Performance 2007 Tour

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Performance 2007
Tour by Nine Inch Nails

Nine Inch Nails during the Performance 2007 tour. From left to right: (front) White, Reznor, North, (back) Cortini, Freese
Associated album Year Zero
Start date February 10, 2007
End date September 18, 2007
Legs 3
No. of shows 76
58 in Europe
10 in Asia
7 in Australia
1 in North America
Nine Inch Nails concert chronology

Two months before the release of their fifth full-length album, Year Zero , industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails began a new tour, officially called Performance 2007. The tour initially started off as a 'best-of' tour (since no songs from Year Zero were played at the first few days) but later transformed into a direct Year Zero support tour.


Prior to the beginning of the tour, Trent Reznor in an interview described it as an opportunity to play with the same line-up again, visiting some places the band did not play in before and revisiting music from all the different areas of Nine Inch Nails rather than focusing entirely on the new album.

The production on this tour was minimal so the heaviest setlist rotation in the band's history occurred, covering about 50 songs from all their albums. [1]


Pretty Hate Machine (1989) "Head Like a Hole" 77
"Terrible Lie" 33
"Down in It" 20
"Something I Can Never Have" 24
"Sin" 29
Broken (1992) "Wish" 79
"Last" 32
"Help Me I Am in Hell" 53
"Gave Up" 66
The Downward Spiral (1994) "Mr. Self Destruct" 19
"Piggy" 36
"Heresy" 37
"March of the Pigs" 76
"Closer" 68
"Ruiner" 20
"The Becoming" 9
"Eraser" 67
"Reptile" 21
"Hurt" 66
The Fragile (1999) "Somewhat Damaged" 18
"The Day the World Went Away" 27
"The Frail" 27
"The Wretched" 21
"We're in This Together" 4
"The Fragile" 6
"Even Deeper" 3
"No, You Don't" 51
"La Mer" 26
"Into the Void" 21
"Starfuckers, Inc." 5
"The Big Come Down" 16
With Teeth (2005) "You Know What You Are?" 16
"The Collector" 4
"The Hand That Feeds" 80
"Love Is Not Enough" 8
"With Teeth" 2
"Only" 63
"The Line Begins To Blur" 7
Year Zero (2007) "HYPERPOWER!" 35
"The Beginning of the End" 53
"Survivalism" 69
"The Good Soldier" 35
"Me, I'm Not" 34
"Capital G" 9
"The Great Destroyer" 24
Covers "Get Down, Make Love" (Queen) 4
"Suck" (Pigface) 49
"Dead Souls" (Joy Division) 31
Songs from soundtracks movies "Burn" (Natural Born Killers) 63
"Deep" (Lara Croft: Tomb Raider) 8

Band line-up

Tour legs

Europe (Spring Tour)


Two Year Zero songs made their debut on this leg ("Survivalism" and "The Beginning of the End"), as well as a few old, never before played live songs: "Last" from Broken , "We're in This Together" from The Fragile and a deconstructed version of "The Fragile" from Still . At a show in Madrid, Spain, ten tracks from The Downward Spiral were performed, the first seven of which were performed in their exact order on the album; three of these ("Heresy", "Ruiner", "The Becoming") returned to the setlist for the first time since the Self-Destruct tour.

During a concert in Lisbon, Portugal, a USB flash drive was found in a men's bathroom stall containing an intentionally leaked high-quality MP3 of the track "My Violent Heart", a song from the then-unreleased album, Year Zero. [2] A second USB drive was found after a concert in Barcelona, containing the track "Me, I'm Not". [3]

On April 18, Nine Inch Nails fans received in-game telephone-calls in which they were invited to a "resistance meeting" in Los Angeles. At the meeting, fans attended a fictional Art is Resistance meeting, and were later rewarded by an unannounced performance by Nine Inch Nails. The concert was cut short as the meeting was raided by a fictional SWAT team and the audience was rushed out of the building. [4]

Support acts


February 10, 2007 Lisbon PortugalColiseum
February 11, 2007
February 12, 2007
February 14, 2007 Madrid SpainLa Riviera
February 15, 2007
February 16, 2007 Bilbao Pabellon de la Casilla
February 18, 2007 Barcelona Razzmatazz
February 19, 2007
February 21, 2007ParisFranceOlympia
February 22, 2007
February 23, 2007 Lille Zenith de Lille
February 25, 2007 Manchester England Manchester Apollo
February 26, 2007
February 28, 2007 Glasgow Scotland Carling Academy Glasgow
March 1, 2007
March 3, 2007 Nottingham England Trent FM Arena Nottingham
March 4, 2007 Birmingham Carling Academy Birmingham
March 7, 2007London Brixton Academy
March 8, 2007
March 10, 2007
March 11, 2007
March 14, 2007 Cologne GermanyPalladium
March 15, 2007 Dortmund Westfallenhalle2
March 16, 2007 Tilburg Netherlands013
March 18, 2007 Brussels Belgium Ancienne Belgique
March 19, 2007
March 21, 2007 Amsterdam NetherlandsParadiso
March 22, 2007
March 24, 2007BerlinGermanyColumbiahalle
March 25, 2007
March 26, 2007 Stuttgart Porsche Arena
March 28, 2007 Munich Colosseum
March 29, 2007 Vienna AustriaGasometer
March 30, 2007
April 1, 2007 Milan ItalyAlcatrazz
April 2, 2007 Zürich Switzerland Volkshaus
April 4, 2007 Frankfurt GermanyJahrhunderthalle
April 6, 2007 Copenhagen DenmarkVega
April 7, 2007 Orlo NorwaySentrum Scene
April 8, 2007 Stockholm SwedenAnnexet
April 10, 2007 Helsinki FinlandOld Ice Hall

Australia / Asia (Spring Tour)


This leg featured the same production as the previous European leg, but was more focused on Year Zero, as it had 5-6 Year Zero songs in each show setlist, while previously there were no more than two. "HYPERPOWER!", "The Good Soldier", "Me, I'm Not" and "Capital G" made their live debut on this leg.

Support act


May 7, 2007 Brisbane Australia Riverstage
May 9, 2007 Sydney Luna Park (Big Top)
May 13, 2007 Melbourne Metro Nightclub
May 14, 2007
May 15, 2007
May 18, 2007TokyoJapan Studio Coast
May 19, 2007
May 20, 2007
May 22, 2007 Nagoya Zepp Nagoya
May 23, 2007 Osaka Zepp Osaka
May 24, 2007

Europe (Summer / Fall tour and festival dates)


This leg featured one more song from Year Zero ("The Great Destroyer") and more extensive production, which included a traditional major visual section in the middle of the show, this time created for "Me, I'm Not", "The Great Destroyer", "Eraser" and "Only". The former two [5] [6] were played by Reznor, North and Cortini as a 3-piece, using a combination of live guitars and pre-programmed samples triggered onstage with computers and manipulated in real time using Ableton software. [7]

Support acts


August 1, 2007MoscowRussiaLuzhniki Arena
August 3, 2007 St. Petersburg Jubileyny Arena
August 5, 2007 Helsinki Finland Ankkarock Festival
August 7, 2007 Stockholm Sweden Hovet
August 8, 2007 Oslo NorwayØya Festival
August 11, 2007 Budapest Hungary Sziget Festival
August 12, 2007 Bratislava Slovakia Incheba Hall
August 13, 2007 Prague Czech Republic Slavia Zimni Sdion
August 15, 2007 Avenches SwitzerlandRock Oz’Arènes Festival
August 16, 2007 Salzburg Austria FM4 Frequency Festival
August 18, 2007 Hasselt Belgium Pukkelpop
August 19, 2007 Biddinghuizen Netherlands Lowlands Festival
August 21, 2007 Edinburgh Scotland T on the Fringe (Meadowbank Sports Centre)
August 22, 2007 Dublin Ireland Marlay Park
August 24, 2007 Leeds England Leeds Festival
August 26, 2007 Reading Reading Festival
August 28, 2007Birmingham Birmingham Academy
August 30, 2007 Wolverhampton Wolverhampton Civic Hall
September 1, 2007 Konstanz GermanyRock AM See Festival
September 2, 2007 Bologna ItalyIndependent Day Festival
September 3, 2007 Munich GermanyCircus Krone

Asia / Australia / North America


This particular leg included the band's first ever performance in China. [8]

The Honolulu Star-Bulletin reported that the September 18 show in Honolulu would be the last performance of the current incarnation of the Nine Inch Nails live band. Reznor told the newspaper "at this point, I want to switch things around a bit. Nine Inch Nails as a rock band configuration, we've done it and we've done it again. I see other ways I can present the material in concert, more challenging, something new. I don't want it to go stale". [9] In the same article, Reznor also admitted that "the idea of five guys playing loud music [for] two hours... has got to change once finances come into play, especially performing in markets outside of the mainland U.S. I want to whittle things down". [9]

Support acts


September 5, 2007 Tel Aviv Israel Israel Trade Fairs & Convention Center
September 9, 2007 Beijing China Beijing Pop Festival
September 11, 2007 Seoul South Korea Olympic Hall
September 13, 2007Hong KongChina Asia World Expo (Hall 10)
September 15, 2007 Sydney Australia Luna Park (Big Top)
September 16, 2007 Hordern Pavilion
September 18, 2007 Honolulu, Hawaii United StatesBlaisdell Arena


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