Canadian Freestyle Ski Association

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Freestyle Canada
SportFreestyle Skiing
Jurisdiction Freestyle Skiing in Canada
FoundedMay 1, 1975 (May 1, 1975)
Regional affiliationCanada
PresidentPeter Judge
ChairmanLarry Bilton
Sponsor Sport Canada
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Canadian Freestyle Ski Association is the governing federation for freestyle skiing in Canada.

The Association was established in 1975, and there are now well over 50 freestyle ski clubs across the country.

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Skiing Recreational activity and sport using skis

Skiing is a means of transport using skis to glide on snow. Variations of purpose include basic transport, a recreational activity, or a competitive winter sport. Many types of competitive skiing events are recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), and the International Ski Federation (FIS).

Winter sports sport mainly practiced during the wintertime, often on snow or ice

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Nordic skiing encompasses the various types of skiing in which the toe of the ski boot is fixed to the binding in a manner that allows the heel to rise off the ski, unlike Alpine skiing, where the boot is attached to the ski from toe to heel. Recreational disciplines include cross-country skiing and Telemark skiing.

International Ski Federation international sports governing body organizing skiing

The Fédération Internationale de Ski is the world's highest governing body for international winter sports. Founded in Chamonix on 2 February 1924, it is responsible for the Olympic disciplines of Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, ski jumping, Nordic combined, freestyle skiing and snowboarding. The FIS is also responsible for setting the international competition rules. The organization now has a membership of 118 national ski associations and is based in Oberhofen am Thunersee, Switzerland.

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Alpine Canada

Alpine Canada is the governing body for alpine ski racing in Canada. Alpine Canada represents coaches, officials, supporters and athletes, including the racers of the Canadian Alpine Ski Team, Canada's Ski Cross Team and the Canadian Para-Alpine Ski Team. Alpine Canada is also involved in promoting participation within Canada's four million recreational skiers.

The Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club (SSWSC) is located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. SSWSC has produced 88 Winter Olympians, including 14 sent to the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi. Some of the more well-known Olympians including 6-time Olympian Todd Lodwick, 5-time Olympian Billy Demong, 1992 Bronze Medalist Nelson Carmichael, 2002 Silver Medalist Travis Mayer, and Caroline Lalive.

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The 2015 Winter Universiade, the XXVII Winter Universiade, was a multi sport winter event held in Granada, Spain and Štrbské Pleso, Slovakia. On 14 March 2009, FISU announced that the host would be Granada because they were the only bid.

Biathlon Canada

Biathlon Canada is the governing federation for biathlon in Canada.

Nordiq Canada is the governing federation for cross-country skiing in Canada.

The Canadian Snowboard Federation is the governing body in Canada for the sport of snowboarding. It is a member discipline of the Canadian Snowsports Association, and is recognized by the Government of Canada, the Fédération Internationale de Ski, the World Snowboard Federation, the Canadian Olympic Committee, and the Canadian Paralympic Committee. They are a federally incorporated non-profit organization. Canada~Snowboard is governed by a Board of Directors elected by and from its volunteer membership and manages programs nationally and locally through professional staff, provincial and territorial snowboard associations, and their affiliated clubs.

Nordic Combined Ski Canada is the governing federation for Nordic Combined in Canada.

Ski Jumping Canada is the governing federation for ski jumping in Canada. It is responsible for the governance of all ski jumping competitions in Canada and for the operation of the national team. Canada has competed in ski jumping at the Winter Olympics since 1928.

The Royal Spanish Winter Sports Federation is the winter sports federation for Spain. Part of the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE), it deals with all federations conducting sports for the Winter Olympics. RFEDI is member of the International Ski Federation (FIS) and International Biathlon Union (IBU).

Venues of the 2018 Winter Olympics and Paralympics Wikimedia list article

The compactness of the venue locations for the 2018 Winter Olympics and 2018 Winter Paralympics, hosted by the county of Pyeongchang, was one of the winning arguments of the bid. The Games were gathered around two main venues: these were the mountain resort of Alpensia in Pyeongchang for the outdoor (snow) sports and the coastal city of Gangneung for the indoor (ice) sports There were also two stand-alone mountain venues.

The Russian Ski Association (RSA) is a non-governmental organization, which represents Russian ski sports in the international field. Organization includes 4 all-Russian sports Federations: Russian Alpine Skiing and Snowboard Federation, Cross-Country Ski Federation of Russia, Freestyle Federation of Russia, Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined Federation of Russia.

Sion bid for the 2006 Winter Olympics

Sion submitted its bid for the 2006 Winter Olympics backed up by the Swiss Olympic Association. The sports concept was considered as "well thought out with the Olympic Village centrally located in Sion, the ice sports in the Rhône valley and the skiing events in the mountains on either side of the city".

The Beijing Olympic Games Bidding Committee unveiled the venue layout plan for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games on 20 February 2014: five ice events will be held at the Olympic center, the Capital Indoor Stadium and the Beijing Wukesong Sports Center, which were some of the main venues of the 2008 Summer Olympics. Competitions for luge, bobsleigh and alpine skiing will be held in Xiaohaituo Mountain area northwest of Beijing, 90 kilometres away from the city centre of Beijing and 17.5 kilometres away from the town of Yanqing. All other skiing events will be held in Taizicheng Area in Chongli County, Zhangjiakou, 220 km (140 mi) from downtown Beijing and 130 km (81 mi) away from Xiaohaituo Mountain Area.

From August 22, 2012 to March 27, 2013, the following skiing events took place at various locations around the world.