List of presidents of the National Assembly of Chad

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This article lists the presidents of the National Assembly Chad, from the establishment of the National Assembly of Chad in 1959 to the present day.


List of officeholders

Presidents of the National Assembly of Chad (1959–1990)

NameTook officeLeft office
Allahou Taher [1] 19591960
Ahmed Kotoko [1] 19601961
Mahamat Abdelkerim [1] 19621963
Adoum Tchere [1] 19641968
Abbo Nassour [1] 1970April 1975
Jean Alingué Bawoyeu [2] August 5, 1990December 6, 1990

Presidents of Conseil Supérieur de Transition (CST, 1993–1997)

NameTook officeLeft office
Lol Mahamat Choua [2] April 1993October 15, 1994
Mahamat Bashir [2] October 15, 19941997

Presidents of the National Assembly of Chad (since 1997)

NameTook officeLeft office
Wadel Abdelkader Kamougué [2] 9 May 19972002
Nassour Guelendouksia Ouaido [3] [2] 10 June 200223 June 2011
Haroun Kabadi [4] 23 June 201120 April 2021


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