2015 Kawasaki Frontale season

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Kawasaki Frontale
2015 season
Manager Yahiro Kazama
Stadium Kawasaki Todoroki Stadium
J1 League 6th

The 2015 Kawasaki Frontale season saw the club compete in the J1 League, the top league of Japanese football, in which they finished 6th.


J1 League

League table

PosTeamPldWDLGFGAGDPtsQualification or relegation
4 FC Tokyo 3419694533+1263 Champions League qualifying play-off [lower-alpha 1]
5 Kashima Antlers 34185115741+1659
6 Kawasaki Frontale 34176116248+1457
7 Yokohama F. Marinos 34151094532+1355
8 Shonan Bellmare 34139124044448
Updated to match(es) played on 28 November 2015. Source: Meiji Yasuda J1 League Standings
Rules for classification: 1) Points; 2) Goal difference; 3) Goals scored
  1. The winner of the 2015 Emperor's Cup qualified for the Group Stage of the 2016 AFC Champions League. Since the Emperor's Cup winner was Gamba Osaka who were the third-placed team, the Qualifying Play-off spot was awarded to the fourth-placed team.

Match details

J1 League match details [1]
1–17 March 2015 Yokohama F. Marinos 1–3 Kawasaki Frontale Nissan Stadium 38,123
1–214 March 2015 Kawasaki Frontale 2–2 Vissel Kobe Kawasaki Todoroki Stadium 21,689
1–322 March 2015 Montedio Yamagata 1–0 Kawasaki Frontale ND Soft Stadium Yamagata 12,081
1–44 April 2015 Kawasaki Frontale 4–1 Albirex Niigata Kawasaki Todoroki Stadium 17,643
1–512 April 2015 Kawasaki Frontale 1–1 Urawa Reds Kawasaki Todoroki Stadium 24,992
1–618 April 2015 Vegalta Sendai 2–3 Kawasaki Frontale Yurtec Stadium Sendai 13,644
1–725 April 2015 Kawasaki Frontale 3–0 Ventforet Kofu Kawasaki Todoroki Stadium 16,953
1–829 April 2015 Kawasaki Frontale 1–4 Kashiwa Reysol Kawasaki Todoroki Stadium 20,961
1–92 May 2015 FC Tokyo 2–1 Kawasaki Frontale Ajinomoto Stadium 42,604
1–106 May 2015 Kawasaki Frontale 0–1 Sanfrecce Hiroshima Kawasaki Todoroki Stadium 21,141
1–1110 May 2015 Nagoya Grampus 0–1 Kawasaki Frontale Toyota Stadium 16,952
1–1216 May 2015 Gamba Osaka 1–1 Kawasaki Frontale Expo '70 Commemorative Stadium 18,842
1–1323 May 2015 Kawasaki Frontale 3–2 Sagan Tosu Kawasaki Todoroki Stadium 14,881
1–1430 May 2015 Shimizu S-Pulse 5–2 Kawasaki Frontale IAI Stadium Nihondaira 13,055
1–157 June 2015 Kawasaki Frontale 2–1 Shonan Bellmare Kawasaki Todoroki Stadium 20,857
1–1620 June 2015 Kawasaki Frontale 2–0 Matsumoto Yamaga FC Kawasaki Todoroki Stadium 21,490
1–1727 June 2015 Kashima Antlers 2–3 Kawasaki Frontale Kashima Soccer Stadium 13,867
2–111 July 2015 Kawasaki Frontale 2–0 FC Tokyo Kawasaki Todoroki Stadium 23,793
2–215 July 2015 Sagan Tosu 1–1 Kawasaki Frontale Best Amenity Stadium 7,524
2–319 July 2015 Kashiwa Reysol 1–0 Kawasaki Frontale Hitachi Kashiwa Stadium 14,055
2–425 July 2015 Kawasaki Frontale 3–2 Shimizu S-Pulse Kawasaki Todoroki Stadium 20,040
2–529 July 2015 Matsumoto Yamaga FC 1–3 Kawasaki Frontale Matsumotodaira Park Stadium 15,610
2–612 August 2015 Kawasaki Frontale 0–0 Montedio Yamagata Kawasaki Todoroki Stadium 19,154
2–716 August 2015 Vissel Kobe 2–0 Kawasaki Frontale Noevir Stadium Kobe 15,451
2–822 August 2015 Shonan Bellmare 2–1 Kawasaki Frontale Shonan BMW Stadium Hiratsuka 14,136
2–929 August 2015 Kawasaki Frontale 1–3 Kashima Antlers Kawasaki Todoroki Stadium 22,632
2–1012 September 2015 Ventforet Kofu 1–3 Kawasaki Frontale Yamanashi Chuo Bank Stadium 11,069
2–1119 September 2015 Kawasaki Frontale 6–1 Nagoya Grampus Kawasaki Todoroki Stadium 20,238
2–1226 September 2015 Albirex Niigata 1–2 Kawasaki Frontale Denka Big Swan Stadium 22,573
2–134 October 2015 Kawasaki Frontale 5–3 Gamba Osaka Kawasaki Todoroki Stadium 24,300
2–1417 October 2015 Sanfrecce Hiroshima 2–1 Kawasaki Frontale Edion Stadium Hiroshima 19,751
2–1524 October 2015 Kawasaki Frontale 0–1 Yokohama F. Marinos Kawasaki Todoroki Stadium 23,701
2–167 November 2015 Urawa Reds 1–1 Kawasaki Frontale Saitama Stadium 2002 46,597
2–1722 November 2015 Kawasaki Frontale 1–0 Vegalta Sendai Kawasaki Todoroki Stadium 22,511

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