Simone Niggli-Luder

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Simone Niggli-Luder
Simone Niggli-Luder orienteering1.jpg
Simone Niggli-Luder in 2006.
Personal information
Nationality Switzerland
Born (1978-01-09) 9 January 1978 (age 42)
Alma mater University of Bern
Years active1988 - 2013
ClubOLV Hindelbank

Simone Niggli-Luder (born 9 January 1978) is a Swiss orienteering athlete who has twice won (in 2003 and 2005) all four women's competitions at the world championships.[ citation needed ] She is widely seen as one of the greatest orienteers of all time.


Personal life

Born as Simone Luder, she grew up in Burgdorf in the Canton of Bern. She studied biology at the University of Bern, where she graduated in 2003. That same year, she married Matthias Niggli, also a Swiss orienteering athlete. They currently live in Münsingen near Bern and in Ulricehamn, Sweden.[ citation needed ]

Orienteering Achievements

She began competing in orienteering early on, joining the Swiss club OLV Hindelbank; at the age of ten, she participated in her first competition. Since then, her palmarès has been impressive: she won a gold medal at the junior world championships in 1997, has been 20 times Swiss champion, won the Finnish championships once and the Swedish championships nine times, has won the world cup five times, and won seven gold medals at European championships and a total of 23 gold medals at world championships.[ citation needed ]

In 2003, she won all four women's competitions of the world championships held at Rapperswil in Switzerland (sprint, middle, and long distance, and together with Birgitte Wolf and Vroni König-Salmi the relay). She managed to repeat this extraordinary feat two years later at the world championships in Aichi, Japan.[ citation needed ]

Simone Niggli-Luder and Marianne Andersen at World Orienteering Championships 2007 World Orienteering Championships 2007 - middle distance 01.jpg
Simone Niggli-Luder and Marianne Andersen at World Orienteering Championships 2007
Simone Niggli-Luder and Frenchman Thierry Gueorgiou, middle distance gold medalists, World Orienteering Championships 2007 World Orienteering Championships 2007 - middle distance 04.jpg
Simone Niggli-Luder and Frenchman Thierry Gueorgiou, middle distance gold medalists, World Orienteering Championships 2007

At the European Championships in 2006 in Otepää, Estonia, she won gold in the sprint and long distance competitions, and finished fifth in the middle distance competition. The Swiss team finished second in the relay, beaten only by the Finnish team. At the world championships 2007 in Kiev, Ukraine, she again won gold on the middle and sprint distances and finished third on the long distance, behind two Finnish athletes who shared first place.[ citation needed ]

Niggli-Luder took time off from competitive orienteering in 2008 to give birth to her first child and again in 2011, twins. She made a successful return to the international orienteering scene in 2009 by winning bronze medals in the middle and sprint distances at the World Orienteering Championships in Miskolc, Hungary, and the gold medal in the long distance. At the World Championships 2013 at Vuokatti, Finland, she won all three single competitions (sprint, middle, and long distance) and finished third in the team relay event (together with Sara Luescher and Judith Wyder).[ citation needed ]

In 2001, she spent one year in Finland, running for the Finnish club Turun Suunnistajat, and won the Finnish championship. She ran for the Swedish club Ulricehamns OK after July 2003. In September 2013, Niggli-Luder announced that she was retiring from elite orienteering at the end of the year, after the last World Cup race in New Zealand. Niggli holds over 60 World Cup race victories.[ citation needed ]

World Championship results

1999 2115N/AN/A
2001 23Gold4Bronze4N/A
2003 25GoldGoldGoldGoldN/A
2004 2646Gold4N/A
2005 27GoldGoldGoldGoldN/A
2006 28GoldGoldSilver3N/A
2007 29BronzeGoldGold4N/A
2008 30N/A
2009 31GoldBronzeBronze4N/A
2010 32GoldSilverGold4N/A
2011 33N/A
2012 34Gold5GoldGoldN/A
2013 35GoldGoldGoldBronzeN/A
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Natascha Badmann
Swiss Sportswoman of the Year
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Karin Thürig
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Karin Thürig
Swiss Sportswoman of the Year
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Tanja Frieden
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Swiss Sportswoman of the Year
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