Neptune's Daughter (1914 film)

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Neptune's Daughter
Neptune's Daughter 1914 poster.jpg
Film poster
Directed by Herbert Brenon
Written by Leslie T. Peacocke
Starring Annette Kellerman
Cinematography André Barlatier (French Wikipedia)
Distributed byUniversal Film Manufacturing Company
Release date
April 25, 1914 (1914-04-25)
Running time
Seven reels
CountryUnited States
LanguageSilent film
English intertitles
Budgetapproximately $50,000
Box office$1 million
Annette Kellerman in the film. KellermanNeptunesDaughterLeopardprint.JPG
Annette Kellerman in the film.

Neptune's Daughter is a 1914 American silent fantasy film featuring the first collaboration between actress Annette Kellerman and director Herbert Brenon. It was based on Kellerman's idea of "a water fantasy movie with beautiful mermaids in King Neptune's garden together with a good love story." It was filmed by Universal on Bermuda [1] in January and February, [2] cost approximately $50,000, [1] and grossed one million dollars at the box office. One reel of film footage is currently held in two archives, National Film and Sound Archive and Gosfilmofond of Russia. [1] [3] [4] [5]



The daughter of King Neptune takes on human form to avenge the death of her young sister, who was caught in a fishing net. However, she falls in love with the king, the man she holds responsible.

Cast [6]


George Blaisdell, writing for The Moving Picture World gave the film a positive review, noting that "There is a wealth of incident in 'Neptune's Daughter.' The story of intrigue at court is convincing and well portrayed. The transition of Annette from the dominions of Father Neptune to the world of mortals and vice versa is so skillfully treated that it seems the perfectly natural course of events" [6] .

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