohort of youths. The most populous city in the country is the capital, Mexico City, with a population of 8.9 million (2016), and its metropolitan area is also the most populated with 20.1 million (2010). Approximately 50% of the population lives in one of the 55 large metropolitan areas in the country. In total, about 78.84% of the population of the country lives in urban areas, meaning that only 21.16% live in rural areas.

Nuevo León State of Mexico

Nuevo León, officially the Free and Sovereign State of Nuevo León, is one of the 31 states which, with Mexico City, compose the 32 Federal Entities of Mexico. It is divided into 51 municipalities and its capital city is Monterrey.

Córdoba, Veracruz City in Veracruz, Mexico

Córdoba, officially known as Heroica Córdoba, is a city and the seat of the municipality of the same name in the Mexican state of Veracruz. It was founded in 1618.

Municipalities of Campeche Wikimedia list article

Campeche is a state in Southeast Mexico that is divided into eleven municipalities. According to the 2015 Mexican Intercensal Survey, Campeche is the third least populous state with 899,931 inhabitants and the 17th largest by land area spanning 57,693.59 square kilometres (22,275.62 sq mi).

Municipalities of Guerrero Wikimedia list article

Guerrero is a state in Southwest Mexico that is divided into 81 municipalities. According to the 2015 Mexican Intercensal Survey, Aguascalientes is the 12th most populous state with 3,533,251 inhabitants and the 14th largest by land area spanning 63,803.42 square kilometres (24,634.64 sq mi).

Municipalities of Chiapas Wikimedia list article

Chiapas is a state in Southwest Mexico. According to the 2015 Mexican Intercensal Survey, it is the state that has the seventh largest population with 5,217,908 inhabitants and the 10th largest by land area spanning 73,560.47 square kilometres (28,401.86 sq mi). Chiapas is officially divided into 124 municipalities, although the establishment of municipal authorities in Belisario Domínguez has been suspended since 2015 pending the resolution of a territorial dispute between Chiapas and the neighbouring state of Oaxaca. A 125th municipality called Honduras de la Sierra, consisting of six ejidos currently part of Siltepec, will be incorporated on October 1, 2018.

Municipalities of Durango

Durango is a state in Northwest Mexico that is divided into 39 municipalities. According to the 2015 Mexican Intercensal Survey, Durango is the 23rd most populous state with 1,754,754 inhabitants but the 4th largest by land area spanning 123,575.36 square kilometres (47,712.71 sq mi). Durango has a population density of 123,575.36 square kilometres (47,712.71 sq mi) making it Mexico's second-lowest state by population density, after Baja California Sur.

Largest cities in the Americas Wikimedia list article

This is a list of the 50 largest cities in the Americas by population residing within city limits as of 2015, the most recent year for which official population census results, estimates or short-term projections are available for most of these cities. These figures do not reflect the population of the urban agglomeration or metropolitan area which typically do not coincide with the administrative boundaries of the city. For a list of the latter, see List of metropolitan areas in the Americas by population. These figures refer to mid-2015 populations with the following exceptions:

  1. Mexican cities, whose figures derive from the 2015 Intercensal Survey conducted by INEGI with a reference date of 15 March 2015;
  2. Calgary, whose 2015 municipal census had a reference date of April 1.
Juchitán, Guerrero Municipal seat and city in Guerrero, Mexico

Juchitán is a settlement in Juchitán Municipality, in the Mexican state of Guerrero. It is part of the region of the state known as the Costa Chica.

Acapetahua Municipality in Chiapas, Mexico

Acapetahua is a town and one of the 122 Municipalities of Chiapas, in southern Mexico. As of 2010, the municipality had a total population of 27,580, up from 14,189 in 2005.

Zacatecas State of Mexico

Zacatecas, officially the Free and Sovereign State of Zacatecas, is one of the 31 states which, with the Federal District, comprise the 32 Federal Entities of Mexico. It is divided into 58 municipalities and its capital city is Zacatecas City.

Tekom Municipality Municipality in Yucatán, Mexico

Tekom Municipality is a municipality in the Mexican state of Yucatán. Tekom is also the name of the municipality's largest settlement and seat of the municipal government. In the XII national census conducted by INEGI in 2000, Tekom municipality recorded a population of 2,660 inhabitants. In the intermediate census count undertaken by INEGI in 2005, the total municipal population was recorded as 2,933 inhabitants, 2,413 of whom spoke one of the recognised indigenous languages of Mexico.

Espita Municipality Municipality in Yucatán, Mexico

Espita Municipality is one of the 106 subdivisions of the State of Yucatán in Mexico. Its municipal seat is located in the City of Espita and is located on the Litoral Oriente or Region 1 of the state. In 2005 was the 77th municipality with the highest HDI in the state with 0.7320, same as obtained Honduras in 2007.

Protestantism in Mexico

Protestants and Evangelicals are two of the most numerous religious associations in Mexico after the Roman Catholic majority. In Mexico, there are many denominations from virtually all doctrinal backgrounds, the largest of which are: Presbyterian, Baptist, Methodist, Pentecostals and a group of unaffiliated non-denominational charismatic congregations. In the census, some of these congregations and their followers are grouped as "Neo-Charismatic", others are grouped as "Evangelicals".

Teya Municipality Municipality in Yucatán, Mexico

Teya Municipality is one of the 106 municipalities in the Mexican state of Yucatán containing (65.15 km2) of land and located roughly 65 km northeast of the city of Mérida.


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