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Athlete Refugee Team is the category under which refugees' athletes can compete at international IAAF competitions. Official IAAF logo is used as the team's flag.


They competed at the 2017 World Championships in Athletics, [1] 2017 IAAF World Relays, [2] 2018 IAAF World U20 Championships [3] and 2019 World Athletics Championships. [4]

One athlete (Puok Thiep Gatkuoth in men's marathon) was announced to compete at the 2018 European Athletics Championships, [5] but finally he didn't start. [6]

Competition history

Olympic Games

CompetitionHost cityAthleteEventQualificationHeatSemifinalFinal
2016 Summer Olympics Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
James Chiengjiek Men's 400 m N/A52.898Did not advance
Yiech Biel Men's 800 m N/A1:54.678Did not advance
Paulo Lokoro Men's 1500 m N/A4:03.9611Did not advance
Yonas Kinde Men's marathon N/A2:24:0890
Rose Lokonyen Women's 800 m N/A2:16.647Did not advance
Anjelina Lohalith Women's 1500 m N/A4:47.3814Did not advance
2020 Summer Olympics Tokyo, Japan Dorian Keletela Men's 100 m 10.331st Q10.418Did not advance
James Chiengjiek Men's 800 m N/A
Paulo Amotun Lokoro Men's 1500 m N/A
Jamal Abdelmaji Eisa Mohammed Men's 5000 m N/AN/A
Tachlowini Gabriyesos Men's Marathon N/A
Rose Lokonyen Women's 800 m N/A2:11.878Did not advance
Anjelina Lohalith Women's 1500 m N/A

World Championships

2017 World Championships London, United Kingdom
Ahmed Bashir Farah Men's 800 m 1:50.0440Did not advance
Dominic Lokinyomo Lobalu Men's 1500 m 3:52.7840Did not advance
Kadar Omar Abdullahi Men's 5000 m 14:32.6735N/ADid not advance
Rose Lokonyen Women's 800 m 2:20.0645Did not advance
Angelina Nadi Women's 1500 m 4:33.5443Did not advance
2019 World Championships Doha, Qatar
Paulo Amotun Lokoro Men's 1500 m 3:48.9842Did not advance
Jamal Abdelmaji Eisa Mohammed Men's 5000 m 14:15.3232N/ADid not advance
Tachlowini Gabriyesos 14:28.1134N/ADid not advance
Fouad Idbafdil Men's 3000 m steeplechase DNF N/ADid not advance
Otmane Nait Hammou 9:30.1744N/ADid not advance
Rose Lokonyen Women's 800 m 2:13.39 PB7Did not advance

World Relay Championships

2017 World Relays Nassau, Bahamas Gai Nyang
Paulo Amotun
Wiyual Puok
Dominic Lokinyomo
Men's 4 × 800 m relay 8:12.577
2019 World Relays Yokohama, Japan Rose Lokonyen
James Chiengjiek
Mixed 2 × 2 × 400 m relay 4:08.807

World Half Marathon Championships

2018 Half Marathon Championships Valencia, Spain Paulo Amotun Lokoro Men's half marathon 1:09:31124
Ukuk Utho'o Bul 1:08:15120
2020 Half Marathon Championships Gdynia, Poland Fouad Idbafdil Men's half marathon 1:06:35108
Otmane Nait Hammou 1:03:2867

World Cross Country Championships

2019 Cross Country Championships Aarhus, Denmark Jamal Abdelmaji Eisa Mohammed Men's 10km race 35:0985
Otmane Nait Hammou 38:23124

Continental Championships

2018 African Championships Asaba, Nigeria James Chiengjiek Men's 800 m 1:58.6934Did not advance
Joseph Elia Ernesto 1:55.2032Did not advance
Yiech Pur Biel 1:53.2031Did not advance
Paulo Amotun Lokoro Men's 1500 m ?:??.??9 q4:03.4415
Dominic Lokinyomo Lobalu Men's 5000 m N/A14:07.2211
Ukuk Otho'o Bul N/A15:01.5020
Chajen Dang Yien Women's javelin throw N/A??.??9

Continental Indoor Championships

CompetitionHost cityAthleteEventHeatSemifinalFinal
2017 Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games Ashgabat, Turkmenistan Wiyual Puok Deng Men's 400 m 50.964Did not advance
Yiech Biel Men's 800 m 1:55.294 q1:56.535Did not advance
Gai Nyang Tap 1:58.705Did not advance
Paulo Amotun Lokoro Men's 1500 m 3:59.454 qN/ADNS-
Ukuk Utho'o Bul Men's 3000 m 8:56.165 qN/A8:33.027
2021 European Indoor Championships Toruń, Poland Dorian Keletela Men's 60 m 6.9161Did not advance

Other events

CompetitionHost cityAthleteEventHeatSemifinalFinal
2017 World U18 Championships Nairobi, Kenya Mohammed Ahmed Abubakar Men's 1500 m 4:23.3812N/ADid not advance
Lydia Philip Mamun Women's 400 m 1:07.555Did not advance
Sunday Kamisa Peter Women's 800 m 2:32.764Did not advance
2018 World U20 Championships Tampere, Finland Dominic Lokolong Atiol Men's 1500 m 3:59.6312N/ADid not advance
Lydia Philip Mamun Women's 800 m DQ-Did not advance
2019 European Youth Olympic Festival Baku, Azerbaijan Nazret Kobodom Girl's 3000 m N/A10:45.1110
2021 European 10,000m Cup Birmingham, Great Britain Jamal Abdelmaji Eisa Mohammed Men's 10.000 mN/A28:52.6425th
Tachlowini Gabriyesos N/A30:29.9148th
Fouad Idbafdil N/A-DNF

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