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Adam Rex
Adam rex 2007.jpg
Rex at the 2007 Texas Book Festival
BornAdam Michael Rex
(1973-05-16) May 16, 1973 (age 47)
United States
OccupationIllustrator, writer
Genre Role-playing games, children's books

Adam Michael Rex [1] (born May 16, 1973) [2] is an American illustrator and writer of children's books living in Tucson, Arizona.



Adam received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Arizona. [3] He has contributed illustrations to Magic: The Gathering and other fantasy art [4] and has illustrated several children's books. Adam has noted that his history with fantasy drawings initially hurt his entry into children's books. [5] His first books, Tree-Ring Circus and Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich, were published in 2006. Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich went on to become a New York Times best seller. Another picture book Pssst! and the illustrated novel The True Meaning of Smekday were published in 2007.

Adam received the Jack Gaughan Award for Best Emerging Artist in 2005.

His first foray into illustration of children's books, 2003's The Dirty Cowboy, written by Amy Timberlake, received positive reviews, including from The Capital Times , which described Rex's work as "gorgeous... This is his first book, but you wouldn't know it from looking. His artwork has real resonance". [6] The Santa Fe New Mexican wrote, "The consummate skill of Rex's illustrations combines with wit and knowledge of the physical and emotional terrain". [7] The book, which is about a cowboy taking a bath, was banned at W.C. Andrews Elementary School in Texas in 2006 [8] and by the Annville-Cleona School District in Pennsylvania in 2012. [9] The ACLU report on the Texas incident noted that the "Principal did not want this book in the library." [8]

His illustrations of the book The Case of the Case of Mistaken Identity, written by Mac Barnett, were reviewed favorably by The Gazette's critic, noting "a lively set of endpapers." [10]

DreamWorks Animation adapted The True Meaning of Smekday into the animated feature film Home (2015), starring Rihanna and Jim Parsons. [11]

Adam Rex cites Douglas Adams (author of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy ) as his biggest influence as a writer. [12]



  1. Cold Cereal (Feb 7, 2012)
  2. Unlucky Charms (Feb 5, 2013)
  3. Champions of Breakfast (Feb 11, 2014)

As illustrator only

  1. The Case of the Case of Mistaken Identity (Oct 6, 2009)
  2. The Ghostwriter Secret (Oct 5, 2010)
  3. It Happened on a Train (Oct 4, 2011)

As writer and illustrator

Role-playing games

Changeling: The Dreaming (White Wolf)

Planescape (TSR)

Dungeons & Dragons, 3rd edition (Wizards of the Coast)



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