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Tina Arena discography
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Studio albums13
Live albums4
Compilation albums5
Music videos43
Other appearances37

Australian singer-songwriter Tina Arena has released thirteen studio albums, four live albums, four compilations, fifty-one singles and forty-three music videos.


Arena began her career in 1976 at the age of eight, singing live on Australia's variety television show, Young Talent Time . After dropping out of the spotlight for several years, she returned in 1990 where she released her debut album Strong as Steel through EMI, which included the hit single "I Need Your Body". She was not comfortable with the image with which she was being portrayed so she went to find another record deal.

She found a record deal with the record label Columbia Records. Her second album, Don't Ask , was then created with producer David Tyson. It became her highest-selling album with two million copies sold worldwide.

She has sold over 10 million records worldwide to date. [1] In France, she has sold over 2.2 million singles and 1.3 million albums. [2] In Australia, she has sold 1.2 million certified albums and half a million singles. [3]


Studio albums

List of studio albums, with selected details, chart positions and certifications
TitleAlbum detailsChart positions Certifications
(sales thresholds)

English-language albums
Tiny Tina and Little John (with John Bowles)
  • Released: 1977
  • Label: Pisces
Strong as Steel
  • Released: October 1990
  • Label: EMI
Don't Ask
  • Released: 21 November 1994
  • Label: Columbia
In Deep
  • Released: 18 August 1997
  • Label: Columbia
Just Me
  • Released: 12 November 2001
  • Label: Columbia
Songs of Love & Loss
  • Released: 1 December 2007
  • Label: EMI
  • ARIA: Platinum [22]
Songs of Love & Loss 2
  • Released: 15 November 2008
  • Label: EMI
  • Released: 18 October 2013
  • Label: EMI
  • ARIA: Platinum [24]
  • Released: 30 October 2015
  • Label: EMI
Love Saves
  • Released: 14 July 2023 [26]
  • Label: Positive Dream
French-language albums
Un autre univers
  • Released: 5 December 2005
  • Label: Columbia
  • SNEP: Platinum [20]
7 vies
  • Released: 28 January 2008
  • Label: Columbia
  • SNEP: Gold
Quand tout Recommence
  • Released: 6 April 2018
  • Label: Positive Dream
"—" denotes releases that did not chart or were not released in that country.

Compilation albums

List of compilation albums, with selected details, chart positions and certifications
TitleAlbum detailsChart positionsCertifications
(sales thresholds)

  • Released: November 2000
  • Label: Columbia
Greatest Hits 1994–2004
  • Released: 25 October 2004
  • Label: Columbia
  • ARIA: Platinum [29]
The Best & le meilleur 112 [upper-alpha 1]
The Peel Me Sessions 2003
  • Released: 22 May 2009
  • Label: www.tinaarena.com
Greatest Hits & Interpretations 2
"—" denotes releases that did not chart or were not released in that country.

Live albums

List of live albums, with selected details, chart positions and certifications
TitleAlbum detailsChart positions

Vous êtes toujours là
  • Released: April 2003
  • Label: Columbia
Greatest Hits Live
  • Released: 9 October 2005
  • Label: Columbia
26 [upper-alpha 2]
Live: The Onstage Collection 22
Symphony of Life
  • Released: 23 November 2012
  • Label: Ambition/EMI
60 (4 [upper-alpha 2] )
"—" denotes releases that did not chart or were not released in that country.

Video albums

List of video albums, with selected details and certifications
Don't Ask – The Short Films
  • Released: 1995
  • Label: SMV Enterprises
Greatest Hits 1994–2004
  • Released: 2004
  • Label: Sony BMG Music Entertainment
  • ARIA: Platinum [31]
Greatest Hits Live
  • Released: 2005
  • Label: Sony BMG Music Entertainment,
  • ARIA: Platinum [31]
Symphony of Life
  • Released: 2012
  • Label: Ais
Reset Live
  • Released: 2016
  • Label: EMI


As lead artist

List of singles, with selected chart positions and certifications
TitleYearChart positionsCertificationsAlbum

"Turn Up the Beat"198592Single only
"I Need Your Body"19903
  • ARIA: Platinum [14]
Strong as Steel
"The Machine's Breaking Down"23
"Strong as Steel"30
"Woman's Work"1991
  • ARIA: 2× Platinum [34]
  • BPI: Silver
Don't Ask
"Sorrento Moon (I Remember)"19957861622
  • ARIA: Platinum [34]
"Heaven Help My Heart"22773325
"Wasn't It Good"11
"Show Me Heaven"783329 [upper-alpha 3]
"That's the Way a Woman Feels"199631
"Burn" [upper-alpha 4] 199723647
  • ARIA: Platinum [34]
In Deep
"If I Didn't Love You"41
"Now I Can Dance"199813
"Whistle Down the Wind"24
"I Want to Know What Love Is"363913
"I Want to Spend My Lifetime Loving You"
(with Marc Anthony)
"If I Was a River"43
"Aller plus haut"19991296
  • SNEP: Platinum [36]
"Segnali di Fumo"
(with Luca Barbarossa)
"Les trois cloches"1449
"Live for the One I Love"63 Notre-Dame de Paris
"Soul Mate #9"20012277Just Me
"Dare You to Be Happy"200243
"Tu es toujours là"1511
"Symphony of Life" [upper-alpha 5] 848
"Je te retrouve un peu" (with Jay)200344Vous êtes toujours là
"Never (Past Tense)"
(Roc Project featuring Arena)
"Italian Love Song"200433Greatest Hits 1994–2004
"Aimer jusqu'à l'impossible"20051316
  • BEA: Gold
  • SNEP: Platinum [36]
Un autre univers
"Je m'appelle Bagdad"20068644
"Tu aurais dû me dire (Oser parler d'amour)"3637
"Entends-tu le monde?"200732107 vies
"To Sir with Love"62Songs of Love & Loss
"Oh Me, Oh My"2008189Songs of Love & Loss 2
"Voici les clés"
(Gérard Lenorman featuring Arena)
201148Duos de mes chansons
"You Set Fire to My Life"201338Reset
"Reset All"
"Still Running"2014
"The Things We Do for Love" [37] Single only
"I Want to Love You"201572Eleven
(with Jessica Mauboy and The Veronicas) [38]
14Single only
"A Foreign Affair"
(Client Liaison featuring Arena) [39]
2017 Diplomatic Immunity
"Tant que tu es là" [40] Quand tout Recommence
"L'ombre de ma voix" [41] 2018
"Church" [42] 2021Love Saves
"This Woman's Work" (live) [43] Non-album single
"House" [44] [26] 2023Love Saves
"Dancing On Thin Ice" [45] [upper-alpha 6]
"Je Me Rapproche" [46] TBA
"—" denotes releases that did not chart or were not released in that country.

Promotional singles

List of promotional singles
"The Flame"2000 The Games Of The XXVII Olympiad 2000: Music from the Opening Ceremony
"L'un pour l'autre"20077 vies
"Night Fever"2008Disco
"7 vies"2009Le Best & le Meilleur
"Don't Hide"2014Reset
"Je Dis Call Me"2015Songs of Love & Loss (European edition)

Other charted songs

List of other charted songs
TitleYearChart positionAlbum
"Only Lonely"201332Reset

Other appearances

List of other non-single song appearances
"Alexander Beetle"1977Sing Sing Sing (The Young Talent Team album)
"You're The One That I Want"
(with John Bowles)
1980Sing the Hits (The Young Talent Team album)
"MacArthur Park"
"The First Noel 1994The Spirit of Christmas '94
"Trust Me This Is Love"
(with Rick Price)
1995 Tamborine Mountain
"Love's Funny That Way"1996 One Fine Day (soundtrack)
"No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)" (live)
(with Donna Summer)
1999 Live & More Encore
"Cheap Wine"2000The Andrew Denton Breakfast Show Musical Challenge
"The Bohemienne Song"Notre-Dame De Paris
"The Pagan Ave Maria"
"The Birds They Put in Cages"
(with Garou)
"The Day the World Stood Still"
(with Edmund Choi, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and Australian Boys Choir)
The Dish (soundtrack)
"One Little Christmas Tree"The Spirit of Christmas 2000
"I'll Come Runnin'"
(with Olivia Newton-John)
2002 2 (Olivia Newton-John album)
"Comme Toi"
(with Assia, Julie Zenatti and Lorie)
2003Les Enfants de la Terre
"I'm in Trouble"
(with Zucchero)
2004 Zu & Co. (Australian edition)
"White Christmas"2005The Spirit of Christmas 2005
"Non, Je ne Regrette Rien"
(with Kaas, Garou and Lavoine)
20062006 Le Village Des Enfoirés
(with Kane Alexander)
Kane Alexander
"Le Brio"
(with Mulder)
20072007 La Caravane Des Enfoirés
"En Apensanteur"
(with Fiori, Obispo and Keim)
20082008 Les Secrets Des Enfoirés
"Je N'Ai Pas Changé"
(with Bénabar, Darmon and Leroy)
"I Want to Know What Love Is"
(with Hallyday, Lââm, Dion, Lara and Petits Chanteurs De Strasbourg)
"Don't Give Up"
(with Jeff Martin)
2009The RocKwiz Duets Volume III: The Beat Goes On
"Voyage au Pays des Vivants"
(with Maé, Lorie and De Palmas)
2009 Les Enfoirés Font Leur Cinéma
"On S'Attache"
(with Obispo, Laroque, Aubert, Bruel)
"Last Christmas"2010The Spirit of Christmas 2010
(with Fiori, Nolwenn Leroy, Obispo, Kaas, Jenifer and Zaz)
20112011 Dans L'Oeil Des Enfoirés
"Comme D'Habitude"
(with Bruel, Willem, Aubert, Obispo, Kaas, Jenifer and Zaz)
"Je Me Lâche"
(with Lorie, St Pier, Maunier, Luce, Lââm, Laroque, Bent and Zazie)
"Stone Cold"
(with Jimmy Barnes and Joe Bonamassa)
2014 30:30 Hindsight
"La Chanson du Bénévole"
(with M. Pokora, Lavoine, Maé, Tal, Bruel, and Les Enfoirés)
2014 Bon Anniversaire Les Enfoirés
"J'en rêve encore"
(with Garou)
Kiss & Love
"The First Noel"2015The Spirit Of Christmas 2015
"So Far Away"2017Beautiful - A Tribute to Carole King
"Chains" (live)2020 Fire Fight Australia
"Bang Bang" (So Frenchy So Chic)2022Ye Ye 2.0

Music videos

List of music videos
1985"Turn Up the Beat"
1990"I Need Your Body"
"The Machine's Breaking Down"
"Strong as Steel"
1994"Chains" (Australian version)
1995"Chains" (international version)Randee St. Nicholas [47]
"Sorrento Moon (I Remember)"
"Heaven Help My Heart"
"Wasn't It Good"
"Show Me Heaven" Nigel Dick [47]
1997"Burn" Pierre Baroni
"If I Didn't Love You"
1998"Now I Can Dance"Pierre Baroni
"Whistle Down the Wind" Greg Masuak [47]
"I Want to Know What Love Is"
"I Want to Spend My Lifetime Loving You"Nigel Dick [47]
"If I Was a River"Pierre Baroni
1999"Aller plus haut"Yannick Saillet [47]
"Les trois cloches"
"Segnali di fumo"
"Live for the One I Love"
2000"The Flame"Mark Hartley [47]
2001"Soul Mate #9"Bart Borghesi [47]
2002"Dare You to Be Happy"
"Tu es toujours la"Yannick Saillet [47]
"Symphony of Life"
2003"Never (Past Tense)"Anders Hallberg [47]
"Je te retrouve un peu"Cyril Sébas [47]
2004"Italian Love Song"
2005"Aimer jusqu'à l'impossible"Thierry Vergnes [48]
2006"Je m'appelle Bagdad"
"Tu aurais du me dire (Oser parler d'amour)"
2007"Entends-tu le monde?"Fabien Dufils [48]
2008"Oh Me Oh My"
2013"You Set Fire to My Life"Jennifer Leacey
"Only Lonely"
2014"Still Running"Yannick Saillet [49]
2015"Je Dis Call Me"Michael Westbrook
"I Want to Love You"
2017"A Foreign Affair"
2017"Tant que tu es là"Julien Bloch
2018"L'ombre de ma voix"
"This Woman's Work" (live)
2023"House"Kidd Suave
"Love Saves"
"Je Me Rapproche"


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