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This is a list of angels in theology, including both specific angels (e.g. Gabriel) and types of angels (e.g. seraphim). Note that some overlap is to be expected with the list of theological demons entry, since various traditions have different classifications for the spirits they mention.

Angel Supernatural being in various religions and mythologies

An angel is generally a supernatural being found in various religions and mythologies. Abrahamic religions often depict angels as benevolent celestial beings who act as intermediaries between God and humanity. Other roles of angels include protecting and guiding human beings, and carrying out tasks on behalf of God. Abrahamic religions often organize angels into hierarchies, although such rankings may vary between sects in each religion. Such angels may receive specific names or titles. People have also extended the use of the term "angel" to various notions of spirits or figures found in other religious traditions. The theological study of angels is known as "angelology". Angels expelled from Heaven are referred to as fallen angels as distinct from the heavenly host.

Theology is the systematic study of the nature of the divine and, more broadly, of religious belief. It is taught as an academic discipline, typically in universities and seminaries. It occupies itself with the unique content of analyzing the supernatural, but also deals with religious epistemology, asks and seeks to answer the question of revelation. Revelation pertains to the acceptance of God, gods, or deities, as not only transcendent or above the natural world, but also willing and able to interact with the natural world and, in particular, to reveal themselves to humankind. While theology has turned into a secular field, religious adherents still consider theology to be a discipline that helps them live and understand concepts such as life and love and that helps them lead lives of obedience to the deities they follow or worship.

Gabriel angel in Abrahamic religions

Gabriel, in the Abrahamic religions, is an archangel. He was first described in the Hebrew Bible and was subsequently adopted by other traditions.

Abaddon, also known in Greek as Apollyon Christianity, Judaism Destruction
Abathar Muzania Mandaeism The weighing of souls
Aglibol Ancient Canaanite religion Angel of the god Baal Hadad "Calf of Baal"; the Moon
Anael, see Haniel JudaismJoy and Pleasure
Arariel Jewish mythology Waters of the Earth
Archangel (type)Christianity, Islam, Judaism(type)
Ariel (angel) Christianity, Judaism Personification of Israel [ citation needed ]
Artiya'il Islam Removes human grief
Azazel Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Yazdânism Archangel, fallen angelteacher (for humans: of evil arts), leader of a group of angels, rebellion against God
Azrael Islam, JudaismArchangelDeath/Retribution
Barachiel ChristianityArchangel, chief of the guardian angelsLightning; Blessings/Guardian Angels
Baraqiel Jewish mythology Archangel
Bene Elohim (type)Christianity, Judaism"Sons of God" (type)
Camael, a.k.a. Kemuel or Kamael or KhamaelChristianity, JudaismArchangel, leader of the Powers, one of the Dominions Strength, Courage and War
Cassiel Christianity, Islam, JudaismArchangelSolitude and Tears
Cherub/Cherubim (type)Christianity, Judaism, Islam(type)
Cherubiel/Kerubiel Christianity, Judaism, Islamcherub
Daniel Christianity, Judaism Watcher
DadrailIslam, [1] Yazdânism Archangel (in Yazdanism)
Dominions a.k.a. Kyriotetes (type)Christianity, Judaism(type)
Dumah Islam, JudaismSilence, vindication and the stillness of death, tormenting the wicked after death
Eleleth Sethianism
Eremiel/Jerahmeel Christianity, JudaismWatches/Guides the holy deceased in the afterlife
Gabriel, also known in Arabic texts as Jibra'il Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Mormonism, Yazdânism Archangel, one of the cherubimMessengers, military (in Islam), destruction (in Judaism and Islam)
Gadreel Christianity, Judaism
Grigori a.k.a. Watchers (type)Christianity, Judaism(type)
Hadraniel Christianity, JudaismSecond Heavenly Gate
HahasiahChristianity, Judaism Principality
Hanibal Ancient Mesopotamian religion Angel of the god Baal Hadad "Grace of Baal" or "Baal is Gracious"
Haniel Christianity, JudaismArchangel, leader of the Principalities along with Archangel Netzach The Sephirah Netzach
Harut IslamFallen angelSorcery
Hashmal [2] Christianity, Judaism Dominions
Hamalat al-Arsh Islam
Hesediel see also Zadkiel Christianity, JudaismFreedom, benevolence and mercy
Iblis Islamruler of lower heavens, teacher of angels, leading angels into battle (prior fall); commanding demons, tempter (after fall)
ImamiahChristianity, Judaism] Principality
Ishim (type)Judaism, Islam(type)
Israfil, also spelled Israfel, often considered same as Raphael IslamArchangelMusic
Jegudiel ChristianityArchangelResponsibility and merciful love
Jehoel [3] Christianity, JudaismSeraph/SeraphimFire
Jequn [4] Christianity, Islam, Judaism
Jerahmeel Christianity, JudaismArchangel
Jophiel Christianity, JudaismArchangelWisdom, Understanding, and Judgement
Kalka'il IslamFifth heaven
Kepharel Jewish mythology Archangel
Kerubiel Judaism
Kiraman Katibin IslamRecorders of human thoughts, acts and feelings
Kushiel Christianity, JudaismPunishment
Lamassu (type) Ancient Mesopotamian religion (type, thought to be equivalent to Hebrew Cherubim)protection, constellations, female deities
Lailah Christianity, JudaismNight, conception
Lucifer, also known in Hebrew as HelelChristianityArchangel or seraph or cherub, fallen angelBringer of Light, rebellion against God
Maalik Islamthe Hellfire
Malakbel Ancient Canaanite religion Angel of the god Baal Hadad "Messenger/Angel of Baal"; the Sun
Marut IslamFallen angelSorcery
MebahiahChristianity, Judaism Principality
Melek Taus Yazdânism Archangel(Title)
Metatron [5] Judaism, Christianity, IslamArchangel, one of the seraphThe Celestial Scribe
Michael, also known in Arabic texts as Mikail Christianity, Judaism, Mormonism, Islam, Yazdânism Archangel, one of the seraph [6] The Military, Angel of Mercy (in Islam), General in God’s army. Angel of Death. (in Catholicism)
Moroni Mormonism The Golden Plates
Mu’aqqibat (type)Islam(type)
Munkar IslamThe Faith of the Dead
Muriel Christianity Dominions [7] June and Cancer in astrology
Nakir IslamThe Faith of the Dead
NanaelChristianity, Judaism Principality
Netzach Christianity, JudaismLeader of the Principalities along with Archangel Haniel Eternity
NithaelChristianity, Judaism Principality
Nuriel Jewish mythology Hailstorms
Ophaniel (Ofaniel, etc.)Christianity, JudaismCherubim; sometimes listed as one of the Thrones
Pahaliah Christianity Thrones Virtuosity
Penemue Christianity, Judaism
Phanuel Christianity, JudaismArchangelRepentance and hope
Powers (type)Christianity, Judaism(type)
PoyelChristianity, Judaism Principality
Pravuil Jewish mythology ArchangelGod's scribe and record-keeper
Principalities (type)Christianity, Judaism(type)
Puriel Christianity, JudaismExamines the souls of those brought to heaven
Qaphsiel Christianity, JudaismAngel of tears, temperance. Presides over the deaths of kings.
Radueriel Jewish mythology Can create lesser angels with a mere utterance
Raguel, also known in Arabic texts as Azrael Christianity, Judaism, IslamArchangelAngel of Justice
Raphael, also known in Arabic texts as Israfel Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Mormonism, Yazdânism Archangel, leader of the Virtues, one of the cherubimin the Christian tradition, Raphael performs all manners of healing
Raziel Christianity, JudaismArchangelKeeper of Secrets
Remiel Christianity, JudaismArchangel
RikbielChristianity, JudaismCherubim
Sachiel Christianity, JudaismArchangel, CherubWealth and Charity
Sahaquiel Jewish mythology ArchangelGuardian of the fourth heaven
Sabriel Jewish mythology ArchangelMiracles
Samael Christianity, JudaismArchangelDeath and fetching souls
Samyaza Judaism, Manichaeism Watcher
Sandalphon Christianity, Islam, JudaismArchangelprotector of unborn children (some sources: "twin brother" of Metatron)
Sarathiel ChristianityArchangelDiscipline and Penance
Sariel Christianity, Judaism, IslamArchangel
Schemhampharae Christianity, JudaismA list of 72 angels of the 9 choir orders, with esoteric meaning related to the names of God
Selaphiel ChristianityArchangelPatron saint of prayer and worship
Seraph/Seraphim (type)Christianity, Judaism(type)
Seraphiel [8] Christianity, JudaismseraphProtector of Metatron, highest ranking saraphim
Shamnail Yazdânism Archangel
Shamsiel Christianity, Judaism
Sidriel Jewish mythology Archangel
Song-Uttering Choirs (type)Judaism(type)
Temeluchus Christianity, Judaism
Tennin Japanese mythology
Thrones (type)Christianity, Judaism(type)
Turail Yazdânism Archangel
Uriel Christianity, JudaismArchangel, one of the seraphim [9] "El/God is my light"; patron of the Arts
Uziel JudaismArchangel
Vasiariah [10] Christianity, Judaism Dominions
VehuelChristianity, Judaism Principality
Virtues (type)Christianity, Judaism(type)
Wormwood Christianitywar
Yarhibol Ancient Canaanite religion Angel of the god Baal Hadad Springs
Zachariel [11] ChristianityArchangel
Zadkiel a.k.a. Tzadkiel [11] Christianity, Judaism Archangel, leader of the Dominions "Righteousness of God"; archangel of freedom, benevolence, mercy, and the Patron Angel of all who forgive
Zaphkiel a.k.a. Tzaphkiel, TzaphqielChristianity, JudaismArchangel, leader of the Thrones name means "God's knowledge"
Zephaniel JudaismArchangel
Zephon Jewish mythology
Zophiel Christianity, JudaismCherubim

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Fallen angel angel expelled from Heaven

In Abrahamic religions, fallen angels are angels who were expelled from heaven. The literal term "fallen angel" appears neither in the Bible nor in other Abrahamic scriptures, but is used to describe angels who were cast out of heaven, or angels who sinned. Such angels often tempt humans to sin.

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