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PorchLight Entertainment, Inc.
Industry Film production
Television production
FoundedFebruary 20, 1995;27 years ago (1995-02-20)
FoundersBruce D. Johnson
William T. Baumann
Defunct2011;12 years ago (2011)
FateAcquired by Trilogy Animation Group
SuccessorFoxfield Entertainment
Headquarters578 Washington Blvd. Suite 214, Marina del Rey, Ca. 90292
Area served
Number of employees
Parent PorchLight Worldwide, Inc.
Divisions PorchLight Pictures
PorchLight Home Entertainment

PorchLight Entertainment, Inc. was an American animation and live-action studio founded in 1995 by Bruce D. Johnson and William T. Baumann. It is focused on development & production of television series in both live action and animation. It specializes in producing animation for television, film and home video.



On February 20, 1995, PorchLight Entertainment officially began its operations. It was headed by Bruce D. Johnson, former employee of Hanna-Barbera, and former Taft Broadcasting employee William T. Baumann. Their first acquisition is to bring Adventures from the Book of Virtues to television. [1] Their project was then picked up by PBS, who ordered it to their series commitment. [2]

In 1997, while on the virtue of its own successful programming, it would spend $10 million on expanding its own programming activity and planning on to do made-for-TV movies. [3] In 1998, it launched a motion picture division, PorchLight Pictures, which specialized on having motion picture distribution. [4]

In 2000, it bought the international film, TV and distribution rights to the motion picture, Heartwood . [5] In 2001, it signed a deal with Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment to distribute titles based on Jay Jay the Jet Plane . [6] In 2004, it was acquired by their senior management and Beringea through Global Rights II, through its parent company, PorchLight Worldwide, Inc. [7]

In 2011, Bruce D. Johnson, one of PorchLight's co-founders, started Foxfield Entertainment. [8]

In 2018, PorchLight Entertainment was acquired by Trilogy Animation Group. [9]



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