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EditorDaniel Booth
CategoriesComputer magazine
Circulation 67,672 Jan-Dec 2019 [1]
First issueFebruary 1998
Company Future plc
Country United Kingdom
Based in Bath
Language English
ISSN 1461-6211

Computeractive (sometimes written as Computeract!ve, to reflect the logo) is a fortnightly computer magazine [2] published by Future plc in the United Kingdom. [3]


History and profile

It was first published in February 1998 [4] by Nielsen Holdings, which was bought by Incisive Media in 2007. In February 2013 it was sold to Dennis Publishing. [4] [5] Its sister magazine is The Ultimate Guide series .

Based on fortnightly sales, confirmed by the UK's Audit Bureau of Circulation, Computeractive is the UK's best-selling computer magazine. The iPad app version of the magazine was launched in January 2012. An ebook version of Computeractive is provided by Zmags, although purchasers cannot read the magazine offline.

Future acquired Dennis Publishing and its computing division including Computeractive in 2021. [6]


The magazine is split into the following sections:

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