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The Scottish Football Hall of Fame is located at the Scottish Football Museum. Nominations are made each year by fans and a committee selects the inductees. [1] The first inductions to the Hall of Fame were in 2004. Brian Laudrup and Henrik Larsson became the first players from outside Scotland to be inducted, in 2006. [2] Rose Reilly was the first woman to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, in 2007. [3] As of 2014, there had been 93 inductions to the Hall of Fame. [4]

The Scottish Football Museum is the country’s national museum of football, located in Hampden Park in Glasgow.

Brian Laudrup Danish footballer

Brian Laudrup is a Danish former footballer who played as a winger, forward or as a midfielder. He currently works as a football commentator, pundit and analyst on Kanal 5 and 6'eren. Along with former international goalkeeper Lars Høgh, Laudrup manages a football academy for marginalised youth.

Henrik Larsson Swedish footballer

Henrik Edward Larsson is a Swedish professional football manager and former player. He was known as a striker, whose main attributes were his goalscoring prowess and on-field intelligence.



2004Baxter, Jim Jim Baxter [5]
2004Bremner, Billy Billy Bremner [5]
2004Busby, Matt Matt Busby [5]
2004Dalglish, Kenny Kenny Dalglish [5]
2004Ferguson, Alex Alex Ferguson [5]
2004Gallacher, Hughie Hughie Gallacher [5]
2004Greig, John John Greig [5]
2004Johnstone, Jimmy Jimmy Johnstone [5]
2004Law, Denis Denis Law [5]
2004Mackay, Dave Dave Mackay [5]
2004McGrain, Danny Danny McGrain [5]
2004McGrory, Jimmy Jimmy McGrory [5]
2004McNeill, Billy Billy McNeill [5]
2004Miller, Willie Willie Miller [5]
2004Murdoch, Bobby Bobby Murdoch [5]
2004Shankly, Bill Bill Shankly [5]
2004Smith, Gordon Gordon Smith [5]
2004Souness, Graeme Graeme Souness [5]
2004Stein, Jock Jock Stein [5]
2004Woodburn, Willie Willie Woodburn [5]
2005Campbell, Charles Charles Campbell [6]
2005James, Alex Alex James [6]
2005Jordan, Joe Joe Jordan [6]
2005Lennox, Bobby Bobby Lennox [6]
2005McLean, Jim Jim McLean [6]
2005McLeish, Alex Alex McLeish [6]
2005Morton, Alan Alan Morton [6]
2005Reilly, Lawrie Lawrie Reilly [6]
2005Waddell, William William Waddell [6]
2005White, John John White [6]
2005Young, George George Young [6]
2006Cooper, Davie Davie Cooper [2]
2006Gemmell, Tommy Tommy Gemmell [2]
2006Gough, Richard Richard Gough [2]
2006Henderson, Willie Willie Henderson [2]
2006Jardine, Sandy Sandy Jardine [2]
2006Larsson, Henrik Henrik Larsson [2]
2006Laudrup, Brian Brian Laudrup [2]
2006Ormond, Willie Willie Ormond [2]
2006Robertson, John John Robertson [2]
2006Steel, Billy Billy Steel [2]
2006Walker, Tommy Tommy Walker [2]
2007Bauld, Willie Willie Bauld [3]
2007Caldow, Eric Eric Caldow [3]
2007Cowan, Jimmy Jimmy Cowan [3]
2007Hansen, Alan Alan Hansen [3]
2007McCoist, Ally Ally McCoist [3]
2007Reilly, Rose Rose Reilly [3]
2007Smith, Walter Walter Smith [3]
2007Strachan, Gordon Gordon Strachan [3]
2007Turnbull, Eddie Eddie Turnbull [3]
2008Evans, Bobby Bobby Evans [1]
2008Gemmill, Archie Archie Gemmill [1]
2008Johnstone, Derek Derek Johnstone [1]
2008Leighton, Jim Jim Leighton [1]
2008Liddell, Billy Billy Liddell [1]
2008St. John, Ian Ian St. John [1]
2008Struth, Bill Bill Struth [1]
2008Thomson, John John Thomson [1]
2009Archibald, Steve Steve Archibald [7]
2009Auld, Bertie Bertie Auld [7]
2009Delaney, Jimmy Jimmy Delaney [7]
2009Gilzean, Alan Alan Gilzean [7]
2009Johnston, Mo Mo Johnston [7]
2009Lambert, Paul Paul Lambert [7]
2009Maley, Willie Willie Maley [7]
2009Meiklejohn, David David Meiklejohn [7]
2010Brown, Craig Craig Brown [8]
2010Goram, Andy Andy Goram [8]
2010Johnstone, Bobby Bobby Johnstone [8]
2010McStay, Paul Paul McStay [8]
2010Narey, David David Narey [8]
2010Wharton, Tiny Tiny Wharton [8]
2011Butcher, Terry Terry Butcher [9]
2011Crerand, Pat Pat Crerand [9]
2011McColl, Robert Smyth Robert Smyth McColl [9]
2011Simpson, Ronnie Ronnie Simpson [9]
2012Stanton, Pat Pat Stanton [10]
2012McPhail, Bob Bob McPhail [10]
2012McQueen, Gordon Gordon McQueen [10]
2012McLintock, Frank Frank McLintock [10]
2012Watson, Andrew Andrew Watson [10]
2013Walker, Bobby Bobby Walker [11]
2013Gray, Eddie Eddie Gray [11]
2013Rough, Alan Alan Rough [11]
2013Symon, Scot Scot Symon [11]
2013Buchan, Martin Martin Buchan [11]
2013Docherty, Tommy Tommy Docherty [11]
2014Brown, Bill Bill Brown [4]
2014Lorimer, Peter Peter Lorimer [4]
2014 McCrae's Battalion [4]
2014Wilson, Davie Davie Wilson [4]
2014Nicholas, Charlie Charlie Nicholas [4]
2015Brown, Bobby Bobby Brown [12]
2015Graham, George George Graham [12]
2015Hillis, Stewart Stewart Hillis [12]
2015MacLeod, Ally Ally MacLeod [12]
2015Malpas, Maurice Maurice Malpas [12]
2016Chalmers, Stevie Stevie Chalmers [13]
2016Wark, John John Wark [13]
2016McAllister, Gary Gary McAllister [13]
2016Wallace, Jr., Jock Jock Wallace, Jr. [13]
2016Smith, Alex Alex Smith [13]
2017Clark, John John Clark [14]
2017Wallace, Willie Willie Wallace [14]
2017Craig, Jim Jim Craig [14]
2017McGovern, John John McGovern [14]
2017McGraw, Allan Allan McGraw [14]
2017Macpherson, Archie Archie Macpherson [14]
2017 Queen's Park [14]
2017 Lisbon Lions [14]

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