Damage, Inc. Tour

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Damage, Inc. Tour
Promotional tour by Metallica
LocationNorth America
Associated album Master of Puppets
Start dateMarch 27, 1986 (1986-03-27)
End dateFebruary 13, 1987 (1987-02-13)
Legs4 in North America
4 in Europe
1 in Asia
9 total
No. of shows96 in North America
41 in Europe
5 in Asia Japan
144 total
Metallica concert chronology

The Damage, Inc. Tour was a concert tour by American thrash metal band Metallica in support of the band's third studio album, Master of Puppets . The name of the tour is taken from the last song on the album. It began on March 27, 1986 and ended on February 13, 1987. Metallica supported Ozzy Osbourne from March to August, headlined a string of U.S. dates between May 23 and June 7 with Armored Saint, and were the main act throughout the fall and winter with support from Anthrax and Metal Church. Roadie John Marshall, who later played guitar in Metal Church, filled in for James Hetfield on rhythm guitar between July 27 and September 25 following a mid-tour skateboarding accident resulting in a broken arm. Hetfield, Cliff Burton and Kirk Hammett had discussed firing Lars Ulrich upon completion of the tour, [1] but plans were set aside upon the death of Burton on September 27, 1986 in a tour bus accident near Ljungby, Sweden while en route from Stockholm to Copenhagen, Denmark. Performances that were scheduled for October were postponed and the band hired a new bassist, Jason Newsted to complete the rest of the tour. Metallica also became the first band of the Big Four to cross the Iron Curtain, with two concerts in Katowice, Poland on February 10 and 11, 1987. [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10]

Thrash metal is an extreme subgenre of heavy metal music characterized by its overall aggression and often fast tempo. The songs usually use fast percussive beats and low-register guitar riffs, overlaid with shredding-style lead guitar work. The lyrical subject matter often deals with criticisms of The Establishment, and at times shares a disdain for Christian dogma resembling that of their black metal counterparts. The language is typically quite direct and denunciatory, an approach borrowed from hardcore punk.

Metallica American heavy metal band

Metallica is an American heavy metal band. The band was formed in 1981 in Los Angeles by vocalist/guitarist James Hetfield and drummer Lars Ulrich, and has been based in San Francisco for most of its career. The group's fast tempos, instrumentals and aggressive musicianship made them one of the founding "big four" bands of thrash metal, alongside Megadeth, Anthrax and Slayer. Metallica's current lineup comprises founding members and primary songwriters Hetfield and Ulrich, longtime lead guitarist Kirk Hammett and bassist Robert Trujillo. Guitarist Dave Mustaine and bassists Ron McGovney, Cliff Burton and Jason Newsted are former members of the band.

<i>Master of Puppets</i> 1986 studio album by Metallica

Master of Puppets is the third studio album by American heavy metal band Metallica. It was released on March 3, 1986 by Elektra Records. Recorded at the Sweet Silence Studios with producer Flemming Rasmussen, it was the first Metallica album released on a major record label. Master of Puppets was the band's last album to feature bassist Cliff Burton, who died in a bus accident in Sweden during the album's promotional tour. The album peaked at number 29 on the Billboard 200 and became the first thrash metal album to be certified platinum. It was certified 6× platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) in 2003 for shipping six million copies in the United States. The album was eventually certified 6× platinum by Music Canada and gold by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI).



March – September 1986:

James Hetfield American musician

James Alan Hetfield is an American musician and songwriter best known for being the co-founder, lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist and main songwriter for the American heavy metal band Metallica. Hetfield is mainly known for his intricate rhythm playing, but occasionally performs lead guitar duties and solos, both live and in the studio. Hetfield co-founded Metallica in October 1981 after answering an advertisement by drummer Lars Ulrich in the Los Angeles newspaper The Recycler. Metallica has won nine Grammy Awards and released ten studio albums, three live albums, four extended plays and 24 singles.

Singing act of producing musical sounds with the voice

Singing is the act of producing musical sounds with the voice and augments regular speech by the use of sustained tonality, rhythm, and a variety of vocal techniques. A person who sings is called a singer or vocalist. Singers perform music that can be sung with or without accompaniment by musical instruments. Singing is often done in an ensemble of musicians, such as a choir of singers or a band of instrumentalists. Singers may perform as soloists or accompanied by anything from a single instrument up to a symphony orchestra or big band. Different singing styles include art music such as opera and Chinese opera, Indian music and religious music styles such as gospel, traditional music styles, world music, jazz, blues, ghazal and popular music styles such as pop, rock, electronic dance music and filmi.

Rhythm guitar guitar technique; part of the rhythmic pulse in conjunction with other instruments from the rhythm section

In music performances, rhythm guitar is a technique and role that performs a combination of two functions: to provide all or part of the rhythmic pulse in conjunction with other instruments from the rhythm section ; and to provide all or part of the harmony, i.e. the chords from a song's chord progression, where a chord is a group of notes played together. Therefore, the basic technique of rhythm guitar is to hold down a series of chords with the fretting hand while strumming or fingerpicking rhythmically with the other hand. More developed rhythm techniques include arpeggios, damping, riffs, chord solos, and complex strums.

October 1986 – February 1987:

Jason Newsted American musician

Jason Curtis Newsted is an American metal musician, known for being the bass guitarist with the band Metallica from October 1986 until his sudden departure in January 2001.


Songs played overall "The Ecstasy of Gold" ("Ennio Morricone") [Audio introduction]

"The Ecstasy of Gold" is a musical composition by Ennio Morricone, part of his score for the Sergio Leone film The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. It is played while Tuco is frantically searching a cemetery for the grave that holds $200,000 in gold coins. Sung by Edda Dell'Orso, it stands as one of the most well known of Morricone's themes.

Ennio Morricone Italian composer, orchestrator and conductor

Ennio Morricone, OMRI is an Italian composer, orchestrator, conductor, and former trumpet player, writing in a wide range of musical styles. Since 1961, Morricone has composed over 400 scores for cinema and television, as well as over 100 classical works. His score to 1966's The Good, the Bad and the Ugly is considered one of the most influential soundtracks in history and was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame. Ennio Morricone has influenced many artists from film scoring to other styles and genres, including Hans Zimmer, Danger Mouse, Dire Straits, Muse, Metallica, and Radiohead.

  1. "Battery"
  2. "Master of Puppets"
  3. "For Whom the Bell Tolls"
  4. "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)"
  5. "Ride the Lightning"
  6. "(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth" (3/27-9/26/1986)
    -> "Jason Newsted bass solo" (11/15/1986-2/13/1987)
  7. "Whiplash"
  8. "The Thing That Should Not Be"
  9. "Fade to Black"
  10. "Seek & Destroy"
  11. "Creeping Death"
    [1st encore]
  12. "Disposable Heroes"
  13. "The Four Horsemen"
  14. "Kirk Hammett guitar solo"
  15. "Am I Evil?" ("Diamond Head" cover)
  16. "Damage Inc."
    [2nd encore]
  17. "Fight Fire with Fire"
  18. "Blitzkrieg" ("Blitzkrieg" cover)
  19. "Last Caress" ("The Misfits" cover) [final encore]
Typical setlist

"The Ecstasy of Gold" ("Ennio Morricone") [Audio introduction]

  1. "Battery"
  2. "Master of Puppets"
  3. "For Whom the Bell Tolls"
  4. "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)"
  5. "Ride the Lightning"
  6. "(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth" (3/27-9/26/1986)
    -> "Jason Newsted bass solo" (11/15/1986-2/13/1987)
  7. "Whiplash"
  8. "The Thing That Should Not Be"
  9. "Fade to Black"
  10. "Seek & Destroy"
    [1st encore]
  11. "Creeping Death"
  12. "The Four Horsemen"
  13. "Kirk Hammett guitar solo"
  14. "Am I Evil?" ("Diamond Head" cover)
  15. "Damage Inc."

Tour dates

North America
Supported Ozzy Osbourne (March 27 – May 20; June 10–17; July 11 – August 3, 1986)
March 27, 1986 Valley Center United States Britt Brown Arena
March 29, 1986 Oklahoma City Oklahoma State Fair Arena
April 1, 1986 Kansas City Kemper Arena
April 2, 1986 St. Louis Kiel Auditorium
April 4, 1986 Detroit Joe Louis Arena
April 5, 1986 Chicago UIC Pavilion
April 6, 1986 Milwaukee MECCA Arena
April 8, 1986 Indianapolis Market Square Arena
April 9, 1986 Richfield Richfield Coliseum
April 10, 1986 Erie Erie Civic Arena
April 12, 1986 Johnston Cambria County War Memorial Arena
April 13, 1986 Syracuse Onondaga County War Memorial Arena
April 14, 1986 Rochester Rochester Community War Memorial Arena
April 16, 1986 Landover Capital Centre
April 17, 1986 Binghamton Broome County Veterans Memorial Arena
April 18, 1986 Bethlehem Stabler Arena
April 20, 1986 Philadelphia The Spectrum
April 21, 1986 East Rutherford Meadowlands Arena
April 23, 1986 Providence Providence Civic Arena
April 24, 1986 New Haven New Haven Coliseum
April 25, 1986 Worcester Centrum in Worcester
April 27, 1986 Glens Falls Glens Falls Civic Arena
April 28, 1986 Hempstead Nassau Coliseum
April 30, 1986HamptonHampton Coliseum
May 1, 1986 Richmond Richmond Coliseum
May 2, 1986 Charlotte Charlotte Coliseum
May 3, 1986 Johnson City Freedom Hall
May 4, 1986 Memphis Mid-South Coliseum
May 6, 1986 New Orleans Lakefront Arena
May 8, 1986 Austin Frank Erwin Center
May 9, 1986 Houston The Summit
May 10, 1986 Fort Worth Tarrant County Convention Center Arena
May 12, 1986 El Paso El Paso County Coliseum
May 13, 1986 Albuquerque Tingley Coliseum
May 15, 1986 Denver McNichols Sports Arena
May 17, 1986 Salt Lake City Salt Palace
May 19, 1986 Tucson Tucson Community Center Arena
May 20, 1986 Phoenix Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum
May 23, 1986 Tulsa Cain's Ballroom
May 24, 1986 Cape Girardeau Cape Girardeau Arena
May 25, 1986Chicago Aragon Ballroom
May 26, 1986 Des Moines Iowa State Fairgrounds Grandstand (Iowa Jam 1986)
May 28, 1986 Minneapolis Orpheum Theatre
May 29, 1986 Eau Claire Old Mill Expo Center
May 30, 1986 Davenport The Col Ballroom
May 31, 1986 Decatur Decatur Civic Arena
June 1, 1986 Omaha Peony Park Ballroom
June 3, 1986 Dallas Bronco Bowl Auditorium
June 4, 1986 Corpus Christi Memorial Coliseum
June 5, 1986 McAllen La Villa Real Convention Center
June 6, 1986 San Antonio Majestic Theatre
June 7, 1986 Odessa Ector County Coliseum
June 10, 1986 San Diego San Diego Sports Arena
June 11, 1986 Las Vegas Thomas & Mack Center
June 13, 1986 Long Beach Long Beach Arena
June 14, 1986
June 15, 1986
June 16, 1986 Daly City Cow Palace Arena
June 17, 1986
June 18, 1986 Sacramento Cal Expo Amphitheatre
June 20, 1986 Central Point Jackson County Expo Pavilion
June 21, 1986 Berkeley Ruthie's Inn (Billed as "Spastik Children")
Seattle Seattle Coliseum
June 22, 1986
June 24, 1986Spokane Spokane Coliseum
June 25, 1986Portland Veterans Memorial Coliseum
June 27, 1986VancouverCanadaPacific Coliseum
June 29, 1986Calgary Saddledome
June 30, 1986Edmonton Northlands Coliseum
July 5, 1986 Pihtipudas FinlandCape Harju (Saapasjalkarock 1986)
July 6, 1986 Roskilde DenmarkRoskilde Festival Site (Roskilde Festival)
North America (2nd leg)
July 11, 1986 Ashwaubenon United States Brown County Veterans Memorial Arena
July 12, 1986 East Troy Alpine Valley Music Theatre
July 13, 1986 Hoffman Estates Poplar Creek Music Theater
July 15, 1986 Peoria Peoria Civic Arena
July 16, 1986 Fort Wayne Allen County War Memorial Coliseum
July 17, 1986 Columbus Ohio Expo Coliseum
July 19, 1986 Battle Creek Kellogg Arena
July 20, 1986 Saginaw Wendler Arena
July 21, 1986 Clarkston Pine Knob Music Theatre
July 24, 1986 Cincinnati Riverbend Music Center
July 25, 1986 Louisville Cardinal Stadium
July 26, 1986 Evansville Mesker Music Theatre
(Cancelled after James Hetfield broke his arm in a skateboarding accident)
July 27, 1986 Nashville Nashville Municipal Auditorium
July 29, 1986 Chattanooga UTC Arena
July 30, 1986 Knoxville Knoxville Civic Coliseum
August 1, 1986 Charleston Charleston Civic Coliseum
August 2, 1986 Columbia Merriweather Post Pavilion
August 3, 1986 Hampton Hampton Coliseum
August 6, 1986 Cheektowaga September's Cafe
August 8, 1986TorontoCanada Toronto Concert Hall
August 12, 1986ChicoutimiGeorges-Vezina Centre
August 19, 1986PoughkeepsieUnited StatesMid-Hudson Civic Center (Mair Hall)
August 20, 1986New York CityThe Felt Forum
Europe (2nd leg)
September 10, 1986 Cardiff Wales St David's Hall
September 11, 1986 Bradford England St George's Hall
September 12, 1986 Edinburgh Scotland Edinburgh Playhouse Theatre
September 14, 1986 Dublin Ireland SFX Concert Hall
September 15, 1986 Belfast Ulster Hall
September 17, 1986 Manchester England Manchester Apollo Theatre
September 18, 1986 Sheffield Sheffield City Hall (Ovall Hall)
September 19, 1986 Newcastle Mayfair Ballroom
September 20, 1986 Birmingham Birmingham Odeon Theatre
September 21, 1986London Hammersmith Odeon Theatre
September 24, 1986 Lund Sweden Olympen
September 25, 1986 Lillestrøm Norway Skedsmohallen
September 26, 1986 Stockholm Sweden Solnahallen (Cliff Burton's last show)
September 27, 1986CopenhagenDenmark Saga Rock Theatre
September 29, 1986Hamburg West Germany Hamburg Market Hall (Auditorium)
September 30, 1986OsnabrückGartlage Hall
October 1, 1986 Saarbrücken or Berlin ? Saarlandhalle or Metropolis Theatre ?
October 3, 1986StrasbourgFranceTivoli Hall
October 4, 1986Clermont-Ferrand Clermont-Ferrand Sports Hall
October 6, 1986ParisZenith
October 7, 1986LyonLabor Exchange Theatre
October 8, 1986BarcelonaSpainBarcelona Sports Palace
October 9, 1986MadridMadrid Sports Pavilion
October 11, 1986 Toulouse FranceGrains Market Hall
October 12, 1986 Marseille Bonneveine Beach
October 13, 1986NiceVerdure Theatre
October 14, 1986MilanItalyTrussardi Palace
October 15, 1986 Bologna ?
October 17, 1986 Sindelfingen West Germany Messehalle
October 18, 1986GreifenseeSwitzerlandGreifensee Sports Centrum
October 19, 1986Neunkirchen West Germany Hemmerlein Hall
October 20, 1986Munich Circus Krone Building
October 21, 1986OffenbachOffenbach City Hall
October 23, 1986 Mannheim Mannheimer Rosengarten
October 24, 1986 Düsseldorf Philips Hall
October 25, 1986 Genk BelgiumLimburg Hall
October 26, 1986ZwolleNetherlandsZwolle Ice Hall ("Aardschok Festival")
North America (3rd Leg)
October 30, 1986New York CityUnited StatesFelt Forum
November 1, 1986ChicoutimiCanadaGeorges-Vezina Centre
November 2, 1986RimouskiRimouski Coliseum
November 3, 1986VictoriavilleBois-Francs Coliseum
November 5, 1986Quebec CityJeunesse Pavilion
November 6, 1986MontrealVerdun Auditorium
November 7, 1986TorontoMaple Leaf Gardens
November 8, 1986 Reseda United States Reseda Country Club (Jason Newsted's first show)
November 9, 1986 Anaheim Jezebel's
November 10, 1986PoughkeepsieUnited StatesMid-Hudson Civic Center (Mair Hall)
November 12, 1986PassaicCapitol Theater
November 15, 1986TokyoJapan Shibuya Public Hall
November 17, 1986 Nagoya Nitori Culture Hall
November 18, 1986 Osaka Festival Hall
November 19, 1986Tokyo Nakano Sun Plaza Hall
November 20, 1986
North America (4th leg)
November 26, 1986 Providence United States Veterans Memorial Auditorium
November 28, 1986 Poughkeepsie Mid-Hudson Civic Center (Mair Hall)
November 29, 1986 Passaic Capitol Theatre
November 30, 1986 West Hartford Agora Ballroom
December 1, 1986New York City Felt Forum
December 3, 1986 Montreal Canada Verdun Auditorium
December 4, 1986 Chicoutimi Centre Georges-Vézina
December 5, 1986 Quebec City Pavillon de la Jeunesse
December 6, 1986 Rimouski Colisée de Rimouski
December 7, 1986 Victoriaville Colisée Desjardins
December 9, 1986 Toronto Maple Leaf Gardens
December 10, 1986 Sudbury Sudbury Community Arena
December 13, 1986 Winnipeg Pantages Playhouse Theatre
December 14, 1986 Regina Saskatchewan Arts Centre (Bell Theatre)
Brandon Keystone Arena
December 15, 1986 Saskatoon Saskatoon Arena
December 16, 1986 Edmonton Edmonton Convention Centre
December 17, 1986 Calgary Max Bell Arena
December 19, 1986 Vancouver Pacific Coliseum
December 20, 1986 Seattle United States Seattle Arena
Spastik Children
January 2, 1987San FranciscoUnited States The Rock (billed as "Spastik Children")
January 8, 1987 Copenhagen Denmark Falconer Theatre
January 9, 1987 Holstebro Holstebro Hall
January 10, 1987GothenburgSweden Lisebergshallen
January 12, 1987 Osnabrück West Germany Gartlage Hall
January 14, 1987 Lyon FranceLabor Exchange Theatre
January 16, 1987 Bordeaux Bordeaux Celebration Hall
January 17, 1987 Barcelona Spain Palau dels Esports de Barcelona
January 18, 1987 Madrid Raimundo Saporta Pavilion
January 20, 1987 Nice France Théâtre de verdure de Nice
January 21, 1987 Milan Italy Palatrussardi
January 23, 1987 Munich West Germany Deutches Museum (Congress Hall)
January 24, 1987 Böblingen Sporthalle
January 25, 1987 Essen Grugahalle
January 27, 1987 Hamburg Markthalle Hamburg (Auditorium)
January 28, 1987
January 29, 1987 Offenbach Stadthalle Offenbach
January 30, 1987 Ludwigshafen Friedrich-Ebert-Halle
January 31, 1987 Neunkirchen Hemmerleinhalle
February 1, 1987 Greifensee SwitzerlandGreifensee Sports Centrum
February 3, 1987 Strasbourg FranceTivoli Hall
February 4, 1987 Clermont-Ferrand Maison du Peuple
February 5, 1987Paris Le Zénith
February 7, 1987 Brussels Belgium Forest National Arena
February 8, 1987 Zwolle Netherlands IJsselhallen (Aardschok Festival)
February 10, 1987 Katowice Poland Spodek
February 11, 1987
February 13, 1987 Gothenburg Sweden Frölundaborg

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<i>The $5.98 E.P.: Garage Days Re-Revisited</i> 1987 EP by Metallica

The $5.98 E.P.: Garage Days Re-Revisited is an EP by American heavy metal band Metallica, released on August 21, 1987 by Elektra Records. It consists entirely of covers of late-'70s and early-'80s new wave of British heavy metal bands and punk rock music rehearsed in Lars Ulrich's soundproofed garage and then recorded in Los Angeles over the course of six days. It is the group's first release following the death of bassist Cliff Burton and the first to feature his replacement, Jason Newsted.

<i>Cliff Em All</i> 1987 video by Metallica

Cliff 'Em All is a compilation of video footage by the American thrash metal band Metallica. It was released in 1987 as a tribute to Metallica's bassist Cliff Burton, who died in a tour bus accident on September 27, 1986, at the age of 24, near Ljungby, Sweden during the European leg of their Damage, Inc. Tour. Its title is derived from Metallica's debut album, Kill 'Em All. The home video also features a performance with former guitarist Dave Mustaine on March 19, 1983, shortly before his ousting from the band for heavy drug and alcohol abuse.

Damaged Justice was the fourth concert tour by the American thrash metal band Metallica. It began on September 11, 1988 and ended on October 8, 1989. The name is believed to be inspired either by the cover of its fourth studio album ...And Justice for All, or by the song "Damage, Inc." from the group's previous album, Master of Puppets.

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<i>Cunning Stunts</i> (video) 1998 video by Metallica

Cunning Stunts is a concert video by heavy metal band Metallica released in 1998. It was released in DVD and VHS formats.

Wherever We May Roam was a concert tour by the American thrash metal band Metallica in support of their self titled 5th album Metallica. It began in autumn of 1991. The North American legs ran through summer 1992, followed by the Guns N' Roses/Metallica Stadium Tour, the Wherever We May Roam European leg, and finally the Nowhere Else to Roam tour of smaller markets in North America, Mexico, Asia, Australia, South America, Europe and Israel, ending in the summer of 1993.

The Poor Re-Touring Me Tour was a 1997 to 1999 concert tour by the band Metallica. It had two legs, one in the Far East, Australia and New Zealand, and the other in the US and Canada. Jerry Cantrell and Days of the New opened for the US portion of the tour. The name comes from the title of the song "Poor Twisted Me" from the album Load, with the Re- prefix from Reload. The double CD/DVD S&M was recorded at Berkeley, April 21–22 with maestro Michael Kamen and the San Francisco Symphony.

2008 European Vacation Tour was a concert tour by American heavy metal band Metallica. The tour consisted of three separate European legs and a number of promotional and festival appearances in the United States held during summer 2008.

The Garage Remains The Same Tour was a 1998 to 1999 concert tour by the band Metallica, supporting the cover album Garage Inc.. It had three legs, one in Latin America, one in Europe, one consisting in the Woodstock '99 concert, in USA and a final one with two concerts with orchestra. The name comes from the album Garage Inc. and Led Zeppelin's The Song Remains the Same. Similar references to others bands' album titles can be found in the booklet of Garage Inc. During the tour, Metallica plays two live concerts similar to the one released in S&M, one in Germany with Babelsberger Filmorchester on November 19; and one at the Madison Square Garden, New York City, with the Orchestra of St. Luke's on November 23. The tour saw the band perform in Bulgaria, Ukraine, Slovenia, Venezuela, Romania, Colombia & Estonia all for the first ever time.

The Shit Hits The Sheds was a concert tour by the American heavy metal band Metallica, which took place in 1994. The band played in 51 shows in North America, including a performance at Woodstock '94, which had an attendance of over 300,000 people.

<i>Limited-Edition Vinyl Box Set</i> 2004 box set by Metallica

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<i>Six Feet Down Under</i> 2010 EP by Metallica

Six Feet Down Under is a limited edition commemorative live EP by the American heavy metal band Metallica. It was released in Australia and New Zealand only on September 20, 2010 through Universal Music. It has been sold by Trans-Tasman record stores, Metallica online store and iTunes only. The EP contains fan recordings of eight live songs from the band's archive that were never released.

The M2K Tour was a mini tour by American heavy metal band Metallica. The tour ran from late December 1999 to early January 2000. During the tour, "Trapped Under Ice" was requested to be played when they were in Chicago by a fan. The song was only played two other times: on November 17, 1984 in Belgium, and on November 18, 1984 in Paris. Metallica also played the New Year's Eve show in Pontiac, Michigan at the Silverdome in front of 50,000 people. At the show, Metallica broadcast the Times Square Ball Drop, ushering in the year 2000, and played the classic Kiss track "Detroit Rock City" alongside Ted Nugent, Kid Rock, and Sevendust. The setlists for these tour dates, like their Sick of the Studio '07 tour, consisted of old songs and songs that they have not played in many years.

The Kill 'Em All Tour was the first major concert tour by American thrash metal band Metallica. The tour, which was sponsored by their record label, Megaforce Records, was in support of their debut album, Kill 'Em All, released two days before the start of the tour. Metallica supported Raven, Venom and Twisted Sister while supporting acts for Metallica included Anthrax and Armored Saint. Tour setlists consisted of songs off their debut album, cover songs including Diamond Head's "Am I Evil?" and Blitzkrieg's self-titled song, and songs that would be released on Ride the Lightning.

The Ride the Lightning Tour was the second tour by American thrash metal band Metallica, supporting their second album Ride the Lightning.

Monsters of Rock Tour 1987 was the festival tour of Europe by the American thrash metal band Metallica. It was the second time Metallica attended Monsters of Rock.


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