Lugar (country subdivision)

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Lugar is a name for a type of country subdivision in Portugal and Spain. [1]


In Spain, the Lugar is one of the categories in the official gazetteer of population entities. In the Royal Order and Instruction of the 8 of March of 1930 [1] , issued for the elaboration of the Annual gazetteer, the Lugar is defined as the population entity designated with that title, and also having their dwellings distributed in streets and plazas. As a general rule, the term Lugar indicates the related population entity that has or has had a jurisdictional term.

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Demographics of Spain

As of 1 January 2020, Spain had a total population of 47,431,256, which represents a 0.9% increase since 2019. The CIA Factbook (2011) gives a racial description of "composite of Mediterranean and Nordic types" under "ethnic groups" instead of the usual breakdown of ethnic composition. This reflects the formation of the modern Kingdom of Spain by the accretion of several independent Iberian realms, like León, Castile, Navarre, the Crown of Aragon, and Granada, among others.

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Chile's 2017 census reported a population of 17,574,003 people. Its rate of population growth has been decreasing since 1990, due to a declining birth rate. By 2050 the population is expected to reach approximately 20.2 million people. About 85% of the country's population lives in urban areas, with 40% living in Greater Santiago. The largest agglomerations according to the 2002 census are Greater Santiago with 5.6 million people, Greater Concepción with 861,000 and Greater Valparaíso with 824,000.

Tamarite de Litera Municipality in Aragon, Spain

Tamarite de Litera, Catalan: Tamarit de Llitera, is the first major town of the comarca of La Litera in the province of Huesca, Aragon, Spain. According to the 2014 census, the municipality has a population of 14,926 inhabitants. It is the capital of the comarca of La Litera.

Hamlet (place) Small human settlement in a rural area

A hamlet is a small human settlement. In different jurisdictions and geographies, a hamlet may be the size of a town, village or parish, or may be considered to be a smaller settlement or subdivision or satellite entity to a larger settlement. The word and concept of a hamlet have roots in the Anglo-Norman settlement of England, where the old French hamlet came to apply to small human settlements. In British geography, a hamlet is considered smaller than a village and distinctly without a church or other place of worship.

Religion in Spain Religion in the Kingdom of Spain

The major religion in Spain has been Catholic Christianity since the Reconquista, with a small minority of other Christian and non-Christian religions and high levels of secularization as of 2020. The Pew Research Center ranked Spain as the 16th out of 34 European countries in levels of religiosity, which is lower than Italy, Portugal and Poland, but much higher than the United Kingdom and the Nordic countries. There is no official religion and religious freedom is protected: the Spanish Constitution of 1978 abolished Catholicism as the official state religion, while recognizing the role it plays in Spanish society.

Islam in Spain Islamic religion in Spain

Islam was a widespread religion on the Iberian Peninsula, beginning with the Umayyad conquest of Hispania and ending with its prohibition by the modern Spanish state in the mid-16th century and the expulsion of the Moriscos in the early 17th century, an ethnic and religious minority of around 500,000 people. Although a significant proportion of Moriscos returned to Spain or avoided expulsion through forced conversion to Christianity, the practice of Islam had faded into obscurity by the 19th century.

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Buenos Aires is a canton in the Puntarenas province of Costa Rica. The head city is in Buenos Aires district.

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Albolote is a city located in the province of Granada, Spain. It is one of the thirty-four entities which together form Granada's Metropolitan Area. It is formed by several populations: El Aire, El Chaparral, and Parque del Cubillas y Pretel. There are also several residential areas throughout the legal borders of the municipality. Inside those limits you can also find Granada's Penitential Center. According to Spain's Instituto Nacional de Estadística, the city had a total population of 15,563 in 2005.

Novales is a municipality located in the province of Huesca, Aragon, Spain. According to the 2004 census (INE), the municipality has a population of 191 inhabitants. It is situated on a plain on the right bank of the river Guatizalema, about 16 km Southeast of Huesca.

Moroccans in Spain formed 16.4% of the 4,549,858 foreigners in Spain as of 1 January 2017. They are again the largest foreign group in Spain, after they were surpassed temporarily by Romanians in 2007. In 2003, they were estimated to make up about 6% of all Moroccans abroad.

Romanians in Spain form the second largest group of foreigners in the country, after Moroccans. As of 2014, they made up 15.6% of Spain's total foreign population of 4,676,022 people. Most of the immigration is for economic reasons. The linguistic similarities between Romanian and Spanish, as well as Romanians' Latin identity, are also a reason for the country's attractiveness.

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Port of Cartagena

The port of Cartagena is the port located in Cartagena, Murcia. It is the fourth nationwide port in freight traffic behind Algeciras, Valencia and Barcelona and ahead of Tarragona, Bilbao or Huelva. It occupies the eighth place in relation to the number of cruises. 60% of exports and the 80% of imports from the Region of Murcia are made through the port of Cartagena. More than 40% of the tourism that Cartagena receives is made by its port.


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