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The Master of the Sword, or MOSH, is the title of the head of the Department of Physical Education and the director of the program of physical instruction at the United States Military Academy at West Point. This position is unique in that the physical program at the academy is both academic and non-academic. Some of the courses are taught in a classroom or laboratory environment and some elements of the physical program are stand-alone testing and non-tested events that must be completed by all cadets during their time at the academy. The first Swordmaster was Pierre Thomas, appointed by Congress in 1814. There have been 27 Masters of the Sword since 1814. Despite its position as a department head since 1948, the Master of the Sword was not made a member of the Academic Board at West Point until 1974, with the appointment of Colonel James L. Anderson. The only woman to serve as MOS was COL Maureen LeBoeuf, serving 1997–2004. The current master of the sword, serving since 2015, is Colonel Nicholas Gist. [1]

Masters of the Sword

Pierre ThomasCivilian1814–1825
Pierre TranqueCivilian1825–1827
Louis S. SimonCivilian1827–1832
N. Albert JumelCivilian1832–1837
Ferdinand DupareCivilian1837–1840
H.G. BouletCivilian1840–1843
Henry C. Wayne 1st Lieutenant1843–1846
Patrice de JanonCivilian1846–1857
Antone LorentzCivilian1858–1882
Edward S. Farrow1st Lieutenant1882–1884
Herman Koehler Lieutenant Colonel1885–1923
Benjamin F. HogeMajorJan–Jul 1924
Cuthbert P. StearnsMajor1924–1927
Edward L. KellyMajor1927–1930
Clovis E. Byers 1st LieutenantMar–Jun 1930
Harold M. RaynerMajor1930–1934
William M. Miley CaptainApr–Jun 1934
William A. Holbrook, Jr. Captain1934–1938
George W. SmytheCaptain1938–1940
John W. HarmonyColonel1940–1943
Carl F. FritzscheLieutenant Colonel1943–1944
Francis M. GreeneColonel1944–1953
Edwin A. MachenLieutenant Colonel1952–1953
Frank J. Kobes, Jr.Colonel1953–1974
James L. AndersonColonel1974–1997
Maureen LeBoeufColonel1997–2004
Gregory L. DanielsColonel2004–2015 [1]
Nicholas Gist [2] Colonel2015–

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Indoor Obstacle Course Test

The Indoor Obstacle Course Test (IOCT) is a test of full-body functional physical fitness administered by the Department of Physical Education (DPE) at the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY. DPE considers the IOCT to be one of the best evaluations of total body fitness given in the Army. Cadets who earn an A- are authorized to wear the IOCT Badge on their athletic shorts.

Department of Physical Education

The Department of Physical Education is the academic department that oversees the physical development program at the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY. DPE is headquartered in the Arvin Cadet Physical Development Center. DPE has 24 Military faculty and 25 civilian instructors and professors. The head of the department holds the ceremonial title of Master of the Sword, known within the department as the MOS. This title dates back to when the Cadets at West Point were taught swordsmanship as part of their military and physical training. The current Master of the Sword is COL Nicholas Gist, who has held the position since 2015. The department's stated mission is:

The Department of Physical Education develops warrior leaders of character who are physically and mentally tough by engaging cadets in activities that promote and enhance a healthy lifestyle, physical fitness, movement behavior, and psychomotor performance.

The history of the United States Military Academy can be traced to fortifications constructed on the West Point of the Hudson River during the American Revolutionary War in 1778. Following the war, President Thomas Jefferson signed legislation establishing the United States Military Academy (USMA) on the site in 1802. In 1817 the Academy was transformed by the appointment of Sylvanus Thayer who drastically reformed the curriculum.

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Thomas A. Kolditz is an American retired Brigadier General, an educator, author, and consultant.


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