Svenska Dagbladet Gold Medal

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Svenska Dagbladet Gold Medal
Date1925 (1925)-
Country Sweden
Presented by Svenska Dagbladet

The Svenska Dagbladet Gold Medal (Swedish : Svenska Dagbladets guldmedalj, but usually simply called Bragdguldet, "The Feat Gold") is an annual award "for the most significant Swedish sports achievement of the year". It has been awarded by a jury led by the Swedish morning paper Svenska Dagbladet since 1925. According to its statutes the Medal may be awarded in November or December to either an individual sportsperson or a team. An individual can be awarded the Medal no more than twice, and to receive a second medal, that athlete must be "regarded a class of his own".


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Thomas Wassberg Swedish cross-country skier

Thomas Lars Wassberg is a Swedish former cross-country skier. A fast skating style – push for every leg – is still called "Wassberg" after him in several countries. Wassberg's skiing idols when growing up were Sixten Jernberg and Oddvar Brå. He has described his mental strength and physical fitness as his greatest abilities as a skier, with his main weakness being a lack of sprinting ability.

Sport is considered a national pastime in Sweden, and about half of the population actively takes part in sports activities. The most important all-embracing organisations for sports in Sweden are the Swedish Sports Confederation, and the Swedish Olympic Committee. In total over 2 million people are members of a sports club.

Sweden at the 1972 Summer Olympics Sporting event delegation

Sweden competed at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, West Germany. 131 competitors, 104 men and 27 women, took part in 90 events in 18 sports.

Sweden at the 1980 Summer Olympics Sporting event delegation

Sweden competed at the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow, Soviet Union. 145 competitors, 122 men and 23 women, took part in 102 events in 18 sports.

The 1920-21 season in Swedish football, starting January 1920 and ending July 1921:

The 1925–26 season in Swedish football, starting August 1925 and ending July 1926:

Military World Games Multi-sport event for military sportspeople

The Military World Games is a multi-sport event for military sportspeople, organized by the International Military Sports Council (CISM). The Games have been held since 1995, although championships for separate sports had been held for some years. A winter edition of the games has been recently created, the first edition was organized by the Italian region of Aosta Valley from 20 to 25 of March 2010.

Assar Rönnlund Swedish cross-country skier

Bernt Assar Rönnlund was a Swedish cross-country skier. Rönnlund's biggest success was at the 1962 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Zakopane where he won two gold medals and a silver (50 km). As a result, he earned the Svenska Dagbladet Gold Medal that year for his championship successes. Rönnlund was the anchorman of the Swedish 4 × 10 km relay team at the 1964 Winter Olympics in Innsbruck, bringing the team from fourth place to victory. Rönnlund also won the Vasaloppet in 1967 and the 50 km event at the Holmenkollen ski festival twice. For his cross-country skiing successes, Rönnlund was awarded the Holmenkollen Medal in 1968.

Sven-Åke Lundbäck Swedish cross-country skier

Sven-Åke Lundbäck is a former Swedish cross-country skier. He competed at the 1972, 1976 and 1980 Olympics in the 15 km, 30 km and 4 × 10 km events and won a gold medal over 15 km in 1972. He was close to a bronze medal in the 4 × 10 km relay in 1972, but fell near the finish; he had another fourth place in the relay in 1980.

Thaliapriset is regarded to be one of Sweden's finest theatre awards and is given annually to an actor, director or a theatre personality of the stage. The annual scholarship was established in December 1951 by the daily Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet. Throughout the years, some of the leading Swedish stage performers have received the award.

Edvard Persson Swedish actor

Carl Edvard Persson was a celebrated Swedish actor, director and singer. During his time, he was well-known in the entire country, but through many of his films and songs, he is often associated with his home province, Scania. He was also a popular entertainer in Denmark and after an American 1947 inviting, he made a 100 day tour in the US "Swedish communities" and made 36 concerts in New York City and in 35 other American cities.

The USOPC Athlete of the Year awards are part of a series of awards presented by the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee to athletes who have distinguished themselves in one of the Olympic or Paralympic sports. Awards are presented to the Olympic or Paralympic SportsMan of the Year, SportsWoman of the Year, and Team of the Year.

Sarah Sjöström Swedish swimmer

Sarah Fredrika Sjöström is a Swedish competitive swimmer specialized in the sprint freestyle and butterfly events. She is the current world record holder in the 50-meter freestyle, the 100-meter freestyle, the 200-meter freestyle, the 50-meter butterfly, and the 100-meter butterfly. She is the first Swedish woman to win an Olympic gold medal in swimming. She won the Overall Swimming World Cup in 2017 and 2018 and she has won 10 individual World Championship gold medals. She currently represents Energy Standard in the International Swimming League.

William Grut Swedish modern pentathlete

William Oscar Guernsey Grut was a Swedish modern pentathlete. He competed at the 1948 Summer Olympics in London, where he won the gold medal in modern pentathlon. Grut was a multiple Swedish swimming champion and received the Svenska Dagbladet Gold Medal in 1948.

Jerring Award

The Jerring Award is a prize established by Radiosporten, the sport section of Sveriges Radio, voted by its radio audience who choose the Swedish athlete or team that has made the best sport performance of the year. The prize is named after Swedish radio personality Sven Jerring. It is also called "the prize of the people", since it is the radio audience who vote. There has around 2010-2019 been criticism on the fact that there has been campaigns within sports with many amateurs, so that golf and horse jumping has been awarded.

Helene Ripa Swedish Paralympic athlete

Helene Barbro Ripa is a Swedish Paralympic athlete who has participated in swimming, cross-country skiing, mountain bike orienteering and canoeing events. She qualified as a swimmer for the 1992 Paralympic Games but finished outside the medal considerations. Ripa won a gold medal in cross-country skiing—her first Paralympic skiing event—and subsequently a silver medal at the 2014 Paralympics in Sochi, Russia. She competed in canoeing at the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, marking three Paralympic appearances in three sports.


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