Telephone numbers in Luxembourg

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Luxembourg telephone numbers
Country Luxembourg
Continent Europe
Access codes
Country calling code +352
International call prefix 00
Trunk prefix none

Telephone numbers in Luxembourg employ a closed dialling system, whereby all numbers are dialed in the same format whether from within Luxembourg or from abroad. There is no trunk like "0".


The incumbent operator employed an open numbering plan with numbers of varying lengths, where a two-digit area identifier is followed by one to four digits, all 6 digits formed the subscriber number. This was changed by the introduction of a new numbering plan in 1999. [1] Telephone numbers introduced since May 2000 by the incumbent operator begin with "2" (generally 26, 24 and recently 27 [2] ) followed by two to 6 digits. The area identifier is still present and generally following the 26, 27 or 24, however numbers can be taken to any other area.

In Luxembourg PBX extensions were generally appended to the main number, hence the need for an open numbering plan. As more PBX were installed in offices in Luxembourg compared to areas with almost exclusively residential customers, this led to the impression that numbers in Luxembourg City would be longer than 6 digits. The regulator has therefore decided that new phone numbers must be 8 digits long including the extension. In order to fulfill this requirement, operators have to shorten a customer's phone number to 3-6 digits, to allow 2-5 digit extensions.


Initial DigitsPlace name
22Luxembourg City
24 20
24 21Weicherdange
24 22Luxembourg City
24 23Mondorf-les-Bains/Bascharage/Noerdange/Remich
24 24
24 25Luxembourg
24 26
24 27
24 28Luxembourg City
24 29Luxembourg/Kockelscheuer
24 30Capellen/Kehlen
24 31Bertrange/Mamer/Munsbach/Strassen
24 32Lintgen/Mersch/Steinfort
24 33Walferdange
24 34Rameldange/Senningerberg
24 35Sandweiler/Moutfort/Roodt-Sur-Syre
24 36Hesperange/Kockelscheuer/Roeser
24 37Leudelange/Ehlange/Mondercange
24 38
24 39Windhof/Steinfort
24 40Howald
24 41
24 42Plateau de Kirchberg
24 43Findel/Kirchberg
24 44
24 45Diedrich
24 46
24 47Lintgen
24 48Contern/Foetz
24 49Howald
24 50Bascharage/Petange/Rodange
24 51Dudelange/Bettembourg/Livange
24 52Dudelange
24 53Esch-Sur-Alzette
24 54Esch-Sur-Alzette
24 55Esch-Sur-Alzette/Mondercange
24 56Rumelange
24 57Esch-sur-Alzette/Schifflange
24 58Soleuvre/Differdange
24 59Soleuvre
24 67Dudelange
24 70
24 71Betzdorf
24 72Echternach
24 73Rosport
24 74Wasserbillig
24 75Grevenmacher-Sur-Moselle
24 76Wormeldange
24 77
24 78Junglinster
24 79Berdorf/Consdorf
24 80Diekirch
24 81Ettelbruck/Reckange-Sur-Mess
24 82
24 83Vianden
24 84
24 85Bissen/Roost
24 86
24 87Larochette
24 88Mertzig/Wahl
24 89
24 90
24 91
24 92Clervaux/Fischbach/Hosingen
24 93
24 94
24 95Wiltz
24 96
24 97Huldange
24 98
24 99Troisvierges
26 20
26 21Weicherdange
26 22Luxembourg City
26 23Mondorf-les-Bains/Bascharage/Noerdange/Remich
26 24
26 25Luxembourg
26 26
26 27Belair, Luxembourg City
26 28Luxembourg City
26 29Luxembourg/Kockelscheuer
26 30Capellen/Kehlen
26 31Bertrange/Mamer/Munsbach/Strassen
26 32Lintgen/Mersch/Steinfort
26 33Walferdange
26 34Rameldange/Senningerberg
26 35Sandweiler/Moutfort/Roodt-Sur-Syre
26 36Hesperange/Kockelscheuer/Roeser
26 37Leudelange/Ehlange/Mondercange
26 38
26 39Windhof/Steinfort
26 40Howald
26 41
26 42Plateau de Kirchberg
26 43Findel/Kirchberg
26 44
26 45Diedrich
26 46
26 47Lintgen
26 48Contern/Foetz
26 49Howald
26 50Bascharage/Petange/Rodange
26 51Dudelange/Bettembourg/Livange
26 52Dudelange
26 53Esch-Sur-Alzette
26 54Esch-Sur-Alzette
26 55Esch-Sur-Alzette/Mondercange
26 56Rumelange
26 57Esch-sur-Alzette/Schifflange
26 58Soleuvre/Differdange
26 59Soleuvre
26 67Dudelange
26 70
26 71Betzdorf
26 72Echternach
26 73Rosport
26 74Wasserbillig
26 75Grevenmacher-Sur-Moselle
26 76Wormeldange
26 77
26 78Junglinster
26 79Berdorf/Consdorf
26 80Diekirch
26 81Ettelbruck/Reckange-Sur-Mess
26 82
26 83Vianden
26 84Han/Lesse
26 85Bissen/Roost
26 86
26 87Larochette
26 88Mertzig/Wahl
26 89
26 90
26 91
26 92Clervaux/Fischbach/Hosingen
26 93
26 94
26 95Wiltz
26 96
26 97Huldange
26 98
26 99Troisvierges
27 20
27 21Weicherdange
27 22Luxembourg City
27 23Mondorf-les-Bains/Bascharage/Noerdange/Remich
27 24
27 25Luxembourg
27 26
27 27
27 28Luxembourg City
27 29Luxembourg/Kockelscheuer
27 30Capellen/Kehlen
27 31Bertrange/Mamer/Munsbach/Strassen
27 32Lintgen/Mersch/Steinfort
27 33Walferdange
27 34Rameldange/Senningerberg
27 35Sandweiler/Moutfort/Roodt-Sur-Syre
27 36Hesperange/Kockelscheuer/Roeser
27 37Leudelange/Ehlange/Mondercange
27 38
27 39Windhof/Steinfort
27 40Howald
27 41
27 42Plateau de Kirchberg
27 43Findel/Kirchberg
27 44
27 45Diedrich
27 46
27 47Lintgen
27 48Contern/Foetz
27 49Howald
27 50Bascharage/Petange/Rodange
27 51Dudelange/Bettembourg/Livange
27 52Dudelange
27 53Esch-Sur-Alzette
27 54Esch-Sur-Alzette
27 55Esch-Sur-Alzette/Mondercange
27 56Rumelange
27 57Esch-sur-Alzette/Schifflange
27 58Soleuvre/Differdange
27 59Soleuvre
27 67Dudelange
27 70
27 71Betzdorf
27 72Echternach
27 73Rosport
27 74Wasserbillig
27 75Grevenmacher-Sur-Moselle
27 76Wormeldange
27 77
27 78Junglinster
27 79Berdorf/Consdorf
27 80Diekirch
27 81Ettelbruck/Reckange-Sur-Mess
27 82
27 83Vianden
27 84Han/Lesse
27 85Bissen/Roost
27 86
27 87Larochette
27 88Mertzig/Wahl
27 89
27 90
27 91
27 92Clervaux/Fischbach/Hosingen
27 93
27 94
27 95Wiltz
27 96
27 97Huldange
27 98
27 99Troisvierges
28Luxembourg City
4Luxembourg City
42Plateau de Kirchberg

Mobile Numbers

Mobile telephone numbers always carry a three-digit network code, in the format "6x1", which is followed by six digits. The leading "6" of these numbers is not omitted when dialing from abroad.

These codes were introduced on 1 September 2006, replacing codes in the format "0x1". Existing numbers were converted to the new format.

Starting January 2019, the voice mail number is generic, reachable only from the subscriber itself (or as result of the call forwarding when busy/non reachable ...): 352691000700

Until January 2019, the voice mail number followed the below rule: Each mobile number has an equivalent voicemail number, the network code is in the format "6x8" (note: except for Join Experience, they are not using it).

The mobile network codes are:

In June 2009, [3] a new numbering range for mobile machine-to-machine communication was introduced. The numbers have a fixed length of 12 digits and start with "60", the only assigned network code from this range is:

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A toll-free telephone number or freephone number is a telephone number that is billed for all arriving calls instead of incurring charges to the originating telephone subscriber. For the calling party, a call to a toll-free number from a landline is free of charge.

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The dialling plan for mobile networks and new landline operators is closed; all subscriber numbers must be dialled in full. For landline numbers starting with 02, the dialling plan used to be open; the trunk digit and area code could be omitted if the caller was in the same area code as the callee. However, starting May 3, 2008, all landline numbers must be dialled in full.

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The national conventions for writing telephone numbers vary by country. While international standards exist in the form of the International Telecommunication Union sector ITU-T issued recommendation E.123, national telephone numbering plans define the format and length of telephone numbers assigned to telephones.