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Robin Finck
Robin Finck 2009.jpg
Finck performing with Nine Inch Nails in 2009
Background information
Birth nameRobert John Finck
Born (1971-11-07) November 7, 1971 (age 47)
Park Ridge, New Jersey
Genres Industrial rock, alternative rock, hard rock
Occupation(s)Musician, songwriter
Instruments Guitar
Years active1993–present
Labels Geffen, Interscope, Nothing, The Null Corporation
Associated acts Nine Inch Nails, Guns N' Roses, Gary Numan, James Hall, Jerome Dillon, Cirque du Soleil, Impotent Sea Snakes

Robert John "Robin" Finck (born November 7, 1971) is an American guitarist. He is one of only a few artists who has played in two different bands listed on VH1's "100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock": Nine Inch Nails (ranked no. 43 [1] ) and Guns N' Roses (ranked no. 9 [2] ).

VH1 American cable television network

VH1 is an American pay television network based in New York City owned by Viacom. It was originally created by Warner-Amex Satellite Entertainment, at the time a division of Warner Communications and the original owner of MTV, and launched on January 1, 1985, in the former space of Turner Broadcasting System's short-lived Cable Music Channel.

Nine Inch Nails American industrial rock project

Nine Inch Nails, commonly abbreviated as NIN, is an American industrial rock band from Cleveland, Ohio, founded in 1988. The band consists of producer and multi-instrumentalist Trent Reznor, as well as English musician Atticus Ross. Over the course of their three-decade existence, the band has signed with several major labels, the most current being Capitol Records, under the name The Null Corporation.

Guns N Roses American hard rock band formed in 1985

Guns N' Roses, often abbreviated as GNR, is an American hard rock band from Los Angeles, California, formed in 1985. When they signed to Geffen Records in 1986, the band comprised vocalist Axl Rose, lead guitarist Slash, rhythm guitarist Izzy Stradlin, bassist Duff McKagan, and drummer Steven Adler. The current lineup consists of Rose, Slash, McKagan, keyboardist Dizzy Reed, guitarist Richard Fortus, drummer Frank Ferrer and keyboardist Melissa Reese.



Finck grew up in Marietta, Georgia and played with several unsigned bands based primarily in the Atlanta area, [3] including acts such as Prowess, Bat Your Lashes, Sik Dik (bandmates of which included Steve "Holiday" Childress and Michael Allen, currently of The Goodies and Greg Thum), and Impotent Sea Snakes.

Marietta, Georgia City in Georgia, United States

Marietta is located in central Cobb County, Georgia, United States, and is the county's seat and largest city.

Atlanta Capital of Georgia (US)

Atlanta is the capital of, and the most populous city in, the U.S. state of Georgia. With an estimated 2017 population of 486,290, it is also the 38th most-populous city in the United States. The city serves as the cultural and economic center of the Atlanta metropolitan area, home to 5.8 million people and the ninth-largest metropolitan area in the nation. Atlanta is the seat of Fulton County, the most populous county in Georgia. A small portion of the city extends eastward into neighboring DeKalb County.

The Impotent Sea Snakes were an American rock'n'roll band from Tampa, Florida known for their sexually explicit lyrics and performances and probably best known for their most high profile, publicized, and prolific touring period which lasted roughly from 1996-2004.

He joined Nine Inch Nails as part of their touring band in 1994–95 for their Self-Destruct and Further Down the Spiral tours following the departure of previous guitarist Richard Patrick. Finck appeared with Nine Inch Nails at Woodstock '94, [3] and saw his first official release with them, the Closure video, released in 1997. [4] Once the tour was completed, he took a job playing for the circus troupe Cirque du Soleil in the original tour of Quidam. [3] In 1997 Finck signed a two-year contract with Guns N' Roses as the replacement for Slash (who had quit the band at the end of the previous year) and began work on what was ultimately to become the band's long delayed album Chinese Democracy . When the two years were up the album had not been completed, although the song "Oh My God" was released on the End of Days soundtrack. Whether or not Finck played on the song is in dispute; GNR vocalist Axl Rose says he did while Finck himself says he did not. [5]

Richard Patrick American rock musician

Richard Michael Patrick is an American musician, singer and songwriter. He is the frontman for the rock band Filter and a founding member of the supergroups Army of Anyone and The Damning Well, and has served as a touring guitarist for Nine Inch Nails. As a teenager, Patrick was the frontman for The Akt.

Woodstock 94 music festival

Woodstock '94 was a music festival organized in 1994 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the original Woodstock festival of 1969. It was promoted as "2 More Days of Peace and Music". The poster used to promote the first concert was revised to feature two doves perched on the neck of an electric guitar, instead of the original acoustic one.

<i>Closure</i> (video) double VHS set by Nine Inch Nails

Closure is the first video album by American industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails, released on November 25, 1997. The double VHS set consists of one tape of live concert and behind-the-scenes footage from their Self-Destruct and Further Down the Spiral tours and one tape of music videos.

Finck playing with Guns N' Roses in 2006. Download Feastival 2006 -1 (cropped).jpg
Finck playing with Guns N' Roses in 2006.

Finck rejoined Nine Inch Nails as the band embarked on their Fragility v1.0 and Fragility v2.0 tours in support of the 1999 album The Fragile . [3] These tours were recorded and released as the live album/DVD, And All That Could Have Been , which marked Finck's second release with them. [4] He also played on a studio-recorded version of "The Day the World Went Away" on the companion album Still, which was included with the deluxe version of And All That Could Have Been and later made available as a standalone CD through [6] Shortly after the tour ended in 2000 he returned to Guns N' Roses, playing four shows with them in late 2001 followed by a brief tour of Europe and Asia in mid-2002 and a live appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards. [7] A planned US tour was meant to continue through the remainder of 2002 but was called off by the promoter after two cancelled shows led to rioting by fans. [8] Around this time Finck and then-bandmate Buckethead contributed to the soundtrack of the John Carpenter movie Ghosts of Mars , playing alongside members of thrash metal group Anthrax and guitar virtuoso Steve Vai. [9] After his touring obligations with GNR were fulfilled he joined the LedZAriel production (a performance by acrobats set to the music of the band Led Zeppelin). [10]

<i>The Fragile</i> (Nine Inch Nails album) 1999 album by Nine Inch Nails

The Fragile is the third studio album by American industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails, released as a double album on September 21, 1999 by Nothing and Interscope Records. It was produced by Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor and longtime collaborator Alan Moulder. It was recorded throughout 1997 to 1999 in New Orleans.

<i>And All That Could Have Been</i> documentary film directed by Rob Sheridan (2002)

And All That Could Have Been is a double album by American industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails, released on January 22, 2002 by Nothing and Interscope Records. The live album contains music recorded during the Fragility v2.0 US tour in 2000. Disc one is a live album of most of their normal set list of the time, while disc two contains a studio album titled Still, containing "deconstructed" versions of previous Nine Inch Nails songs and some new material. The double DVD set, sold separately, includes video recordings of the songs performed on the CD, as well as additional song performances and footage from the tour.

The Day the World Went Away 1999 single by Nine Inch Nails

"The Day the World Went Away" is a song by American industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails, released on July 20, 1999 as the lead single from their third studio album The Fragile (1999). The song was the band's first top-forty hit on the US Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number 17, which remains their highest-ever position on the chart.

Finck was invited to rejoin NIN to tour in support of their 2005 album With Teeth but chose not to and the position was filled by Aaron North. In the summer of 2006, he toured Europe with Guns N' Roses playing in front of over 700,000 people. [11] They finished up by touring North America for the remainder of the year, and went to Mexico, Australia and Japan in 2007.

<i>With Teeth</i> album

With Teeth is the fourth studio album by American industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails, released on May 3, 2005 by Nothing Records and Interscope Records. The album was produced by Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor and long-time collaborator Alan Moulder. It also features contributions from musician Dave Grohl.

Aaron North American guitarist

Aaron Wright North is an American musician. He was the co-founder and guitarist of punk band The Icarus Line, the lead guitarist of industrial rock group Nine Inch Nails, and vocalist/guitarist for Jubilee. North is noted for his chaotic and unconventional guitar approach, his use and command of feedback, and the flailing of his guitar wildly while on stage.

On April 4, 2008, it was announced via that Finck would be rejoining Nine Inch Nails as a member of the live band . He subsequently contributed to the Nine Inch Nails album The Slip , earning a performance credit alongside then-band members Josh Freese and Alessandro Cortini.

<i>The Slip</i> (album) album

The Slip is the seventh studio album by American industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails, released on July 22, 2008 by The Null Corporation. It was their second release in 2008, following their sixth album Ghosts I-IV, released four months prior. The album was the produced by frontman Trent Reznor with collaborators Atticus Ross and Alan Moulder.

Josh Freese session musician

Joshua Ryan Freese is an American session drummer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and composer.

Alessandro Cortini Italian musician

Alessandro Cortini is an Italian musician best known for being the keyboard player in the American band Nine Inch Nails, Cortini is also the frontman for the Los Angeles-based electronic-alternative band SONOIO.

In November 2008 Guns N' Roses' long-awaited album Chinese Democracy was released. Finck has a co-writing credit on the song "Better", which was later released as a single. He also played guitar on every track, performed 7 of the guitar solos and has additional credits for keyboards, arrangements and pre-production. He chose to remain with NIN after the album's release and, on March 21, 2009, was officially replaced as the lead guitarist of Guns N' Roses by Sixx:A.M. guitarist DJ Ashba. [12] The official Guns N' Roses website states that "Robin continues to be part of GN'R, by virtue of Guns' history and his involvement in Chinese Democracy". [12]

Following the departure of NIN live band members Alessandro Cortini and Josh Freese at the end of 2008 Finck and bassist Justin Meldal-Johnsen re-grouped with band leader Trent Reznor and new drummer Ilan Rubin and the 4-piece band completed an 8-date tour of Australia and New Zealand between February and March 2009. Finck continued to perform with the band throughout the 2009 Nine Inch Nails/Janes Addiction (NIN|JA) tour, with shows throughout North America , and the subsequent Wave Goodbye tour through Europe and Asia. The band then returned to the US to play a series of shows culminating in the final live appearance of Nine Inch Nails.

In October 2009 Finck and former Guns N' Roses bandmates Axl Rose, Tommy Stinson and Buckethead were named in a lawsuit by electronic musician Ulrich Schnauss's record labels Independiente and Domino alleging that they had committed copyright infringement by using portions of his compositions in the song "Riad 'n the Bedouins". [13] Finck appears on the 2010 album The Lady Killer by artist CeeLo Green, performing guitar on the track "The Lady Killer Theme (Outro)".

On March 12, 2012, Finck appeared on-stage with Guns N' Roses, performing "Better", a song he co-wrote with Axl Rose.

On May 17, 2013, it was announced by Trent Reznor via his Twitter account and the home page, that Finck would be rejoining Nine Inch Nails for the 2013–14 tours. [14]

Personal life

Since 2001, Finck has been married to acrobat Bianca Sapetto, by whom he has a daughter. They met while working in Cirque du Soleil.[ citation needed ] Besides being a musician he also creates artwork and displays some of his own drawings and photos on his website. In 2007 he contributed artwork in the form of ink drawings to the album Frames by Oceansize at the request of their guitarist Gambler. [15] In 2003, Finck was credited as one of the writers of a production called "My Birthday Party", which incorporated acrobatics, storytelling, music, acting, and clowning. The show included actor Viggo Mortensen and was performed at the Miles Memorial Playhouse in Santa Monica, California. [16]

On February 23, 2009 session drummer Josh Freese, who has been a bandmate of Finck's in both Guns N' Roses and Nine Inch Nails, announced that as part of the pricing strategy for his new solo album Since 1972 a one-off package costing $75,000 would include "a flying trapeze lesson with Josh and Robin from NIN" followed by a visit to Robin's place afterwards where "his wife will make you raw lasagna". [17]

Finck is known for his theatrical appearance when performing, making use of makeup, costumes and clothing to enhance his stage presence. He has also been known to break out into eccentric dance moves during songs with various facial expressions. Between tours and appearances he frequently makes radical alterations to his image, and is particularly famous among fans for his many distinctive and often unusual hair styles. Axl Rose has described him as leading "one of the most different lives I know of starting with the trapeze in his backyard to the tv in his closet" [18]


Robin Finck with Nine Inch Nails in 2008 Robin Finck Victoria 2.jpg
Robin Finck with Nine Inch Nails in 2008

Finck is closely associated with Gibson Les Paul guitars and uses different versions of the guitar that are built from a variety of woods and equipped with numerous pickup combinations (in 2006 he was photographed at the New York City Gibson Guitar showroom collecting a Custom Les Paul Standard '58 Reissue for use on tour with Guns N' Roses). [19] Many of them have been customized and he often moves the pickup selector switch from the top of the guitar's body, as he has said the standard configuration is obstructive. After re-joining Nine Inch Nails in 2008 he began using several other guitars on stage, including Jerry Jones baritone guitars (similar in shape to Danelectro guitars), Fender Jazzmasters, Fender Telecasters and Gibson ES-355s.

In 2009 Finck signed with Schecter Guitar Research as an official endorsee and started using a number of Schecter guitars while touring with NIN, including custom versions of the PT Fastback and Ultra III. [20] He also ordered a custom "Tempest Classic" guitar with gold top finish, an in-built compressor and a wah effect in place of the two tone controls. [21] In late 2009 Schecter issued a press release which announced a limited edition Robin Finck signature guitar based on the Ultra Cure and Ultra III models was entering production. [22] Finck is also listed as a user of Godin guitars on the company's official website [23] and can be seen playing Godin guitars on the Nine Inch Nails live DVD And All That Could Have Been .

He uses a broad range of guitar amps (various models by Marshall Amplification and Mesa Boogie) [24] and effects (including the BOSS DD-5 Digital Delay, Dunlop wah-wah, Devi Ever bit, the legend of fuzz, and RockTron Vodoo Valve) [25] and is known to work very hard to re-create studio tones and textures when playing on stage. [26] He frequently shoves the body of his guitar up against the speakers of his amplifiers during live performances to generate feedback and increased distortion. For some NIN songs he has been known to use an e-bow, as seen during the clip for "La Mer" on the And All That Could Have Been live DVD.

While his primary role in Guns N' Roses was that of lead guitarist, Finck is credited with playing some of the electronic keyboard parts on Chinese Democracy . Similarly, although he performs with Nine Inch Nails mainly as a guitarist he often plays other instruments on stage, including lap steel guitar (with effects pedals mounted to the body of the instrument), ukulele, mandolin and keyboards/synthesizers. He also contributes backing vocals.


Finck performing with Nine Inch Nails in 2008 Robin Finck 2008 09 05.jpg
Finck performing with Nine Inch Nails in 2008

With Nine Inch Nails

TitleRelease DateLabel
Closer to God [4] 1994 Nothing Records
Further Down the Spiral [4] 1995 Nothing Records
And All That Could Have Been [4] 2002 Nothing Records
The Downward Spiral (Deluxe Edition) [4] 2004 Nothing Records
The Slip [4] 2008 The Null Corporation


With Guns N' Roses

TitleRelease DateLabel
Chinese Democracy [4] 2008 Geffen Records

Contributions (on Chinese Democracy):


TitleRelease dateLabel
Ghosts of Mars (Film Soundtrack) [4] [9] 2001Varese Sarabande


TitleRelease dateLabel
Frames by Oceansize 2007Superball Music


TitleRelease dateLabel
The Lady Killer by Cee-Lo Green 2010 Elektra Records / Roadrunner Records


TitleRelease dateLabel
Splinter by Gary Numan 2013Mortal Records / Cooking Vinyl


TitleRelease dateLabel
Noct 2015Laced Records


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Oh My God (Guns N Roses song) Guns N Roses song

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Chinese Democracy Tour worldwide concert tour by hard rock band Guns N Roses

The Chinese Democracy Tour was a worldwide concert tour by hard rock band Guns N' Roses to promote the group's long-delayed album Chinese Democracy.

Nine Inch Nails, an industrial rock band fronted by Trent Reznor, did various live performances throughout the world, including tours in North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. While Reznor controls the creative and musical direction of Nine Inch Nails in-studio, the touring band performs different arrangements of the songs in live settings. In addition to regular concerts, the band has performed in both supporting and headlining roles at festivals such as Woodstock '94, Lollapalooza 1991 and 2008, as well as many other one-off performances including the MTV Video Music Awards. Prior to their 2013 tour, the band played 938 gigs.

Chinese Democracy (song) 2008 single by Guns N’ Roses

"Chinese Democracy" is a song by the American rock band Guns N' Roses, and the title track from their sixth studio album of the same name. The song was released as the band's twenty-first radio single on October 22, 2008 and was released on the iTunes Store on November 9, 2008. It was primarily written by Axl Rose and Josh Freese. It was the band's first single of original material since "Estranged" was released in 1994 as the final single off the 1991 album Use Your Illusion II.

"Madagascar" is a song by the American rock band Guns N' Roses, written by Axl Rose and keyboardist Chris Pitman and featured on their sixth studio album, Chinese Democracy, released in 2008.

Shacklers Revenge song by Guns N Roses

"Shackler's Revenge" is a song by Guns N' Roses, and the second track on their sixth studio album, Chinese Democracy. The song was released on September 14, 2008 in the Rock Band 2 video game. The song was written by vocalist Axl Rose, guitarists Robin Finck and Buckethead, drummer Bryan Mantia, producer Caram Costanzo and engineer Pete Scaturro. It was included as the b-side to the single "Chinese Democracy".

Better (Guns N Roses song) 2008 single by Guns N’ Roses

"Better" is a song by American rock band Guns N' Roses, featured on their 2008 sixth studio album Chinese Democracy. It was sent out as the second radio promo from the album, after "Chinese Democracy", but was not commercially released as a single eligible for international sales charts.

Street of Dreams (Guns N Roses song) single by Guns N Roses

"Street of Dreams" is a song by the American rock band Guns N' Roses, featured on their 2008 album Chinese Democracy. The song is the third promotional song sent to radio stations, but was not released as a commercial single eligible for international Singles charts. From 2001 to 2008, the song was called "The Blues", but was changed to "Street of Dreams" for the album's release.

"Prostitute" is the fourteenth and final track from Chinese Democracy, Guns N' Roses' sixth studio album released in 2008. The song is written by Axl Rose and Paul Tobias with additional work by Robin Finck.

The Twenty Thirteen Tour was a concert tour by industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails to support the album Hesitation Marks. It marked the return of the band for live performances after a four-year touring hiatus. It began on July 26, 2013 and ended on August 30, 2014.


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