The Eternal Sin

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The Eternal Sin
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Scene from the film
Directed by Herbert Brenon
Produced byHerbert Brenon Film Corp.
Written byGeorge Edwards Hall
Herbert Brenon
Based onnovel, Lucretia Borgia, by Victor Hugo
Starring Florence Reed
Cinematography J. Roy Hunt
David Calcagni
Edited byJames McKay
Distributed by Lewis J. Selznick
Selznick Pictures
Release date
March 17, 1917
Running time
6 reels
LanguageSilent..English intertitles

The Eternal Sin is a lost [1] 1917 American silent historical drama film directed by Herbert Brenon and starring Florence Reed. Brenon produced and Lewis J. Selznick handled the distribution. [2] [3]



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