Uptime / Downtime

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Uptime / Downtime
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Remix album by
ReleasedJanuary 2010
Genre Bastard pop
Producer The Kleptones
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Live'r Than You'll Ever Be
Uptime / Downtime
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Uptime / Downtime is a 2010 mashup double album by The Kleptones.


Track listing


  1. Call To Mind - 2:30
    • Samples - Jim Steinman - Love, Death, and an American Guitar
  2. Voodoo Sabotage - 4:32
  3. Welcome Back - 5:04
  4. Hella Touch - 4:32
  5. Can't Be Paranoid - 2:33
  6. Care - 3:43
  7. Deeper Sand - 3:14
  8. MKY Da HVN - 4:54
  9. Come Again - 8:12
  10. Destiny And Tenacity - 6:45
  11. Cubikini - 3:20
  12. Brightness And Contrast - 5:47
  13. The Highest Kite - 4:03
  14. Body Jump - 3:17
  15. Nothing Beats A Large - 3:12
  16. Mad Groove - 5:44
  17. This Song Smells - 4:19
  18. Final Word - 0:55


  1. Interlude - 4:37
  2. Freeze - 2:53
  3. Seed Of Idumea - 3:54
  4. Stay - 4:49
  5. Untired - 6:03
  6. Hammer - 5:59
  7. Black Medicine - 8:32
  8. Unbroken - 2:14
  9. Correspondence - 9:17
  10. Incandescence - 3:14
    • Samples - ZZ Top - Hot, Blue, & Righteous
  11. Exit - 3:02
  12. Entrance - 6:52
  13. Killing Jah - 6:35
  14. Resignation - 7:40

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