Photisarath II

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Phothisarath II (or Chao Ong-Lo, Ba-Nan, Pha Maha Nam)[ citation needed ] (1552–1627) was the king of the Laotian Kingdom of Lan Xang between 1623 and 1627.

Reigning with the regnal name of Samdach Brhat-Anya Chao Bandita Buddhisa Raja Sri Sadhana Kanayudha, he was the eldest son of King Sen Soulintha. A Governor of Sikotabong before his accession, he was raised to the throne by the nobles, after the death of Ouphagnauvarath I in 1623. He dies in 1627.

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Mon Keo was the king of the Laotian Kingdom of Lan Xang between 1627 and 1633, Reigning with the regnal name of Samdach Brhat-Anya Chao Manikya Kaeva Raja Sri Sadhana Kanayudha, he was the son of King Voravongsa II and brother of King Ouphagnauvarath I.


    Preceded by
    Ouphagnauvarath I
    King of Lan Xang
    Succeeded by
    Mon Keo