Saints and Sinners (1949 film)

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Saints and Sinners
Directed by Leslie Arliss
Written by Paul Vincent Carroll
Leslie Arliss
Mabbie Poole
Based onplay by Paul Vincent Carroll
Produced by Leslie Arliss
Tom D. Connochie
Starring Kieron Moore
Christine Norden
Sheila Manahan
CinematographyOsmond Borrodaile
Edited byDavid Newhouse
Music by Philip Green
Distributed by British Lion Films(U.K.)
Lopert (U.S.A.)
Release date
  • 15 August 1949 (1949-08-15)
Running time
87 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom
Box office£98,061 (UK) [1]

Saints and Sinners is a 1949 British comedy drama film directed by Leslie Arliss and starring Kieron Moore, Christine Norden and Sheila Manahan. [2]



The film follows life in small Irish town, where a man is wrongly accused of theft.



It was filmed on location in and around Carlingford, Co. Louth, Ireland. [3] There was some difficulty with Ireland's Actors' Equity over the hire of actors. [4]


Variety said "appeal it limited for US market". [5]

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