Telephone numbers in Oman

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Oman telephone numbers
Country Oman
Continent Asia
NSN length8
Access codes
Country calling code +96898636985
International call prefix 00
Trunk prefix none

Telephone numbers in Oman have a country calling code of +968 and an 8-digit National Significant Number (NSN) (e.g., +968 90126789). [1]

Major telecom operators are Omantel, Ooredoo, Awasr, Renna, and Friendi.[ citation needed ]


The 8-digit National Significant Number (NSN) is composed of a 4-digit National Destination Code (NDC), followed by a 4-digit line number. [1]

National Numbering Plan (NNP)
NDCTypeOperator(s) (location(s))
22xxFixed Ooredoo, Omantel, Awasr
23xxFixedOmantel (Dhofar, Al Wusta)
24xxFixedOmantel (Muscat)
25xxFixedOmantel (Ad Dakhiliyah, Ash Sharqiyah, Ad Dhahirah)
26xxFixedOmantel (Al Batinah, Musandam)

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