Telephone numbers in Cyprus

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Cyprus telephone numbers
Republic of Cyprus (orthographic projection).svg
Republic of Cyprus shown in dark green
Country Cyprus
Continent Europe
RegulatorOffice of the Commissioner of Electronic Communications and Postal Regulation
NSN length8
Typical format2x-xxxxxx [note 1]
9x-xxxxxx [note 2]
Numbering plan Cyprus National Numbering Plan
Last updated6 May 2011
Access codes
Country calling code +357
International call prefix 00

Telephone numbers in Cyprus follow a closed telephone numbering plan which was adopted on 1 December 2001. [1] As a result, for landline phone numbers the digit 2 followed by the old area code was affixed to the subscriber number and for mobile phones 9 was affixed to the phone number. The plan is also used in Akrotiri and Dhekelia. [2]


Previously, landline numbers consisted of the trunk code 0, the area code, and a six-digit number.

Under the new system, these changed to numbers with eight digits, to be dialled from within Cyprus or abroad.

Mobile phone numbers had the prefix 09, followed by six digits, which had to be dialled in full.

As with fixed line numbers, under the new system, these changed to numbers with eight digits, to be dialled from within Cyprus or abroad.

99 and 97 are assigned to Cytamobile-Vodafone (which was the only mobile phone carrier until 2004), 96 is assigned to Epic, 95 to PrimeTel and 94 to Cablenet. Numbering portability between the networks is possible.

All numbers (except short codes) in Cyprus now have eight digits, hence the new numbering plan's promotional logo (in advertising) was an octopus called TESA (from Greek Τελικό Εθνικό Σχέδιο ΑριθμοδότησηςFinal National Numbering Plan). [3]

The situation in Northern Cyprus

In Northern Cyprus, the Turkish numbering plan is used. The Turkish area code 0392 has been assigned for use with landline numbers, with 0533 Kuzey Kibris Turkcell and 0542 KKTC Telsim being used for mobile phones, while the Turkish country code +90 is used for calls from the rest of the world.

For calls from the Republic of Cyprus to Northern Cyprus, the code 0139 followed by the 7-digit subscriber number is used, which are charged at local call rates. 0139 is still used for direct calls to Northern Cyprus even after the numbering plan change of December 2001.

For calls from Northern Cyprus to the Republic of Cyprus, area code 0123 is used but the call is charged at international rates. It is also possible to use the international prefix 00357.

These direct telephone connections between the two halves of the island are operated by the United Nations exchange, which allows direct telephone calls between the two communities is in place since 4 May 1998.

After 2 March 2003, direct international calls from the Republic of Cyprus to Turkey are possible and now callers from the Republic of Cyprus can call Northern Cyprus through Turkey dialling 0090 392 xxxxxxx as well as using 0139 (although in this case calls will be charged at international rates).


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