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Joshua Eustis
Joshua Eustis with Telefon Tel Aviv in 2009.jpg
Joshua Eustis performing with Telefon Tel Aviv in 2009
Background information
Birth nameJoshua Leeds Eustis
Also known asSons of Magdalene
Born (1977-07-16) July 16, 1977 (age 42)
Origin New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.
Genres IDM, electronica, glitch, ambient, industrial rock
Occupation(s)Musician, singer-songwriter, record producer
InstrumentsVocals, keyboards, bass, guitar, saxophone, erhu, drums
Years active1999–present
Labels Hefty, BPitch Control, Audraglint, Ghostly International
Associated acts Telefon Tel Aviv, Nine Inch Nails, Puscifer, Black Light Burns, The Black Queen, Second Woman

Joshua Leeds Eustis is an American musician, singer-songwriter and record producer, best known as the current sole member of electronic music act, Telefon Tel Aviv, since the death of bandmate Charles Cooper in 2009. He served as a touring member for industrial rock act Nine Inch Nails in 2013 and has collaborated heavily over the years with Maynard James Keenan's solo project Puscifer, for which he also served as a touring member. Eustis' solo project is Sons of Magdalene, of which he began releasing music under in 2008. He is also a founding member of the band The Black Queen.



Eustis formed Telefon Tel Aviv with high school friend Charles Cooper in 1999. The duo released their debut album, Fahrenheit Fair Enough , in 2001 through Hefty Records. This was followed by Map of What Is Effortless in 2004 and Immolate Yourself in 2009. [1] On January 22, 2009, Charles Cooper died, leaving the future of Telefon Tel Aviv uncertain. [2]

In 2011, Eustis co-produced Puscifer's second studio album, Conditions of My Parole . [3] He also contributed to Puscifer's Donkey Punch the Night EP and All Re-Mixed Up remix album in 2013. [4] [5] In 2013, it was announced that Eustis would perform as a live member of Nine Inch Nails for the Tension 2013 tour. [6] He mainly took the bass duties during the early tour, due to bassist Eric Avery's departure from the band. [7] After bassist Pino Palladino's inclusion to the new line-up, he performed mainly on keyboards and different instruments accompanying key moments in some of the songs, such as the saxophone and erhu. [8] [9] In December 2013, it was announced that Eustis would not be performing with the band on the following 2014 tour. [10]

In 2014, Eustis announced that he would release a full-length solo debut as Sons of Magdalene, a moniker adopted in 2007, when his father was diagnosed with cancer. [11] The album, titled Move to Pain, was partially recorded before Cooper's death and was released on June 24, 2014, through Audraglint Recordings. [12]

Starting from the beginning of 2015, Eustis became an active member of The Black Queen, along with Greg Puciato and Steven Alexander.

Eustis supported Tropic of Cancer's European tour from October 27 to November 13, 2015. [13]

On January 4, 2016, it was revealed that Eustis would perform his first official concert as Telefon Tel Aviv on April 2, 2016, at Benjamin Wynn's concert at The Regent in downtown L.A. [14]


As Second Woman
As The Black Queen
As Sons of Magdalene
With Telefon Tel Aviv
With Nine Inch Nails
With Puscifer
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