The First Offence

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The First Offence
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Directed by Herbert Mason
Written by Stafford Dickens
Austin Melford
Based on Mauvaise Graine
Produced by Michael Balcon
Starring John Mills
Lilli Palmer
Bernard Nedell
Cinematography Arthur Crabtree
Edited by Michael Gordon
Music by Allan Gray
Franz Waxman
Distributed by Gaumont-British Distributors
Release date
  • March 1936 (1936-03)
United Kingdom
Running time
66 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

The First Offence is a 1936 British low-budget "quota quickie" [1] drama film directed by Herbert Mason, produced by Michael Balcon for Gainsborough Pictures and starring John Mills, Lilli Palmer and Bernard Nedell. [2] It is a remake of the 1934 French film Mauvaise Graine , directed by Billy Wilder. [3]



A wealthy doctor's rich and spoiled son, Johnnie Penrose joins a gang of car thieves in France after being denied a car by his father.



The film was originally called Bad Blood and was going to star Paul Robeson. [4]

Filming took place in London. [5]

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