UEFA Women's Euro 2009 qualifying

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Qualifying for UEFA Women's Euro 2009 determined which 11 teams joined Finland, the hosts of the 2009 tournament, to play for the UEFA Women's Championship.

UEFA Womens Euro 2009 2009 edition of the UEFA Womens Euro

The 2009 UEFA Women's Championship, or just Women's Euro 2009, was played in Finland between August 23 and September 10, 2009. The host was appointed on July 11, 2006, in a UEFA Executive Committee meeting in Berlin and the Finnish proposal won over the Dutch proposal.

Finland womens national football team womens national association football team representing Finland

The Finland women's national football team represents Finland in international women's football. The team, controlled by the Football Association of Finland (SPL/FBF), reached the semi-finals of the 2005 European Championship, surprising the female football world having drawn with Sweden and beaten Denmark. Finland hosted the 2009 EC finals.

UEFA Womens Championship European association football tournament for womens national teams

The UEFA European Women's Championship, also called the UEFA Women's Euro and unofficially the "European Cup", held every fourth year, is the main competition in women's association football between national teams of the UEFA Confederation. The competition is the women's equivalent of the UEFA European Championship.


Preliminary round

20 teams were divided into 5 groups of 4. The 5 group winners qualified for the actual qualifying stage, together with 25 countries exempted from the preliminary round.

Group A1

in Turkey:

Ulster Banner.svg  Northern Ireland 6320192
Flag of Turkey.svg  Turkey 63201112
Flag of Croatia.svg  Croatia 6320196
Flag of Georgia.svg  Georgia 03003019
Croatia  Flag of Croatia.svg6–0Flag of Georgia.svg  Georgia
Landeka Soccerball shade.svg 26', 29'
Koljenik Soccerball shade.svg 49', 52', 90+2'
Bucifal Soccerball shade.svg 57'
Adana 5 Ocak Stadium, Adana
Referee: Tetiana Aseeva (Ukraine)

Northern Ireland  Ulster Banner.svg0–1Flag of Turkey.svg  Turkey
Report Erol Soccerball shade.svg 88'
Tevfik Sırrı Gür Stadium, Mersin
Referee: Lena Arwedahl (Sweden)

Croatia  Flag of Croatia.svg2–1Flag of Turkey.svg  Turkey
Koljenik Soccerball shade.svg 30'
Landeka Soccerball shade.svg 44'
Report Özgüvenç Soccerball shade.svg 3'
Tarsus Stadium, Tarsus
Referee: Tetiana Aseeva (Ukraine)

Georgia  Flag of Georgia.svg0–4Ulster Banner.svg  Northern Ireland
Report Hutton Soccerball shade.svg 26', 49', 80'
Turner Soccerball shade.svg 81'

Northern Ireland  Ulster Banner.svg5–1Flag of Croatia.svg  Croatia
Corish Soccerball shade.svg 3'
Hutton Soccerball shade.svg 15'
McFadden Soccerball shade.svg 60', 66', 90'
Report Joščak Soccerball shade.svg 77'
Tarsus Stadium, Tarsus
Referee: Lena Arwedahl (Sweden)

Turkey  Flag of Turkey.svg9–0Flag of Georgia.svg  Georgia
Uraz Soccerball shade.svg 40', 76', 90'
Defterli Soccerball shade.svg 42', 66'
Şeker Soccerball shade.svg 52'
Yağ Soccerball shade.svg 53'
Özgüvenç Soccerball shade.svg 62'
Gogsadze Soccerball shade.svg 63' (o.g.)

Group A2

in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Flag of Israel.svg  Israel 9330092
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg  Bosnia and Herzegovina 4311177
Flag of Armenia.svg  Armenia 4311122
Flag of Latvia.svg  Latvia 0300318
Israel  Flag of Israel.svg3–0Flag of Latvia.svg  Latvia
Gian Soccerball shade.svg 28'
Fhima Soccerball shade.svg 32'
Shenar Soccerball shade.svg 70'
Stadion Grbavica, Sarajevo
Referee: Berta Tavares (Portugal)

Bosnia and Herzegovina  Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg1–1Flag of Armenia.svg  Armenia
Škrbić Soccerball shade.svg 83' Report Kostanyan Soccerball shade.svg 32'
Asim Ferhatović Hase Stadium, Sarajevo
Referee: Efthalia Mitsi (Greece)

Israel  Flag of Israel.svg1–0Flag of Armenia.svg  Armenia
Shenar Soccerball shade.svg 5' Report

Latvia  Flag of Latvia.svg1–4Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg  Bosnia and Herzegovina
Verreva Soccerball shade.svg 29' Report Pehić Soccerball shade.svg 53', 63', 65'
A. Spahić Soccerball shade.svg 88'
Stadion Grbavica, Sarajevo
Referee: Silvia Spinelli (Italy)

Bosnia and Herzegovina  Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg2–5Flag of Israel.svg  Israel
Škrbić Soccerball shade.svg 27'
Fetahović Soccerball shade.svg 46'
Report Gian Soccerball shade.svg 13'
Shenar Soccerball shade.svg 23', 40', 81', 89'
Asim Ferhatović Hase Stadium, Sarajevo
Referee: Silvia Spinelli (Italy)

Armenia  Flag of Armenia.svg1–0Flag of Latvia.svg  Latvia
Kostanyan Soccerball shade.svg 27' Report
Stadion Grbavica, Sarajevo
Referee: Efthalia Mitsi (Greece)

Group A3

in Luxembourg:

Flag of Slovakia.svg  Slovakia 93300150
Flag of Luxembourg.svg  Luxembourg 4311157
Flag of Lithuania.svg  Lithuania 2302114
Flag of Malta.svg  Malta 13012212
Slovakia  Flag of Slovakia.svg4–0Flag of Luxembourg.svg  Luxembourg
Dugovicová Soccerball shade.svg 55', 58'
Strožová Soccerball shade.svg 60', 80'
Stade Route de Luxembourg, Junglinster
Referee: Elia Martinez (Spain)

Malta  Flag of Malta.svg0–0Flag of Lithuania.svg  Lithuania
Stade Communal, Mondercange
Referee: Anouk de Jong (Netherlands)

Slovakia  Flag of Slovakia.svg3–0Flag of Lithuania.svg  Lithuania
Kolenová Soccerball shade.svg 18'
Dugovicová Soccerball shade.svg 41'
Strožová Soccerball shade.svg 81'
Stade Am Deich, Ettelbruck
Referee: Anouk de Jong (Netherlands)

Luxembourg  Flag of Luxembourg.svg4–2Flag of Malta.svg  Malta
Birkel Soccerball shade.svg 41', 53'
Hansen Soccerball shade.svg 72'
Settanni Soccerball shade.svg 80'
Report Carabott Soccerball shade.svg 11', 16'

Malta  Flag of Malta.svg0–8Flag of Slovakia.svg  Slovakia
Report Budošová Soccerball shade.svg 8', 53', 75'
Ondrušová Soccerball shade.svg 13'
Dugovicová Soccerball shade.svg 65', 76', 81'
Králiková Soccerball shade.svg 86'
Op Biirk, Mensdorf
Referee: Elia Martinez (Spain)

Lithuania  Flag of Lithuania.svg1–1Flag of Luxembourg.svg  Luxembourg
Bložytė Soccerball shade.svg 30' Report Leuchter Soccerball shade.svg 59'
Grengewald, Hostert
Referee: Hilda McDermott (Republic of Ireland)

Group A4

in Romania:

Flag of Romania.svg  Romania 93300101
Flag of Bulgaria.svg  Bulgaria 6320181
Flag of Azerbaijan.svg  Azerbaijan 3310249
Flag of Estonia.svg  Estonia 03003213
Romania  Flag of Romania.svg4–1Flag of Azerbaijan.svg  Azerbaijan
Olar-Spânu Soccerball shade.svg 29'
Pavel Soccerball shade.svg 61'
Laiu Soccerball shade.svg 73'
Striblea Soccerball shade.svg 87'
Report Milyukhina Soccerball shade.svg 59'
Stadionul Mogoşoaia, Mogoşoaia
Referee: Marylin Remy (France)

Estonia  Flag of Estonia.svg0–5Flag of Bulgaria.svg  Bulgaria
Report Kostova Soccerball shade.svg 14', 21' (pen.), 34', 50'
Petrakieva Soccerball shade.svg 37'
Stadionul Otopeni, Otopeni
Referee: Yuliya Medvedeva-Keldyusheva (Kazakhstan)

Azerbaijan  Flag of Azerbaijan.svg3–2Flag of Estonia.svg  Estonia
Osmanova Soccerball shade.svg 17'
Vasilieva Soccerball shade.svg 81', 83'
Report Vaher Soccerball shade.svg 6'
Jaadla Soccerball shade.svg 59'
Stadionul Mogoşoaia, Mogoşoaia
Referee: Marylin Remy (France)

Romania  Flag of Romania.svg1–0Flag of Bulgaria.svg  Bulgaria
Pavel Soccerball shade.svg 66' Report
Stadionul Concordia, Chiajna
Referee: Rachel Cohen (Israel)

Estonia  Flag of Estonia.svg0–5Flag of Romania.svg  Romania
Report Olar-Spânu Soccerball shade.svg 3'
Pavel Soccerball shade.svg 9'
Prundaru Soccerball shade.svg 14'
Laiu Soccerball shade.svg 35'
Rus Soccerball shade.svg 36'
Stadionul Mogoşoaia, Mogoşoaia
Referee: Rachel Cohen (Israel)

Bulgaria  Flag of Bulgaria.svg3–0Flag of Azerbaijan.svg  Azerbaijan
Kostova Soccerball shade.svg 13'
Petrakieva Soccerball shade.svg 36'
Peeva Soccerball shade.svg 55'
Stadionul Otopeni, Otopeni
Referee: Yuliya Medvedeva-Keldyusheva (Kazakhstan)

Group A5

in Macedonia:

Flag of Wales (1959-present).svg  Wales 93300102+8
Flag of Kazakhstan.svg  Kazakhstan 6320132+1
Flag of the Faroe Islands.svg  Faroe Islands 3310283+5
Flag of Macedonia.svg  Macedonia 03003014−14
Wales  Flag of Wales (1959-present).svg2–1Flag of the Faroe Islands.svg  Faroe Islands
Foster Soccerball shade.svg 32'
Holt Soccerball shade.svg 90'
Report Josephsen Soccerball shade.svg 90+2'

Kazakhstan  Flag of Kazakhstan.svg1–0Flag of Macedonia.svg  Macedonia
Kirgizbaeva Soccerball shade.svg 59' Report
Stadion Kukuš, Strumica
Referee: Knarik Grigoryan (Armenia)

Wales  Flag of Wales (1959-present).svg6–0Flag of Macedonia.svg  Macedonia
Harries Soccerball shade.svg 9'
Ludlow Soccerball shade.svg 15'
Green Soccerball shade.svg 24'
Foster Soccerball shade.svg 36', 60'
Holt Soccerball shade.svg 54'

Faroe Islands  Flag of the Faroe Islands.svg0–1Flag of Kazakhstan.svg  Kazakhstan
Report Li Soccerball shade.svg 8'
Stadion Kukuš, Strumica
Referee: Malgorzata Buchowska (Poland)

Kazakhstan  Flag of Kazakhstan.svg1–2Flag of Wales (1959-present).svg  Wales
Yalova Soccerball shade.svg 56' Report Harries Soccerball shade.svg 23'
Ludlow Soccerball shade.svg 73'
Stadion Mladost, Strumica
Referee: Knarik Grigoryan (Armenia)

Macedonia  Flag of Macedonia.svg0–7Flag of the Faroe Islands.svg  Faroe Islands
Report Josephsen Soccerball shade.svg 21', 62'
Andreasen Soccerball shade.svg 25', 28', 50', 73'
Kristiansen Soccerball shade.svg 57'
Stadion Kukuš, Strumica
Referee: Malgorzata Buchowska (Poland)

Qualifying stage

The six group winners automatically qualified for the final tournament. The six group runners-up and the four third-placed teams with the best record against the rest of the top four in their respective groups went into five two-legged play-offs.

Group 1

Flag of England.svg  England 208620244+20
Flag of Spain.svg  Spain 178521247+17
Flag of the Czech Republic.svg  Czech Republic 1484221814+4
Flag of Belarus (1995-2012).svg  Belarus 481161027−17
Ulster Banner.svg  Northern Ireland 18017226−24
England  Flag of England.svg4–0Ulster Banner.svg  Northern Ireland
K. Smith Soccerball shade.svg 52'
Harkin Soccerball shade.svg 66' (o.g.)
Chapman Soccerball shade.svg 73'
Sanderson Soccerball shade.svg 77'
Priestfield, Gillingham
Attendance: 3,944
Referee: Ann Helen Østervold (Norway)

Northern Ireland  Ulster Banner.svg1–3Flag of the Czech Republic.svg  Czech Republic
McFadden Soccerball shade.svg 10' Report Chlumecká Soccerball shade.svg 11', 81', 85'
The Showgrounds, Coleraine
Referee: Berta Maria Correia Tavares (Portugal)

Belarus  Flag of Belarus (1995-2012).svg0–3Flag of Spain.svg  Spain
Report Vázquez Soccerball shade.svg 53'
Azagra Soccerball shade.svg 67'
Jiménez Soccerball shade.svg 84'
Spartak, Bobruisk
Referee: Lena Arwedahl (Sweden)

Belarus  Flag of Belarus (1995-2012).svg5–0Ulster Banner.svg  Northern Ireland
Kazeeva Soccerball shade.svg 26'
Tatarynova Soccerball shade.svg 49', 90'
Davydovich Soccerball shade.svg 57'
Kuzniatsova Soccerball shade.svg 80'
Spartak, Bobruisk
Referee: Iwona Malek-wybraniec (Poland)

Belarus  Flag of Belarus (1995-2012).svg1–4Flag of the Czech Republic.svg  Czech Republic
Kuzniatsova Soccerball shade.svg 4' Report Heroldová Soccerball shade.svg 8'
Ščasná Soccerball shade.svg 33', 57' (pen.), 61'
Spartak, Bobruisk
Referee: Sjoukje de Jong (Netherlands)

England  Flag of England.svg4–0Flag of Belarus (1995-2012).svg  Belarus
A. Scott Soccerball shade.svg 10', 64'
K. Smith Soccerball shade.svg 32'
Aluko Soccerball shade.svg 48'
Bescot Stadium, Walsall
Attendance: 8,632
Referee: Marylin Remy (France)

Czech Republic  Flag of the Czech Republic.svg2–2Flag of Spain.svg  Spain
I. Martínková Soccerball shade.svg 18'
Šmeralová Soccerball shade.svg 78'
Report Martín Soccerball shade.svg 35'
Vilanova Soccerball shade.svg 90+4'
Stadion města Plzně, Pilsen
Referee: Florea Cristina Ionescu (Romania)

England  Flag of England.svg1–0Flag of Spain.svg  Spain
Carney Soccerball shade.svg 64' Report
New Meadow, Shrewsbury
Attendance: 8,753
Referee: Claudine Brohet (Belgium)

Spain  Flag of Spain.svg4–0Ulster Banner.svg  Northern Ireland
Del Río Soccerball shade.svg 17'
Bermúdez Soccerball shade.svg 27'
Vilas Soccerball shade.svg 59'
García Soccerball shade.svg 74'
Estadio El Montecillo, Aranda de Duero
Referee: Christine Bango (Austria)

Northern Ireland  Ulster Banner.svg0–2Flag of England.svg  England
Report Williams Soccerball shade.svg 18'
White Soccerball shade.svg 84'
Mourneview Park, Lurgan
Referee: Silvia Tea Spinelli (Italy)

England  Flag of England.svg0–0Flag of the Czech Republic.svg  Czech Republic
Keepmoat Stadium, Doncaster
Referee: Eva Ödlund (Sweden)

Czech Republic  Flag of the Czech Republic.svg4–0Ulster Banner.svg  Northern Ireland
Šmeralová Soccerball shade.svg 21'
L. Martínková Soccerball shade.svg 43'
I. Martínková Soccerball shade.svg 79' (pen.)
Došková Soccerball shade.svg 90+3'
Stadion Pod Lipou, Roudnice nad Labem
Referee: Marina Mamayeva (Russia)

Spain  Flag of Spain.svg6–1Flag of Belarus (1995-2012).svg  Belarus
Vázquez Soccerball shade.svg 11', 40'
Romero Soccerball shade.svg 28', 90'
Cuesta Soccerball shade.svg 68'
Pérez Soccerball shade.svg 88'
Report Shpak Soccerball shade.svg 36'

Belarus  Flag of Belarus (1995-2012).svg1–6Flag of England.svg  England
Ryzhevich Soccerball shade.svg 30' Report J. Scott Soccerball shade.svg 1'
Williams Soccerball shade.svg 7', 25', 87'
Sanderson Soccerball shade.svg 44'
White Soccerball shade.svg 90'

Spain  Flag of Spain.svg4–1Flag of the Czech Republic.svg  Czech Republic
Gimbert Soccerball shade.svg 46' (pen.)
Boquete Soccerball shade.svg 57', 90+2' (pen.)
Torrejón Soccerball shade.svg 84'
Report Heroldová Soccerball shade.svg 33'

Northern Ireland  Ulster Banner.svg1–1Flag of Belarus (1995-2012).svg  Belarus
Hall Soccerball shade.svg 40' Report Kiose Soccerball shade.svg 84'
The Showgrounds, Newry
Referee: Mihaela Gurdon Bašimamović (Croatia)

Czech Republic  Flag of the Czech Republic.svg1–5Flag of England.svg  England
Došková Soccerball shade.svg 28' Report Westwood Soccerball shade.svg 61'
K. Smith Soccerball shade.svg 79', 86'
Carney Soccerball shade.svg 81'
J. Scott Soccerball shade.svg 83'
Ďolíček Stadion, Prague
Referee: Christine Baitinger (Germany)

Spain  Flag of Spain.svg2–2Flag of England.svg  England
Boquete Soccerball shade.svg 8'
Bermúdez Soccerball shade.svg 42'
Report Carney Soccerball shade.svg 54'
K. Smith Soccerball shade.svg 76'

Group 2

Flag of Sweden.svg  Sweden 248800310+31
Flag of Italy.svg  Italy 188602237+16
Flag of Ireland.svg  Republic of Ireland 1284041014−4
Flag of Romania.svg  Romania 48116828−20
Flag of Hungary.svg  Hungary 18017629−23
Republic of Ireland  Flag of Ireland.svg2–1Flag of Hungary.svg  Hungary
Taylor Soccerball shade.svg 43'
Byrne Soccerball shade.svg 50'
Report Gáspár Soccerball shade.svg 28'
Tolka Park, Dublin
Referee: Marija Damjanović (Croatia)

Italy  Flag of Italy.svg0–2Flag of Sweden.svg  Sweden
Report Seger Soccerball shade.svg 42'
Fischer Soccerball shade.svg 90+3'

Hungary  Flag of Hungary.svg3–3Flag of Romania.svg  Romania
Jakab Soccerball shade.svg 40', 68'
Milassin Soccerball shade.svg 89'
Report Olar-Spânu Soccerball shade.svg 31'
Rus Soccerball shade.svg 38'
Pufulete Soccerball shade.svg 87'
Oláh Gábor, Debrecen
Referee: Sabine Bonnin (France)

Republic of Ireland  Flag of Ireland.svg1–2Flag of Italy.svg  Italy
O'Toole Soccerball shade.svg 76' Report Paliotti Soccerball shade.svg 40'
Panico Soccerball shade.svg 59'
Belfield Park, Dublin
Referee: Tanja Schett (Austria)

Romania  Flag of Romania.svg0–7Flag of Sweden.svg  Sweden
Report Svensson Soccerball shade.svg 6', 25', 35', 38', 68'
Sjögran Soccerball shade.svg 14'
Schelin Soccerball shade.svg 75'
Stadionul Mogoșoaia, Mogoșoaia
Referee: Gordana Kuzmanović (Serbia)

Sweden  Flag of Sweden.svg7–0Flag of Hungary.svg  Hungary
Svensson Soccerball shade.svg 12', 86'
Marklund Soccerball shade.svg 16'
Sjögran Soccerball shade.svg 22'
Segerström Soccerball shade.svg 52', 88'
Lundin Soccerball shade.svg 90+1'

Romania  Flag of Romania.svg0–2Flag of Ireland.svg  Republic of Ireland
Report Curtis Soccerball shade.svg 12', 14'
Stadionul Mogoșoaia, Mogoșoaia
Referee: Rachel Cohen (Israel)

Hungary  Flag of Hungary.svg1–3Flag of Italy.svg  Italy
Pádár Soccerball shade.svg 70' (pen.) Report D'Adda Soccerball shade.svg 58'
Panico Soccerball shade.svg 76'
Tuttino Soccerball shade.svg 87'
Sportcentrum Bük, Bük
Referee: Paloma Quintero Siles (Spain)

Republic of Ireland  Flag of Ireland.svg2–1Flag of Romania.svg  Romania
O'Brien Soccerball shade.svg 18'
Curtis Soccerball shade.svg 31'
Report Pufulete Soccerball shade.svg 40'

Italy  Flag of Italy.svg5–0Flag of Romania.svg  Romania
Boni Soccerball shade.svg 27'
Panico Soccerball shade.svg 41'
Paliotti Soccerball shade.svg 60', 66'
Gabbiadini Soccerball shade.svg 68'
Stadio Il Noce, Parma
Referee: Bente Skogvang (Norway)

Italy  Flag of Italy.svg4–1Flag of Ireland.svg  Republic of Ireland
Fuselli Soccerball shade.svg 83'
Gabbiadini Soccerball shade.svg 85'
Panico Soccerball shade.svg 86'
Conti Soccerball shade.svg 90+1'
Report Taylor Soccerball shade.svg 13'
Stadio Comunale, Villacidro
Referee: Natalia Avdonchenko (Russia)

Hungary  Flag of Hungary.svg0–2Flag of Ireland.svg  Republic of Ireland
Report O'Brien Soccerball shade.svg 1'
Curtis Soccerball shade.svg 63'
Diósgyöri Stadion, Miskolc
Referee: Aneliya Sinabova (Bulgaria)

Hungary  Flag of Hungary.svg0–6Flag of Sweden.svg  Sweden
Report Karlsson Soccerball shade.svg 12'
Larsson Soccerball shade.svg 23'
Lundin Soccerball shade.svg 34', 69'
Fischer Soccerball shade.svg 37'
Edlund Soccerball shade.svg 79'
Sóstói Stadion, Székesfehérvár
Referee: Snježana Fočić (Croatia)

Sweden  Flag of Sweden.svg1–0Flag of Italy.svg  Italy
Landström Soccerball shade.svg 90' Report

Romania  Flag of Romania.svg1–6Flag of Italy.svg  Italy
Olar-Spânu Soccerball shade.svg 29' Report Gabbiadini Soccerball shade.svg 13', 67'
Panico Soccerball shade.svg 26'
Zorri Soccerball shade.svg 41' (pen.)
Conti Soccerball shade.svg 48'
Fuselli Soccerball shade.svg 85'
Stadionul Buftea, Buftea
Referee: Efthalia Mitsi (Greece)

Romania  Flag of Romania.svg3–1Flag of Hungary.svg  Hungary
Amza Soccerball shade.svg 9'
Olar-Spânu Soccerball shade.svg 31'
Sârghe Soccerball shade.svg 82'
Report Pádár Soccerball shade.svg 16'
Municipal Stadium, Oradea
Referee: Nadezhda Ulyanovskaya (Russia)

Republic of Ireland  Flag of Ireland.svg0–5Flag of Sweden.svg  Sweden
Report Westberg Soccerball shade.svg 18', 73'
Svensson Soccerball shade.svg 23'
Öqvist Soccerball shade.svg 28'
Schelin Soccerball shade.svg 86'
Carlisle Grounds, Bray
Referee: Claudine Brohet (Belgium)

Sweden  Flag of Sweden.svg2–0Flag of Romania.svg  Romania
Sjögran Soccerball shade.svg 32'
Fischer Soccerball shade.svg 37'
Swedbank Park, Västerås
Referee: Natalia Avdonchenko (Russia)

Sweden  Flag of Sweden.svg1–0Flag of Ireland.svg  Republic of Ireland
Edlund Soccerball shade.svg 42' Report
Vångavallen, Trelleborg
Referee: Tanja Schett (Austria)

Italy  Flag of Italy.svg3–0Flag of Hungary.svg  Hungary
Tona Soccerball shade.svg 19', 31', 54' Report

Group 3

Flag of France.svg  France 218701312+29
Flag of Iceland.svg  Iceland 188602274+23
Flag of Slovenia.svg  Slovenia 1284041424−10
Flag of Serbia (2004-2010).svg  Serbia 682061124−13
Flag of Greece.svg  Greece 38107736−29
France  Flag of France.svg6–0Flag of Greece.svg  Greece
Abily Soccerball shade.svg 25', 40', 81'
Soubeyrand Soccerball shade.svg 32'
Necib Soccerball shade.svg 41'
Lattaf Soccerball shade.svg 88'
Stade Georges Pompidou, Valence
Referee: Emilia Wnuk (Poland)

France  Flag of France.svg6–0Flag of Slovenia.svg  Slovenia
Abily Soccerball shade.svg 27'
Bussaglia Soccerball shade.svg 35'
Benak Soccerball shade.svg 50' (o.g.)
Lattaf Soccerball shade.svg 69', 75'
Thiney Soccerball shade.svg 79'
Stade Lebon, Angoulême
Referee: Silvia Tea Spinelli (Italy)

Greece  Flag of Greece.svg0–3Flag of Iceland.svg  Iceland
Report Viðarsdóttir Soccerball shade.svg 9' (pen.)
Helgadóttir Soccerball shade.svg 14'
Samúelsdóttir Soccerball shade.svg 89'

Iceland  Flag of Iceland.svg1–0Flag of France.svg  France
Viðarsdóttir Soccerball shade.svg 81' Report

Serbia  Flag of Serbia (2004-2010).svg1–2Flag of Greece.svg  Greece
Dimitrijević Soccerball shade.svg 71' Report Panteleiadou Soccerball shade.svg 23'
Tsoukala Soccerball shade.svg 73'
Kralj Petar I, Belgrade
Referee: Nadezhda Ulyanovskaya (Russia)

Slovenia  Flag of Slovenia.svg2–1Flag of Iceland.svg  Iceland
Benak Soccerball shade.svg 13'
Milenkovič Soccerball shade.svg 14' (pen.)
Report Viðarsdóttir Soccerball shade.svg 5'
Dravograd Sports Centre, Dravograd
Referee: Ilonka Milanova Djaleva (Bulgaria)

Serbia  Flag of Serbia (2004-2010).svg0–8Flag of France.svg  France
Report Traïkia Soccerball shade.svg 12'
Abily Soccerball shade.svg 25'
Nécib Soccerball shade.svg 56'
Brétigny Soccerball shade.svg 62'
Thomis Soccerball shade.svg 64', 68'
Thiney Soccerball shade.svg 72'
Bussaglia Soccerball shade.svg 73'

Slovenia  Flag of Slovenia.svg0–2Flag of France.svg  France
Report Bussaglia Soccerball shade.svg 67'
Thomis Soccerball shade.svg 81'

Greece  Flag of Greece.svg0–5Flag of France.svg  France
Report Soubeyrand Soccerball shade.svg 39'
Herbert Soccerball shade.svg 49'
Bompastor Soccerball shade.svg 70'
Franco Soccerball shade.svg 85'
Thomis Soccerball shade.svg 90'
Yiannis Pathiakakis, Athens
Referee: Sandra Braz Bastos (Portugal)

Serbia  Flag of Serbia (2004-2010).svg0–3Flag of Slovenia.svg  Slovenia
Report Zver Soccerball shade.svg 58', 85', 88'
Gradski Zemun, Belgrade
Referee: Paloma Quintero Siles (Spain)

France  Flag of France.svg2–0Flag of Serbia (2004-2010).svg  Serbia
Brétigny Soccerball shade.svg 53', 71' Report
Fred Aubert, Saint-Brieuc
Referee: Ausra Tvarijonaite (Lithuania)

Slovenia  Flag of Slovenia.svg3–1Flag of Greece.svg  Greece
Benak Soccerball shade.svg 36'
Zver Soccerball shade.svg 38'
Petrović Soccerball shade.svg 90+1'
Report Arvanitaki Soccerball shade.svg 31'
Dravograd Sports Centre, Dravograd
Referee: Paula Thörn (Sweden)

Iceland  Flag of Iceland.svg5–0Flag of Slovenia.svg  Slovenia
Viðarsdóttir Soccerball shade.svg 11' (pen.), 25', 50'
Jónsdóttir Soccerball shade.svg 62'
Ómarsdóttir Soccerball shade.svg 88'
Laugardalsvöllur, Reykjavík
Referee: Sjoukje de Jong (Netherlands)

Iceland  Flag of Iceland.svg7–0Flag of Greece.svg  Greece
S Gunnarsdóttir Soccerball shade.svg 4'
Magnusdottir Soccerball shade.svg 13', 53', 56'
Viðarsdóttir Soccerball shade.svg 30', 68'
Ómarsdóttir Soccerball shade.svg 66'
Laugardalsvöllur, Reykjavík
Referee: Anja Kunick (Germany)

Greece  Flag of Greece.svg0–5Flag of Serbia (2004-2010).svg  Serbia
Report Dimitrijević Soccerball shade.svg 5', 24'
Sretenović Soccerball shade.svg 11', 76'
Malimić Soccerball shade.svg 83'
Yiannis Pathiakakis Stadium, Athens
Referee: Silvia Tea Spinelli (Italy)

Greece  Flag of Greece.svg4–6Flag of Slovenia.svg  Slovenia
Arvanitaki Soccerball shade.svg 26', 88'
Papadopoulou Soccerball shade.svg 63'
Panteleiadou Soccerball shade.svg 76'
Report Zver Soccerball shade.svg 14', 83', 85'
Milkovič Soccerball shade.svg 19', 47'
Maleševič Soccerball shade.svg 78'

Group 4

Flag of Germany.svg  Germany 248800341+33
Flag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands 12833212120
Flag of Switzerland.svg   Switzerland 118323916−7
Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium 108314715−8
Flag of Wales (1959-present).svg  Wales 08008119−18
Germany  Flag of Germany.svg5–1Flag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands
Prinz Soccerball shade.svg 31'
Mittag Soccerball shade.svg 34'
Lingor Soccerball shade.svg 48' (pen.), 68'
Garefrekes Soccerball shade.svg 67'
Report Torny Soccerball shade.svg 17'

Switzerland   Flag of Switzerland.svg1–0Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium
Schäpper Soccerball shade.svg 16' Report
Stade de Bouleyres, Bulle
Referee: Ausra Tvarijonaite (Lithuania)

Switzerland   Flag of Switzerland.svg2–2Flag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands
Schäpper Soccerball shade.svg 35'
Meyer Soccerball shade.svg 90+3'
Report Melis Soccerball shade.svg 14'
van Eyk Soccerball shade.svg 84'
Herti Allemand, Zug
Referee: Marina Mamayeva (Russia)

Wales  Flag of Wales (1959-present).svg0–6Flag of Germany.svg  Germany
Report Prinz Soccerball shade.svg 8', 18', 87'
Stegemann Soccerball shade.svg 44'
Garefrekes Soccerball shade.svg 81'
Müller Soccerball shade.svg 86'
Bridge Meadow Stadium, Haverfordwest
Referee: Marianne Svendsen (Denmark)

Germany  Flag of Germany.svg7–0Flag of Switzerland.svg   Switzerland
Smisek Soccerball shade.svg 14'
Behringer Soccerball shade.svg 16', 35'
Prinz Soccerball shade.svg 33'
Garefrekes Soccerball shade.svg 52', 64', 90'

Netherlands  Flag of the Netherlands.svg2–1Flag of Wales (1959-present).svg  Wales
Melis Soccerball shade.svg 47'
Smit Soccerball shade.svg 64'
Report Jones Soccerball shade.svg 75'
Veronica, Volendam
Referee: Berta Maria Correia Tavares (Portugal)

Wales  Flag of Wales (1959-present).svg0–2Flag of Switzerland.svg   Switzerland
Report Graf Soccerball shade.svg 41'
Moser Soccerball shade.svg 83'
Belle Vue, Rhyl
Referee: Danijela Marković (Serbia)

Germany  Flag of Germany.svg3–0Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium
Garefrekes Soccerball shade.svg 8'
Minnert Soccerball shade.svg 11'
Prinz Soccerball shade.svg 74'
Lohmühle, Lübeck
Referee: Marija Damjanović (Croatia)

Belgium  Flag of Belgium (civil).svg1–0Flag of Wales (1959-present).svg  Wales
Zeler Soccerball shade.svg 75' Report

Netherlands  Flag of the Netherlands.svg0–1Flag of Germany.svg  Germany
Report Krahn Soccerball shade.svg 36'
Kras Stadion, Volendam
Referee: Anna De Toni (Italy)

Wales  Flag of Wales (1959-present).svg0–1Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium
Report Maes Soccerball shade.svg 69'
Jenner Park Stadium, Barry
Referee: Sabine Bonnin (France)

Wales  Flag of Wales (1959-present).svg0–1Flag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands
Report Melis Soccerball shade.svg 47'

Belgium  Flag of Belgium (civil).svg2–2Flag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands
Verelst Soccerball shade.svg 41', 56' Report Hoogendijk Soccerball shade.svg 45+1'
Manon Melis Soccerball shade.svg 89'
Patro, Maasmechelen
Referee: Maaren Olander (Estonia)

Belgium  Flag of Belgium (civil).svg3–1Flag of Switzerland.svg   Switzerland
Maes Soccerball shade.svg 25', 88'
Cayman Soccerball shade.svg 90+1'
Report Bürki Soccerball shade.svg 38'

Belgium  Flag of Belgium (civil).svg0–5Flag of Germany.svg  Germany
Report Pohlers Soccerball shade.svg 20', 58'
Garefrekes Soccerball shade.svg 52', 59'
Bresonik Soccerball shade.svg 78'
Kehrweg, Eupen
Referee: Floarea Cristina Ionescu (Romania)

Switzerland   Flag of Switzerland.svg2–0Flag of Wales (1959-present).svg  Wales
Dickenmann Soccerball shade.svg 44', 76' (pen.) Report
Stadion z’Hof, Oberdorf
Referee: Ilonka Milanova Djaleva (Bulgaria)

Germany  Flag of Germany.svg4–0Flag of Wales (1959-present).svg  Wales
Hingst Soccerball shade.svg 9'
Pohlers Soccerball shade.svg 12'
Krahn Soccerball shade.svg 30'
Behringer Soccerball shade.svg 77'
Auestadion, Kassel
Referee: Rachel Cohen (Israel)

Netherlands  Flag of the Netherlands.svg1–1Flag of Switzerland.svg   Switzerland
Melis Soccerball shade.svg 58' Report Grundbacher Soccerball shade.svg 90+1'
Den Haag Stadion, The Hague
Referee: Floarea Cristina Ionescu (Romania)

Netherlands  Flag of the Netherlands.svg3–0Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium
Melis Soccerball shade.svg 17', 52'
Stevens Soccerball shade.svg 60' (pen.)

Switzerland   Flag of Switzerland.svg0–3Flag of Germany.svg  Germany
Report Garefrekes Soccerball shade.svg 20'
Behringer Soccerball shade.svg 33'
Smisek Soccerball shade.svg 76'
Stadion Schützenmatte, Basel
Referee: Maaren Olander (Estonia)

Group 5

Flag of Denmark.svg  Denmark 218701235+18
Flag of Ukraine.svg  Ukraine 198611153+12
Flag of Scotland.svg  Scotland 108314157+8
Flag of Slovakia.svg  Slovakia 68206529−24
Flag of Portugal.svg  Portugal 28026418−14
Slovakia  Flag of Slovakia.svg2–1Flag of Portugal.svg  Portugal
Lukácsová Soccerball shade.svg 68' (pen.), 71' Report Zubková Soccerball shade.svg 90+4' (o.g.)
NTC Stadion, Senec
Referee: Ilonka Milanova Djaleva (Bulgaria)

Scotland  Flag of Scotland.svg0–0Flag of Portugal.svg  Portugal
McDiarmid Park, Perth
Referee: Nadezhda Ulyanovskaya (Russia)

Slovakia  Flag of Slovakia.svg0–4Flag of Ukraine.svg  Ukraine
Report Djatel Soccerball shade.svg 5'
Pekur Soccerball shade.svg 16'
Apanaschenko Soccerball shade.svg 38'
Khodyreva Soccerball shade.svg 79'
NTC Stadion, Senec
Referee: Paloma Quintero Siles (Spain)

Ukraine  Flag of Ukraine.svg2–1Flag of Scotland.svg  Scotland
Zinchenko Soccerball shade.svg 44'
Chorna Soccerball shade.svg 67'
Report Fleeting Soccerball shade.svg 68'
Illichivets Stadium, Mariupol
Referee: Snježana Fočić (Croatia)

Ukraine  Flag of Ukraine.svg5–0Flag of Slovakia.svg  Slovakia
Frishko Soccerball shade.svg 2', 53'
Zinchenko Soccerball shade.svg 16' (pen.)
Pekur Soccerball shade.svg 26'
Khodyreva Soccerball shade.svg 47'
Illichivets Stadium, Mariupol
Referee: Caroline de Boeck (Belgium)

Slovakia  Flag of Slovakia.svg0–3Flag of Scotland.svg  Scotland
Report Kerr Soccerball shade.svg 2'
Hamill Soccerball shade.svg 16'
Fleeting Soccerball shade.svg 71'

Denmark  Flag of Denmark.svg5–1Flag of Portugal.svg  Portugal
M. Pedersen Soccerball shade.svg 40', 82'
Pape Soccerball shade.svg 51', 71'
Sand Andersen Soccerball shade.svg 60'
Report Fernandes Soccerball shade.svg 41'
Viborg Stadion, Viborg
Referee: Efthalia Mitsi (Greece)

Scotland  Flag of Scotland.svg0–1Flag of Denmark.svg  Denmark
Report M. Pedersen Soccerball shade.svg 62'
McDiarmid Park, Perth
Referee: Anouk de Jong (Netherlands)

Portugal  Flag of Portugal.svg0–1Flag of Slovakia.svg  Slovakia
Report Budošová Soccerball shade.svg 11'

Slovakia  Flag of Slovakia.svg1–4Flag of Denmark.svg  Denmark
Zubková Soccerball shade.svg 70' Report Pape Soccerball shade.svg 6', 55'
Rasmussen Soccerball shade.svg 16', 47'
NTC Stadion, Senec
Referee: Hilda McDermott (Republic of Ireland)

Denmark  Flag of Denmark.svg2–1Flag of Scotland.svg  Scotland
Sand Andersen Soccerball shade.svg 50'
M Pedersen Soccerball shade.svg 67'
Report Sneddon Soccerball shade.svg 28'
Viborg Stadion, Viborg
Referee: Silvia Tea Spinelli (Italy)

Portugal  Flag of Portugal.svg1–4Flag of Scotland.svg  Scotland
Fernandes Soccerball shade.svg 44' Report Beattie Soccerball shade.svg 12'
Fleeting Soccerball shade.svg 20', 25', 38' (pen.)

Portugal  Flag of Portugal.svg0–4Flag of Denmark.svg  Denmark
Report Rasmussen Soccerball shade.svg 18'
Pape Soccerball shade.svg 53'
M. Pedersen Soccerball shade.svg 71', 78'
Sports Center CF Fão, Fão
Referee: Gordana Kuzmanović (Serbia)

Denmark  Flag of Denmark.svg6–1Flag of Slovakia.svg  Slovakia
Andersen Soccerball shade.svg 25'
M. Pedersen Soccerball shade.svg 35', 62', 90+1'
Pape Soccerball shade.svg 61', 81'
Report Lukácsová Soccerball shade.svg 44'
Viborg Stadion, Viborg
Referee: Natalia Avdonchenko (Russia)

Scotland  Flag of Scotland.svg0–1Flag of Ukraine.svg  Ukraine
Report Apanaschenko Soccerball shade.svg 9'
McDiarmid Park, Perth
Referee: Tanja Schett (Austria)

Ukraine  Flag of Ukraine.svg1–1Flag of Portugal.svg  Portugal
Sukhorukova Soccerball shade.svg 6' Report Fernandes Soccerball shade.svg 45+1'

Scotland  Flag of Scotland.svg6–0Flag of Slovakia.svg  Slovakia
Beattie Soccerball shade.svg 26'
Fleeting Soccerball shade.svg 32', 68'
Hamill Soccerball shade.svg 38'
Little Soccerball shade.svg 51'
Grant Soccerball shade.svg 86'

Denmark  Flag of Denmark.svg1–0Flag of Ukraine.svg  Ukraine
M. Pedersen Soccerball shade.svg 63' Report

Group 6

Flag of Norway.svg  Norway 228710260+26
Flag of Russia.svg  Russia 198611257+18
Flag of Austria.svg  Austria 983051318−5
Flag of Poland.svg  Poland 782151120−9
Flag of Israel.svg  Israel 18017333−30
Austria  Flag of Austria.svg0–1Flag of Poland.svg  Poland
Report Żelazko Soccerball shade.svg 8'
SV Freistadt, Freistadt
Referee: Teodora Albon Flag of Romania.svg

Israel  Flag of Israel.svg2–2Flag of Poland.svg  Poland
Erez Soccerball shade.svg 32'
Shelina Soccerball shade.svg 38'
Report Żelazko Soccerball shade.svg 30'
Rytwińska Soccerball shade.svg 41'
Winter, Ramat Gan
Referee: Hilal Tuba Tosun Flag of Turkey.svg

Israel  Flag of Israel.svg0–6Flag of Russia.svg  Russia
Report Kurochkina Soccerball shade.svg 29'
Kremleva Soccerball shade.svg 45'
Mokshanova Soccerball shade.svg 54'Soccerball shade.svg 59'Soccerball shade.svg 70'
Chmatchkova Soccerball shade.svg 79'
Ramat Gan Stadium, Ramat Gan
Referee: Anja Kunick Flag of Germany.svg

Russia  Flag of Russia.svg3–1Flag of Poland.svg  Poland
Morozova Soccerball shade.svg 15'
Kurochkina Soccerball shade.svg 26'Soccerball shade.svg 63'
Report Stobba Soccerball shade.svg 5' (pen)
Krasnoarmeysk Stadium, Krasnoarmeysk
Referee: Hilda Mcdermott Flag of Ireland.svg

Israel  Flag of Israel.svg0–3Flag of Norway.svg  Norway
Report Gulbrandsen Soccerball shade.svg 50'Soccerball shade.svg 73'
Wiik Soccerball shade.svg 78'
Ramat Gan Stadium, Ramat Gan
Referee: Yelena Savchenko Flag of Kazakhstan.svg

Poland  Flag of Poland.svg4–1Flag of Israel.svg  Israel
Stobba Soccerball shade.svg 1'Soccerball shade.svg 25'
Gawrońska Soccerball shade.svg 34'
Maciaszczyk Soccerball shade.svg 44'
Report Ohana Soccerball shade.svg 60'
City Stadium, Kutno
Referee: Tetyana Aseeva Flag of Ukraine.svg

Norway  Flag of Norway.svg3–0Flag of Austria.svg  Austria
Gulbrandsen Soccerball shade.svg 45'
Wiik Soccerball shade.svg 73'