Pride of the Blue Grass (1954 film)

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Pride of the Blue Grass
Pride of the Blue Grass (1954 film) poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by William Beaudine
Written by Harold Shumate
Produced by Hayes Goetz
Cinematography Harry Neumann
Edited by John C. Fuller
Music by Marlin Skiles
Distributed byAllied Artists
Release date
April 4, 1954 [1]
Running time
71 minutes
CountryUnited States

Pride of the Blue Grass is a 1954 American drama film directed by William Beaudine and starring Lloyd Bridges, Vera Miles and Margaret Sheridan. It is also known by the alternative title Prince of the Blue Grass.



Jim Nolan owns a stable of thoroughbred racehorses and employs Pop Wilson, a long-ago trainer, as a groom. Pop has a son, Danny, whose ambition is to become a jockey.

One day, Linda Mason brings her horse Gypsy Prince to the Nolan stable and ends up boarding him there, although Jim is convinced that the horse does not have the making of a champion. Linda takes a job as a waitress at the track restaurant to pay for her horse's keep.

Pop and Danny put long hours into training and riding Gypsy Prince, but just as he is about to win his first race, a bandage on the horse's leg comes loose and it stumbles before the finish line. Danny is injured and a doctor intends to euthanize the horse, but Linda talks him out of it.

After going to work for wealthy stable owner Helen Hunter, who also has a romantic interest in him, Jim at first alienates Linda, then is pleased to see that she and the Wilsons have nursed Gypsy Prince back to health. All are happily reunited after Linda's horse wins the next race.


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