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Captain Mark Phillips
Mark Phillips 1980.jpg
Phillips in 1980
Personal information
Birth nameMark Anthony Peter Phillips
Born (1948-09-22) 22 September 1948 (age 70)
Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England
Height1.85 m (6 ft 1 in)
Weight79 kg (174 lb)
SportHorse riding
Military career
AllegianceFlag of the United Kingdom.svg  United Kingdom
Service/branchFlag of the British Army.svg  British Army
Unit1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards
Awards Commander of the Royal Victorian Order

Captain Mark Anthony Peter Phillips CVO ADC(P) (born 22 September 1948) is an English Olympic gold-medal-winning horseman for Great Britain and the first husband of Anne, Princess Royal, with whom he has two children. He remains a leading figure in British equestrian circles, a noted eventing course designer, and a columnist in Horse & Hound magazine.

Captain (Capt) is a junior officer rank of the British Army and Royal Marines and in both services it ranks above lieutenant and below major with a NATO ranking code of OF-2. The rank is equivalent to a lieutenant in the Royal Navy and to a flight lieutenant in the Royal Air Force. The rank of captain in the Royal Navy is considerably more senior and the two ranks should not be confused.

Personal aide-de-camp honorary military attendant to the British monarch

A personal aide-de-camp is a senior military officer who is appointed to act as the honorary military attendant to the monarch of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms or any of his or her viceroys. The Sovereign will typically commission another member of the Royal Family to act as his or her personal aide-de-camp, though other non-royal officers will be assigned to the role, especially when the monarch is in one of the realms besides the United Kingdom. Those designated as aide-de-camp to a governor general, lieutenant governor, or governor use the letters ADC or in Canada A de C after their names.

Olympic Games major international sport event

The modern Olympic Games or Olympics are leading international sporting events featuring summer and winter sports competitions in which thousands of athletes from around the world participate in a variety of competitions. The Olympic Games are considered the world's foremost sports competition with more than 200 nations participating. The Olympic Games are held every four years, with the Summer and Winter Games alternating by occurring every four years but two years apart.


Family background and early life

Mark Phillips is the son of Major Peter William Garside Phillips, MC (1920–1998) [1] and Anne Patricia Phillips (née Tiarks; [2] 1926–1988); they married in 1946. Anne was educated at Downe House and served in the Women's Royal Naval Service during the Second World War. [2] Her father John Gerhard Edward Tiarks (1896–1962), who served in the First and Second World Wars, attained the rank of Brigadier. John Tiarks was aide-de-camp to King George VI from 1947 to 1950.

Downe House School school in Cold Ash, a village near Newbury, Berkshire, England

Downe House School is a selective independent girls' day and boarding school in Cold Ash, a village near Newbury, Berkshire, for girls aged 11–18.

Womens Royal Naval Service The womens branch of the British Royal Navy

The Women's Royal Naval Service was the women's branch of the United Kingdom's Royal Navy. First formed in 1917 for the First World War, it was disbanded in 1919, then revived in 1939 at the beginning of the Second World War, remaining active until integrated into the Royal Navy in 1993. WRNs included cooks, clerks, wireless telegraphists, radar plotters, weapons analysts, range assessors, electricians and air mechanics.

World War II 1939–1945 global war

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Phillips was educated at Stouts Hill Preparatory School near Uley, Gloucestershire, then at Marlborough College, then the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. [3]

Stouts Hill is an 18th-Century Gothic revival country house situated in the Cotswolds, just outside the village of Uley. The house is currently a timeshare property.

Uley farm village in the United Kingdom

Uley is a village and civil parish in the county of Gloucestershire, England. The village is situated in a wooded valley in the Cotswold escarpment, on the B4066 road between Dursley and Stroud. The placename probably signifies 'clearing in a yew wood'.

Gloucestershire County of England

Gloucestershire is a county in South West England. The county comprises part of the Cotswold Hills, part of the flat fertile valley of the River Severn, and the entire Forest of Dean.

Military career

Mark Phillips in 1973 Mark Phillips 1973.jpg
Mark Phillips in 1973

Upon passing out from Sandhurst, Phillips was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant into the 1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards in July 1969, [4] After the expected period, he was promoted to Lieutenant in January 1971. [5] By the time of his wedding to Princess Anne in November 1973, Phillips was an acting Captain. [6] In January 1974, he was appointed a Personal Aide-de-Camp to Queen Elizabeth II. [7] Phillips was substantively promoted to Captain in July 1975, [8] and retired from the Army on 30 March 1978. [9]

1st The Queens Dragoon Guards military unit

The 1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards (QDG) is a cavalry regiment of the British Army. Nicknamed The Welsh Cavalry, the regiment recruits from Wales and the bordering English counties of Cheshire, Herefordshire, and Shropshire, and is the senior cavalry regiment, and therefore senior regiment of the line of the British Army. The regiment is part of the Royal Armoured Corps and is paired with the Royal Yeomanry.

Lieutenant is a junior officer rank in the British Army and Royal Marines. It ranks above second lieutenant and below captain and has a NATO ranking code of OF-1 and it is the senior subaltern rank. Unlike some armed forces which use first lieutenant, the British rank is simply lieutenant, with no ordinal attached. The rank is equivalent to that of a flying officer in the Royal Air Force (RAF). Although formerly considered senior to a Royal Navy (RN) sub-lieutenant, the British Army and Royal Navy ranks of lieutenant and sub-lieutenant are now considered to be of equivalent status. The Army rank of lieutenant has always been junior to the Navy's rank of lieutenant.

He continued to style himself Captain Mark Phillips; [10] retired cavalry captains are (unusually) allowed to use this honorific rank, if their job had mostly involved horses. [11]

Equestrian career

Phillips was a reserve member of the British equestrian team for the 1968 Olympics. He was part of the British three-day event teams that won a world title in 1970, a European title in 1971 and Olympic gold medals in 1972; individually, he finished in 35th place in 1972. At the 1988 Olympics his horse sustained a pulled muscle and could not complete the individual three-day event, but Phillips won a silver medal with the British team. Phillips was a four-time champion at the Badminton Horse Trials, in 1971–72 on Great Ovation, in 1974 on Colombus and in 1981 on Lincoln. It was through his equestrian activities that he met Princess Anne, the only daughter of Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Their own daughter Zara won a silver medal in the three-day event with the British team at the 2012 Olympics. [3]

The 1968 Summer Olympics, officially known as the Games of the XIX Olympiad, was an international multi-sport event held in Mexico City, Mexico, from October 12th to the 27th.

1972 Summer Olympics Games of the XX Olympiad, held in Munich in 1972

The 1972 Summer Olympics, officially known as the Games of the XX Olympiad, was an international multi-sport event held in Munich, West Germany, from August 26 to September 11, 1972.

1988 Summer Olympics Games of the XXIV Olympiad, celebrated in Seoul (South Korea) in 1988

The 1988 Summer Olympics, officially known as the Games of the XXIV Olympiad, was an international multi-sport event celebrated from 17 September to 2 October 1988 in Seoul, South Korea.

In 1998, Phillips designed the cross-country venue for the Red Hills Horse Trials, a qualifying event for the Olympics located in Tallahassee, Florida, United States. He is now a regular columnist for Horse & Hound magazine. He also remains a leading figure in British equestrian circles, and serves as Chef d'Equipe of the United States Eventing Team. [12] [13]

Personal life

Phillips married Princess Anne on 14 November 1973, at Westminster Abbey. [14] They have two children: Peter (born 1977) and Zara (born 1981). It is believed that Phillips declined a peerage from the Queen which would have allowed his children to use courtesy titles. [15] The Queen bought Gatcombe Park, near Minchinhampton, for the couple as a wedding present.

The Prince of Wales is believed to have originated the nickname "Foggy" on the grounds that he was "thick and wet". [16] [17]

In August 1985, Phillips fathered a daughter, Felicity, as a result of an extramarital affair with New Zealand art teacher Heather Tonkin. Phillips was confirmed as the father as a result of DNA testing during a paternity suit in 1991. [18] In August 1989, the Princess Royal and Mark Phillips announced their intention to separate, as the marriage had been under strain for a number of years. [19] The couple had rarely been seen in public together, and both were romantically linked with other people. [20] They continued to share the custody of their children, and initially announced that "there were no plans for divorce." [21] [22] Meanwhile, Phillips continued to work at the couple's estate at Gatcombe Park. [21] They divorced on 23 April 1992. [23] [24]

On 1 February 1997, Phillips married Sandy Pflueger, an American Olympic dressage rider. Their daughter Stephanie was born on 2 October 1997. [24] On 3 May 2012, it was confirmed by Phillips' solicitors that Phillips and Pflueger had separated, intending to divorce. [25]

Phillips' personal wealth is thought to be around £15–20 million, although he gained only a small settlement when his marriage to Princess Anne ended. [17]

Titles, styles, honours and arms

Military ranks


Honorary military appointments



Peter Phillips 15 November 197717 May 2008 Autumn Kelly Savannah Phillips
Isla Phillips
Zara Phillips 15 May 198130 July 2011 Mike Tindall Mia Tindall
Lena Tindall
Felicity Tonkin10 August 1985Tristan WadeJames Wade
Stephanie Phillips2 October 1997

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Wedding of Princess Anne and Mark Phillips

The wedding of Princess Anne and Mark Phillips took place on Wednesday, 14 November 1973 at Westminster Abbey in London. Princess Anne is the only daughter and second child of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, while Mark Phillips is a skilled horseman and equestrian.

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The 1974 New Zealand Royal Visit Honours were appointments by Elizabeth II to the Royal Victorian Order, to mark her visit to New Zealand that year. The Queen was accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh, the Prince of Wales, Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips on the tour, and attended the 10th British Commonwealth Games in Christchurch and celebrations at Waitangi to mark New Zealand Day. The honours were announced at the conclusion of the tour on 7 and 8 February 1974.


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