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Guitar Hero: Metallica is the third spinoff title of the Guitar Hero video game series. The game focuses on the band Metallica, the second title in the series to focus on a specific band after the series' previous Guitar Hero: Aerosmith . The full setlist for the game for all platforms contains 49 songs, 28 from the band, and 21 others from bands that are "their personal favorites and influences from over the years". [1] The PlayStation 2 and Wii versions of the game include three tracks from Death Magnetic , which was otherwise available as downloadable content for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 users. The whole Death Magnetic album was later released on Wii as Guitar Hero 5 downloadable content in November 2009.


Guitar Hero: Metallica features a "full band" mode similar to Guitar Hero World Tour that allows for up to four players to play lead guitar, bass guitar, drums, and vocals. [1] Players can play alone or with others both locally and online in competitive and cooperative game modes. In any mode, players attempt to match notes on instrument controllers as indicated by scrolling notes on-screen in order to score points and prevent the song from ending in failure. To match notes, lead and bass guitar players hold down fret buttons while strumming on the controller, drum players strike the matching drum pads on the drum controller, and vocalists attempt to match pitch with the song. Songs can be played in a Career mode in both single player and band modes to work through the song list below, or players may play any song using the game's Quickplay feature.

The setlist has been well received by critics, stating that the setlist reads like "the quintessential 'Best Of' track list for the band". [2] Matt Helgeson of Game Informer reviewed the soundtrack as "the best hit to miss ratio of any music game to date". [3]

The recordings from Death Magnetic used in Guitar Hero: Metallica are notable for being far less compressed than the CD versions.

As this waveform for "My Apocalypse" shows, the Guitar Hero downloadable version (bottom) is far less compressed than the CD release of Death Magnetic (top).

Main setlist

The following list is the complete setlist of songs featured in the game, including the year of release of the song according to the game, the song name, the artist, and the song's placement in the band Career mode. All songs are based on master recordings, in two cases, specifically re-recorded for the game. In the game's Career mode, songs are presented sequentially in tiers representing both real and fictional venues. To access each subsequent tier, the players must accumulate a number of stars from available songs; completing a song rewards the players with up to five stars based on their overall performance. Tiers are arranged in approximate difficulty, which varies between the single player instrument careers and the band career modes, with later tiers representing more difficult songs. [2] Thirty-nine of the songs are exportable into Guitar Hero 5 , Band Hero and Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock for a small fee. [4]

YearSong titleArtistBand Career Tier/VenueExportable
2008"Ace of Spades" [C] Motörhead 5. Damaged Justice TourYes
1994"Albatross" Corrosion of Conformity 4. Hammersmith ApolloNo
2008"All Nightmare Long" + Metallica 5. Damaged Justice TourNo [D]
1982"Am I Evil?" Diamond Head 6. The MeadowlandsYes
1980"Armed and Ready" + Michael Schenker Group 4. Hammersmith ApolloNo
2010"Battery" + Metallica 6. The MeadowlandsYes
2007"Beautiful Mourning" + Machine Head 7. Donington ParkYes
2008"The Black River" The Sword 5. Damaged Justice TourYes
2004"Blood and Thunder" + Mastodon 6. The MeadowlandsYes
1976"The Boys Are Back in Town" Thin Lizzy 4. Hammersmith ApolloYes
2008"Broken, Beat & Scarred" + [A] Metallica 9. The Stone NightclubNo [D]
1984"Creeping Death" + Metallica 6. The MeadowlandsYes
2008"Cyanide" + [A] Metallica 9. The Stone NightclubNo [D]
1994"Demon Cleaner" Kyuss 2. Tushino Air FieldYes
1986"Disposable Heroes" + Metallica 7. Donington ParkYes
1988"Dyers Eve" + Metallica 7. Donington ParkYes
1991"Enter Sandman" Metallica 3. Metallica at TushinoYes
2008"Evil" [C] + Mercyful Fate 7. Donington ParkYes
1984"Fade to Black" + Metallica 4. Hammersmith ApolloYes
1984"Fight Fire With Fire" + Metallica 7. Donington ParkYes
1984"For Whom the Bell Tolls" Metallica 1. The ForumYes
2002"Frantic" Metallica 5. Damaged Justice TourYes
1997"Fuel" + Metallica 5. Damaged Justice TourYes
1978"Hell Bent for Leather" + Judas Priest 5. Damaged Justice TourNo
1983"Hit the Lights" Metallica 5. Damaged Justice TourYes
1996"King Nothing" Metallica 3. Track at TushinoYes
1986"Master of Puppets" + Metallica 6. The MeadowlandsYes
1997"The Memory Remains" Metallica 4. Hammersmith ApolloYes
1998"Mercyful Fate" Metallica 6. The MeadowlandsYes
1998"Mommy's Little Monster" (Live) Social Distortion 5. Damaged Justice TourYes
1986"Mother of Mercy" Samhain 2. Tushino Air FieldYes
2008"My Apocalypse" + [A] Metallica 9. The Stone NightclubNo [D]
1994"No Excuses" [B] Alice in Chains 2. Tushino Air FieldNo
1999"No Leaf Clover" Metallica 3. Metallica at TushinoYes
1991"Nothing Else Matters" Metallica 3. Metallica at TushinoYes
1988"One" + Metallica 5. Damaged Justice TourYes
1986"Orion" [E] + Metallica 4. Hammersmith ApolloYes
1991"Sad but True" [B] Metallica 3. Metallica at TushinoYes
1983"Seek & Destroy" [B] Metallica 6. The MeadowlandsYes
1988"The Shortest Straw" + Metallica 7. Donington ParkYes
1999"Stacked Actors" Foo Fighters 4. Hammersmith ApolloNo
1974"Stone Cold Crazy" [B] Queen 6. The MeadowlandsNo
1986"The Thing That Should Not Be" Metallica 8. The Ice CaveYes
2001"Toxicity" System of a Down 4. Hammersmith ApolloNo
1973"Tuesday's Gone" Lynyrd Skynyrd 2. Tushino Air FieldYes
1976"Turn the Page" (Live) Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band 2. Tushino Air FieldYes
1991"The Unforgiven" Metallica 1. The ForumYes
1990"War Ensemble" + Slayer 7. Donington ParkNo
1990"War Inside My Head" Suicidal Tendencies 5. Damaged Justice TourNo
1986"Welcome Home (Sanitarium)" + Metallica 4. Hammersmith ApolloYes
1991"Wherever I May Roam" + Metallica 4. Hammersmith ApolloYes
1983"Whiplash" + Metallica 7. Donington ParkYes

A These songs are exclusive to PlayStation 2 and Wii game disks. Available as downloadable content on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3
B These songs are included on the game's demo on the Xbox 360
C These songs were re-recorded by the original artist for use in the game [5] [6]
D Not available as part of the Guitar Hero: Metallica export package but is available as downloadable content for the Guitar Hero series (compatible with Guitar Hero III, Guitar Hero World Tour, Guitar Hero 5, Band Hero and Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock)
E Song does not contain Vocal section
^+ Song contains both a single and double bass drums chart

Downloadable content

Although no new downloadable content was released for the game, PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 players who purchased playable tracks from Metallica's Death Magnetic album for Guitar Hero World Tour and Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock through either the PlayStation Store or Xbox Live Marketplace had these tracks incorporated into Guitar Hero: Metallica , with the exclusion of "All Nightmare Long" which can be played after completing 5 of the 9 tiers. [7] These tracks become available in Career mode after completing the eighth tier, "The Ice Cave." These songs are played in "The Stone Nightclub" venue. The game supports new song creation and sharing through the "GHTunes" music service (for PlayStation 3, Wii and Xbox 360 only) common to both World Tour and Metallica. [8]


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