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Decanter is a wine and wine-lifestyle media brand. It includes a print and digital magazine, fine wine tasting events, a news website, a subscription website - Decanter Premium, and the Decanter World Wine Awards. The magazine, published in about 90 countries on a monthly basis, includes industry news, vintage guides and wine and spirits recommendations.


History and profile

Following the success of wine columns in British newspapers, the Decanter magazine was founded in London in 1975. [2] [3] Decanter is the oldest consumer wine publication in the United Kingdom. [4] According to author Evelyne Resnick, it has a comparable function in the UK as the Wine Spectator has in the United States. [2] As of 2011, it was published in 91 countries, including China. [3] Columnists and regular contributors include several Masters of Wine. [3]

The magazine focuses mainly on wines available in the United Kingdom, as well as the United States. While it is aimed at consumers, a significant part of the magazine's audience consists both of traders and producers. [2] [5] Its contents include news, topical commentary, travel surveys, interviews, analysis and market reports. [3] Unlike other magazines, which focus on many wines from various regions and countries, Decanter issues offer in-depth reviews of wines from two regions at a time. [3] The readers of Decanter are generally younger than the readers of similar publications, with 41% of readers under 45 years of age. [2]

Decanter launched its website,, in 1999. The website is one of the largest globally, [6] based on traffic figures. In 2017 it launched a subscription service called Decanter Premium. [2]

Decanter World Wine Awards

Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA) is a wine competition founded in 2004 with over 15,000 entries per year, the DWWA is the world's biggest wine competition. The results of the competition are published on Decanter's website and in Decanter's August edition.

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Robert Joseph is a British wine expert, consultant, producer. In 1984, with Charles Metcalfe, he launched the magazine Wine International and the London International Wine Challenge. Joseph also launched International Wine Challenges in Asia and Russia. He resigned as chairman of the International Wine Challenge in January 2006.

Wine has a long history in China. Although long overshadowed by huangjiu and the much stronger distilled spirit baijiu, wine consumption has grown dramatically since the economic reforms of the 1980s. China is now numbered among the top ten global markets for wine. Ties with French producers are especially strong, and Ningxia wines have received international recognition.

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Anthony Rose is a British wine journalist known for his column in The Independent, which ran for the length of the print version from 1986 to 2016. He also contributes to publications such as Decanter, The Real Review , The Financial Times How to Spend It online and The Oxford Companion to Wine . Rose has contributed to several wine books including Wine Report, The Oxford Companion to Wine, and for five years co-authored the annual consumer guide Grapevine with Tim Atkin. Rose was one of four UK wine writers, along with Joanna Simon, David Williams and Jane Parkinson, to launch an online wine ratings magazine for the UK called The Wine Gang. He is the panel chair for Southern Italy at the Decanter World Wine Awards.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Jeannie Cho Lee</span>

Jeannie Cho Lee is a Hong Kong-based, Korean-American wine critic, author, journalist, consultant, wine educator and Master of Wine, the first ethnic Asian to achieve this accreditation. She was 25th on Decanter's Power List 2013.

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A Ningxia wine is any wine produced in the Chinese province of Ningxia. Since large producers moved into the region in the 1980s and local producer successes at wine competitions in the 2010s spurred further development, Ningxia has become one of the premier wine regions in China.

Investment wine, like gold bullion, rare coins, fine art, and tulip bulbs, is seen by some as an alternative investment other than the more traditional investment holdings of stocks, bonds, cash, or real estate. While most wine is purchased with the intent of consuming it, some wines are purchased with the intention to resell them at a higher price in the future. A wine's value often goes up as time passes and consumption increases as the market becomes tighter and access to good wine is more elusive.

Richard Mayson is a British author and expert on fortified wines and the wines of Iberia. He is series editor for the Infinite Ideas Classic Wine Library. He is the author of Lowry's Lamps, published by Unicorn Press and was Pro-Chancellor at the University of Sheffield from 2017 - 2021.

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Vinitaly is an international wine competition and exposition that is held annually in April in Verona city, region of Veneto, in northeast Italy. The event is exclusively for wine professionals featuring an average of 3000 wines from several dozen countries. First held in 1967, VinItaly has been called the "most important convention of domestic and international wines" and the "largest wine show in the world".


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