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Thor: The Mighty Avenger is a toy line manufactured by Hasbro based on the Marvel Studios film, Thor . It is composed mainly of 3.75" scale action figures.


The line falls under Marvel's "Avengers Assemble" marketing banner, which included the Iron Man: The Armored Avenger and Captain America: The First Avenger toy lines. This was used as a lead up to 2012's The Avengers film.

Unlike previous 3.75" action figure lines based on movies, Hasbro did not do a comic series with this line. All of the figures were based on the movie.

Action Figures - 3.75" Single Carded

Wave 1 - March 2011

01Battle Hammer Thor sword becomes hammer
02Sword Spike Thorhidden sword spike
03Lightning Clash Thoronly has articulation at shoulders and legsglowing hammer, 2 batteries included
04Secret Strike Loki blades combine
05Shield Bash Marvel's Odin silver armorpop-out shield spikes
05*Shield Bash Marvel's Odin gold variantgold armorpop-out shield spikes
06Invasion Frost Giant light blue skinincludes "ice" weapons

Wave 2 - May 2011

07Hammer Smash ThorHelmet version Thorhammer
08 Fandral Harpoon Bladeharpoon
09 Hogun Blade Battledetachable "blades"
10 Volstagg Ram Smashaxe ram
11Fire Blast Marvel's Destroyer light-up chest / includes 2 button cell batteries

Wave 3 - May 2011

12King Lokibattle sword
13Asgardian Glow Marvel's Odinsword & shield
14 Laufey Ice Axe Kinghead gear & ice club
15Thunder Crusader Thorbattle hammer

Wave 4 - June 2011

16Staff Strike Sif battle staff
17Axe Attack Thormaroon cape and highlightssword becomes axe
18Sorcerer Fury Loki"dagger" accessories
19Cosmic Armor Thorglows in the darkbattle hammer
20Inferno Marvel's Destroyerlight-up eyes / includes 2 button cell batteries

Action Figures - 3.75" Deluxe Series

Wave 1 - March 2011

Blaster Armor Thoryellow markingshammer, 4 missiles, launcher
Frost GiantIce Attack, dark blue skinlaunching "ice" missiles

Wave 2 - March 2011

Heimdall Asgard Defender"energy bolts" launcher
Lightning Fury Thor"lightning" launcher

Wave 3 - Cancelled

This wave was never released.

Disc Launching Thor"lightning" disc launcher
Ice Claw Marvel's Frost Giantice claws

Action Figures - 6" Legends Series

Wave 1 - October 2011

MovieThorSculpted On HelmetHammer
ComicLokiModern "Siege" Version
ComicThorLord Of Asgard VersionHammer and Giant Axe

Action Figures - 8" Hero Series

Wave 1 - March 2011

Thorlight blue markingssolid black hammer
Thordark blue markingstranslucent blue hammer

Wave 2 - March 2011

Marvel's Destroyer

Action Figures - 10" Large Scale

Release DateProductFeatures
March 2011Lightning Power Thorlights & sounds; sword, missile launcher, hammer; includes 2 AAA batteries

Role Play

Role play toys are products such as masks, gloves, and life-size accessories.

Release DateProductFeatures
March 2011Armor of Asgard: Odin SwordNerf product
March 2011Armor of Asgard: Thor Helmet
March 2011Armor of Asgard: Thor HammerNerf product
March 2011Armor of Asgard: Thor SwordNerf product
March 2011Armor of Asgard: Thor Sword & Shield2-pack with plastic shield and small sword
March 2011Thor Lightning Hammerflashing lights, thunder sounds, launching missile; includes 3 AAA batteries

Marvel Super Hero Squad 3-Packs

Wave 1 - March 2011

Asgardian SmashThor
Marvel's Warrior Odin
comic version / modern costume
comic version
movie version
Battle for Asgard's VaultThor
Marvel's Destroyer
comic version / classic costume
comic version
comic version
Battle in the Frozen LandThor
Marvel's Frost Giant
comic version / classic costume
comic version
comic version

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Iron Man: The Armored Avenger is a toy line manufactured by Hasbro, composed mainly of 334" scale action figures but will also feature a line of 6" figures. This is a continuation of the Iron Man 2 toy line under a different name, due to the company no longer marketing the film. Like the previous line, it will include a mix of movie-based, comic-based, and concept figures.

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Dave Vonner is an American toy designer.