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This is a list of Parliamentary Under-Secretaries of State and Permanent Under-Secretaries of State at the India Office during the period of British rule between 1858 and 1937 for India(and Burma by extension), and for India and Burma from 1937 to 1948.


The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State was a ministerial position and the Permanent Under-Secretary of State was a civil service position.

Parliamentary Under-Secretaries of State for India, 1858–1937

PortraitNameTerm of office
No image.svg Henry Baillie 18581859
1stEarlOfNorthbrooke.jpg Hon. Thomas Baring 18591861
George Robinson 1st Marquess of Ripon.jpg The Earl de Grey 18611861
1stEarlOfNorthbrooke.jpg Hon. Thomas Baring 18611864
1st Earl of Kimberley 1868.jpg The Lord Wodehouse 18641864
Lord Dufferin.jpg The Lord Dufferin and Clandeboye 18641866
James Stansfeld.JPG James Stansfeld 18661866
Sir James Fergusson.jpg Sir James Fergusson, Bt 18661867
CharlesHenryRolle Hepburn-Stuart-Forbes-Trefusis (1834-1904) 20thBaronClinton LarkbeareHouse Exeter.jpg The Lord Clinton 18671868
Mountstuart Elphinstone Grant Duff.jpg M. E. Grant Duff 18681874
Lord George Hamilton.JPG Lord George Hamilton 18741878
Edward Stanhope.jpg Hon. Edward Stanhope 18781880
Marquess of Lansdowne.jpg The Marquess of Lansdowne 18801880
Viscount Enfield Vanity Fair 14 September 1872.jpg Viscount Enfield 18801883
J-k-cross-1880.jpg John Kynaston Cross 18831885
George Robert Canning Harris, 4th Baron Harris, GCSI, GCIE (1851-1932) (cropped).jpg The Lord Harris 18851886
Ughtred James Kay-Shuttleworth Vanity Fair 18 August 1904.jpg Sir Ughtred Kay-Shuttleworth, Bt 18861886
No image.svg Stafford Howard 18861886
John Eldon Gorst.jpg Sir John Eldon Gorst 18861891
George Curzon2.jpg Hon. George Curzon 18911892
Picture of George W. E. Russell.jpg George W. E. Russell 18921894
Donald James Mackay Lord Reay.jpg The Lord Reay 18941895
4thEarlOfOnslow.jpg The Earl of Onslow 18951900
6th Earl of Hardwicke.png The Earl of Hardwicke 19001902
Henry Percy, Earl Percy Vanity Fair 2 September 1897.jpg Earl Percy 19021904
No image.svg Vacant19041904
Marquess of Bath Vanity Fair 1896-04-23.jpg The Marquess of Bath 19041905
John Ellis (Rushcliffe).jpg John Ellis 19051907
Charles Hobhouse.jpg Charles Hobhouse 19071908
Thomas Buchanan.jpg Thomas Buchanan 19081909
Lord Murray of Elibank - Bain Collection.jpg The Master of Elibank 19091910
Montagu cropped.jpg Hon. Edwin Samuel Montagu 19101914
1910 Charles Roberts MP.jpg Charles Henry Roberts 19141915
Lord Islington.JPG The Lord Islington 19151919
The Lord Sinha 19191920
2ndEarlOfLytton.jpg The Earl of Lytton 19201922
Winterton6.JPG The Earl Winterton 19221924
No image.svg Robert Richards 19241924
Winterton6.JPG The Earl Winterton 19241929
Drummond Shiels 19291929
The Earl Russell 19291931
Harry Snell.JPG The Lord Snell 19311931
No image.svg Vacant19311931
The Marquess of Lothian 19311932
RA Butler cropped.png Rab Butler 19321937

Parliamentary Under-Secretaries of State for India and Burma, 1937–1948

PortraitNameTerm of officePolitical party
Lord Stanley
MP for Fylde
19371938 Conservative
No image.svg Anthony Muirhead
MP for Wells
19381939† Conservative
No image.svg Hugh O'Neill
MP for Antrim
19391940 Ulster Unionist
The Duke of Devonshire 19401943 Conservative
No image.svg The Earl of Munster 19431944 Conservative
The Earl of Listowel 19441945 Labour
The Earl of Scarbrough 19451945 Conservative
Arthur Henderson
MP for Kingswinford
19451947 Labour

Permanent Under-Secretaries of State for India, 1858–1937

PortraitNameTerm of office
No image.svg Sir George Russell Clerk 18581860
No image.svg Herman Merivale 18601874
No image.svg Sir Louis Mallet 18741883
No image.svg Sir Arthur Godley 18831909
No image.svg Sir Richmond Ritchie 19091912
No image.svg Sir Thomas Holderness 19121920
No image.svg Sir William Duke 19201924
No image.svg Sir Arthur Hirtzel 19241930
No image.svg Sir Findlater Stewart 19301937

Permanent Under-Secretaries of State for India and Burma, 1937–1948

Term of office
No image.svg Sir Findlater Stewart
Sir David Taylor Monteath.jpg Sir David Monteath

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