Public holidays in Belize

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This is a list of public holidays in Belize .


Public holidays

DateDayObservanceObservance ruleExplanatory note
1 January New Year's Day fixed at 1 January (see Note 1)
9 March National Heroes & Benefactors Day 9 March (see Note 2)This day was originally designated "Baron Bliss Day" to honor a wealthy Englishman who left his fortune to the former British Honduras. [1]
**MondayNational Heroes and Benefactors Day (in lieu of)see Note 2
*Friday Good Friday fixed by church calendar (moveable)Crucifixion of Jesus
*Saturday Holy Saturday fixed by church calendar (moveable)
*Sunday Easter fixed by church calendar (moveable)Resurrection of Jesus
*Monday Easter Monday fixed by church calendar (moveable)
1 May Labour Day fixed at May 1 (see Note 1)Also called International Workers' Day
**MondayLabour Day (in lieu of)see Note 1
1 August Emancipation Day fixed at 1 August (see Note 1)
**MondayEmancipation Day (in lieu of)see Note 1
24 May Commonwealth Day 24 May (see Note 2)Formerly Sovereign's Day; honors the monarch's birthday
**MondayCommonwealth Day (in lieu of)see Note 1
10 September Saint George's Caye Day (or National Day)fixed at 10 September (see Note 1)The Battle of St. George's Caye was a key battle involving British colonists, freed slaves who worked as lumber cutters, and pirates who fought against the Spanish Empire in 1798. There is an annual regatta in San Pedro Town. [2]
21 September Independence Day fixed at 21 September (see Note 1)"British Honduras" became "Belize" in 1973 and was granted independence by Great Britain in 1981. [3]
**MondayIndependence Day (in lieu of)see Note 1
12 October Pan America Day 12 October (see Note 2)Formerly called Columbus Day
**MondayPan America Day (in lieu of)See Note 2
19 November Garifuna Settlement Day fixed at 19 November (see Note 1)Since 1941, this holiday has honoured the Garifuna people, a group of mixed-race people with African and Carib roots. [4]
25 December Christmas Day fixed at 25 December (see Note 1)Birth of Jesus
26 December Boxing Day fixed at 26 December (see Note 1)This is a day set aside for charitable works, although many people participate in sports or go shopping. [5]
**MondayBoxing Day (in lieu of)see Note 1

Variable holidays

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