Living Black

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Living Black
Presented by Karla Grant
Country of origin Australia
No. of series24 (as of 2017)
Running time30 minutes
Original network SBS
Original release2003 (2003) 

Living Black is a current affairs program aired on SBS, Australia, addressed primarily to the interests of Australia's indigenous community. Karla Grant has been executive producer of this program, which she developed, since 2002. She has also been fronting the show since 2004.



In 2010, the show aired on SBS One with one or two repeats airing during daytime programming during the week on SBS Two.

From 2013 the show screened on SBS and was repeated at a later time on National Indigenous Television (NITV) each week. From 2017, the show screened initially on NITV and was repeated at a later time on SBS. [1] Over the years, in the Asia Pacific region, it has also aired on the Australia Network.

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