The Dominant Sex

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The Dominant Sex
Directed by Herbert Brenon
Produced by Walter C. Mycroft
Written byMichael Egan (play)
John Fernald
Vina de Vesci
Starring Phillips Holmes
Diana Churchill
Romney Brent
Carol Goodner
Music by Harry Acres
Cinematography Walter J. Harvey
Edited by Flora Newton
Distributed by Associated British Picture Corporation
Release date
26 January 1937
Running time
74 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom
Language English

The Dominant Sex is a 1937 British comedy film directed by Herbert Brenon and starring Phillips Holmes, Diana Churchill and Romney Brent. The film was based on a play by Michael Egan. It was made by British International Pictures at its main Elstree Studios. [1] The film's art direction was by Cedric Dawe.



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