List of rivers of Belize

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These are the main rivers of Belize . Belize has a total of 35 major and minor river catchments or watersheds which drain into the Caribbean Sea.


NameDistrictLengthParent you mom
Belize River BZ, CY Caribbean Sea
[[Barton Creedwaawde bah k (Belize)|Barton Creek]]CYBelize River
Beaver Dam CreekCYBelize River
Billy White CreekCYBelize River
Black CreekBZBelize River
Cadena CreekCYBelize River
Cut and Throwaway CreekCYBelize River
Iguana CreekCYBelize River
Santa Teresa CreekCYIguana Creek
Jinny CreekCYBelize River
Labouring CreekCYBelize River
Freshwater CreekCYLabouring Creek
Yalbac CreekCYLabouring Creek
Pescado CreekCYYalbac Creek
Tu-tu CreekCYPescado Creek
Little Barton CreekCYBelize River
Macal River CYBelize River
Blossom Berry CreekCYMacal River
Cacao Camp CreekCYMacal River
Eastern BranchCYMacal River
Garbutt CreekCYMacal River
Mahogany CreekCYMacal River
Mengel CreekCYMacal River
Mollejon CreekCYMacal River
Monkey Trail BranchCYMacal River
RaspaculoCYMacal River
Rio FrioCYMacal River
Rainbow CreekCYRio Frio
Rio OnCYMacal River
Pinol CreekCYRio On
Privassion CreekCYRio On
Little Vaqueros CreekCYPrivassion Creek
Oak BurnCYPrivassion Creek
Slate CreekCYMacal River
Mopan River CYBelize River
Chiquibul RiverCYMopan River
Rio Ceiba GrandeCYMopan River
Mussel CreekBZBelize River
Cox Lagoon CreekBZMussel Creek
Pescado CreekCYBelize River
Quaco CreekCYBelize River
Roaring CreekCYBelize River
Red CreekCYRoaring Creek
Spring CreekCYRoaring Creek
Rock Dondo CreekCYBelize River
Saturday CreekCYBelize River
Spanish CreekBZBelize River
Tu-tu CreekCYBelize River
Yalbac CreekCYBelize River
New River CZL, OWCorozal Bay
Coffin Gate CreekOWNew River
Dawson CreekOWNew River
Irish CreekOWNew River
Ramgoat CreekOWNew River
Northern RiverBZCaribbean Sea
Lopez CreekBZNorthern River
Quashie Banner CreekBZNorthern River
Rio Hondo CZL, OWBahia de Chetumal
Blue CreekOWRio Hondo
Booth's RiverOWRio Hondo
Chan Chich CreekOWRio Hondo
Gold Button CreekOWRio Hondo
La PalmaRio Hondo
Rio BravoOWRio Hondo
Sibun River BZ, CYCaribbean Sea
Boom CreekBZSibun River
Caves Branch RiverCYSibun River
Hector CreekBZSibun River
Indian CreekCYSibun River
Runaway CreekCYSibun River
Silver CreekCYSibun River
Yaha CreekCYSibun River


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Belize Country on the Caribbean coast of Central America

Belize is a Caribbean country located on the northeastern coast of Central America. Belize is bordered on the northwest by Mexico, on the east by the Caribbean Sea, and on the south and west by Guatemala. It has an area of 22,970 square kilometres (8,867 sq mi) and a population of 408,487 (2019). Its mainland is about 290 km (180 mi) long and 110 km (68 mi) wide. It has the lowest population and population density in Central America. The country's population growth rate of 1.87% per year is the second highest in the region and one of the highest in the Western Hemisphere.

Geography of Belize

Belize is a small Central American nation, located at 17°15' north of the equator and 88°45' west of the Prime Meridian on the Yucatán Peninsula. It borders the Caribbean Sea to the east, with 386 km of coastline. It has a total of 542 km of land borders—Mexico to the north-northwest (272 km) and Guatemala to the south-southwest (266 km). Belize's total size is 22,966 km², of which 22,806 km² is land and 160 km² is water.

Belize District District of Belize

Belize District is a district of the nation of Belize. Its capital is Belize City.

Gales Point Place in Belize District, Belize

Gales Point is a village in Belize District in the nation of Belize, Central America. The village is on a peninsula in the Southern Lagoon In 2000, Gales Point had a population of about 500 people, most of whom subsist on fishing and farming.

Hummingbird Highway (Belize) highway in Belize

Hummingbird Highway is one of the four major highways in Belize. It connects the George Price Highway outside of Belmopan, Cayo District to the Southern Highway outside of Dangriga, Stann Creek District. It partially follows, and sometimes uses the infrastructure of, the former Stann Creek Railway.

Belize River river in Belize

The Belize River runs 290 kilometres (180 mi) through the center of Belize. It drains more than one-quarter of the country as it winds along the northern edge of the Maya Mountains to the sea just north of Belize City. The Belize river valley is largely tropical rain forest.

Macal River river in Belize

The Macal River is a river running through Cayo District in western Belize. Sites along the river include the ancient Mayan town of Cahal Pech and the Belize Botanic Gardens. The Macal River discharges to the Belize River. There are several tributaries to the Macal River including the following streams: Privassion, Rio On, Rio Frio, Mollejon and Cacao Camp.

Sarstoon River river in Guatemala and Belize

The Sarstoon River is a Guatemalan river that borders the Toledo District of Belize. Tt forms the country's southern boundary with Guatemala.

Mopan River river in Belize

The Mopan River is a river in Central America spanning the Petén Department of Guatemala and the Cayo District of Belize. It merges with the Macal River at Branch Mouth, Belize, forming the Belize River, which ultimately discharges to the Caribbean Sea. The drainage area of the combined watershed is 9,434.2 km2 (3,642.6 sq mi). Tributaries of the Mopan include Chiquibul Branch, Ceiba Grande, Salisipuedes, and Delores.

The Battle of St. George's Caye was a short military engagement that lasted from 3 to 10 September 1798, off the coast of what is now Belize. However, the name is typically reserved for the final battle that occurred on 10 September.

Sibun River river in Belize

The Sibun River is a river in Belize which drains a large central portion of the country. The Sibun (Xibun) were ancient Maya people who inhabited the region.

Monkey River river in Belize

Monkey River is a coastal watercourse in southern Belize that rises in the Maya Mountains and discharges to the Caribbean Sea near Monkey River Town. One of Belize's major rivers, Monkey River has northern headwaters which originate in the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, where the Swasey Branch drains the East Basin of that wildlife sanctuary. Further south, the Bladen Branch watercourse drains the eastern slopes of the Maya Mountains including the ancient Mayan settlement areas of Lubaantun and Nim Li Punit. These two watercourses join to form the Monkey River approximately 16 kilometres upstream from the mouth of the Monkey River. The Monkey River is readily navigated throughout the year using small boats, but navigation above the major confluence becomes more difficult due to lack of depth when the dry season starts about February. Habitats in this watershed provide cover for such diverse species as the ocelot, jaguar, Guatemalan black howler, bare-throated tiger heron, Morelet's crocodile, fer-de-lance and manatee.

Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve

Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve is a nature reserve in the Cayo District of southern central Belize. It was established in 1944 to protect and manage the native Belizean pine forests. Its boundaries are poorly defined, but it is estimated to cover an area of 106,352.5 acres (430 km2), although much of the reserve has been leased.

Belizean–Guatemalan territorial dispute territorial dispute

The Belizean–Guatemalan territorial dispute is an unresolved territorial dispute between the states of Belize and Guatemala, neighbours in Central America. The territory of Belize has been claimed in whole or in part by Guatemala since 1821.

Belize, on the east coast of Central America, southeast of Mexico, was inhabited by the indigenous peoples who fought off the Spaniards in an attempt to preserve their heritage and to avoid the fate of their neighbors who were conquered and under Spanish rule. While this was going on, British Pirates would rob Spanish merchant ships and navigate through the shallow waters and small islands even going up river later to hide their bounty. The indigenous people of Belize did not resist the British like they did the Spanish. In the 17th century, however, the British settlement became a formal British crown colony from 1862 through 1964, where they first achieved self government and later in 1981 became an independent country recognized globally with all its territory intact. The British brought along with them slaves taken from Congo and Angola during the eighteenth century.


Xibun is an alternate Mayan spelling of Sibun that appears on some Spanish colonial-period maps of the region, and is sometimes used to refer to:

Freetown Sibun is a populated settlement located in the nation of Belize. It is a mainland village that is located in Belize District along the Sibun River.

Hispanic and Latin American Belizean

Hispanic Belizeans, Latin Belizean or Belizean Mestizos are Belizeans of Hispanic and mestizo descent. Currently, they comprise around 52.9% of Belize's population.

Belizean Spanish is the dialect of Spanish spoken in Belize. It is similar to Caribbean Spanish, Andalusian Spanish, and Canarian Spanish. While English is the only official language of Belize, Spanish is the common language of majority (62.8%), wherein 174,000 speak some variety of Spanish as a native language. Belizean Spanish is spoken by Belizean-born mestizos and Belizean-born citizens of pure Spanish blood. Belizeans of Guatemalan, Honduran, Mexican, Nicaraguan, and Salvadoran descent may speak different dialects of Spanish, but since they all grow up in Belize, they all adopt the local accent.

Belize–Spain relations

Belize–Spain relations are the bilateral and diplomatic relations between these two countries. Belize has an embassy and honorary consulates in Madrid, Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca. Spain has a non-resident embassy for Belize in Guatemala, and an honorary consulate in Belize City.