Telephone numbers in Tajikistan

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Tajikistan telephone numbers
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Country Tajikistan
Continent Asia
NSN length4 to 9
Access codes
Country calling code +992
International call prefix 00
Trunk prefix 008

National Significant Numbers (NSN): four to nine digits.

The International dialling format for Tajikistan varies from 7 to 12 digits:

+992 ABCD XXXXX (for ABCD area codes)
+992 ABCDE XXXX (for ABCDE area codes)
+992 ABCDEF XXX (for ABCDEF area codes)

e.g. for Dushanbe: +992 372 XXXXXX (Area code: three digits. Subscriber number: six digits).

Area codes in Tajikistan

Name of cities, regions, districtsLong distance codeZone codeSubscriber numberDialling format
Dushanbe3722X XXXX
+992 372 2X XXXX
+992 372 3X XXXX
Centre of Dushanbe (officially «Districts of Republican subjecting»)
Varzob31532 XXXX+992 3153 2 XXXX
Vakhdat (F. Kofarnikhon)31362 XXXX+992 3136 2 XXXX
Hissar31392 XXXX+992 3139 2 XXXX
Jirgital31322 XXXX+992 3132 2 XXXX
Nurobod (F. Darband)31332 XXXX+992 3133 2 XXXX
Nurek31382 XXXX+992 3138 2 XXXX
Rasht (F. Garm)31312 XXXX+992 3131 2 XXXX
Rudaki (F. Leninskiy)31372 XXXX+992 3137 2 XXXX
Rogun31342 XXXX+992 3134 2 XXXX
Tadjikabad31542 XXXX+992 3154 2 XXXX
Tursun-Zade31302 XXXX+992 3130 2 XXXX
Tavildara31562 XXXX+992 3156 2 XXXX
Fayzabad31353 XXXX+992 3135 3 XXXX
Shakhrinav31553 XXXX+992 3155 3 XXXX
Yavan31412 XXXX+992 3141 2 XXXX
Khatlon area (area zone Kurgan-Tube)
Abdurakhmana Jami (F. Khudjamaston)32432 XXXX+992 3243 2 XXXX
Bokhtar32452 XXXX+992 3245 2 XXXX
Vakhsh32462 XXXX+992 3246 2 XXXX
Djilikul32482 XXXX+992 3248 2 XXXX
Kurgan-Tube32222 XXXX
+992 3222 2 XXXX
+992 3222 3 XXXX
Kumsangir (C. Dusti)32494 XXXX+992 3249 4 XXXX
Kabodion32512 XXXX+992 3251 2 XXXX
Kolkhozabad32474 XXXX+992 3247 4 XXXX
Nosiri Khusrav (F. Beshkent)Through Shaartuz operator
Panj32522 XXXX+992 3252 2 XXXX
Sarband32506 XXXX+992 3250 6 XXXX
Khuroson (F. Gozimalik)32422 XXXX+992 3242 2 XXXX
Shaartuz32402 XXXX+992 3240 2 XXXX
Khatlon area (area zone Kulyab)
Vose33112 XXXX+992 3311 2 XXXX
Dangara33122 XXXX+992 3312 2 XXXX
Kulyab33222 XXXX
+992 3322 2 XXXX
+992 3322 3 XXXX
M. Khamadoni (F. Moskowskiy)33152 XXXX+992 3315 2 XXXX
Muminobod33182 XXXX+992 3318 2 XXXX
Parkhar33162 XXXX+992 3316 2 XXXX
Temurmalik (F. Sovetskiy)33142 XXXX+992 3314 2 XXXX
Khovaling331700 2 XX+992 331700 2 XX
ShurabadThrough Dunshanbe operator
Sogd area (Centre Khujand)
Asht34532 XXXX+992 3453 2 XXXX
Ayni34792 XXXX+992 3479 2 XXXX
Ganchi34642 XXXX+992 3464 2 XXXX
Gafurov34423 XXXX+992 3442 3 XXXX
Jabarrasulov (F. Proletarskiy)34552 XXXX+992 3455 2 XXXX
Zafarabad34525 XXXX+992 3452 5 XXXX
Isfara34622 XXXX+992 3462 2 XXXX
Istravshan34542 XXXX+992 3454 2 XXXX
Kayrakum34432 XXXX+992 3443 2 XXXX
Kanibadam34673 XXXX+992 3467 3 XXXX
Matchinskiy (C. Buston)34452 XXXX+992 3445 2 XXXX
Pendjikent34755 XXXX+992 3475 5 XXXX
Spitamen (F. Nou)34412 XXXX+992 3441 2 XXXX
Taboshar34652 XXXX+992 3465 2 XXXX
Sogd area (centre Khujand)
Khujand34222 XXXX
+992 3422 2 XXXX
+992 3422 4 XXXX
+992 3422 5 XXXX
+992 3422 6 XXXX
Chkalovsk34515 XXXX+992 3451 5 XXXX
Shakhristan34562 XXXX+992 3456 2 XXXX
Mountain – Autonomous Region Badahshan (Centre Khorog)
Vanj35512 XXXX+992 3551 2 XXXX
Darvaz (F. Kalaykhumb)35522 XXXX+992 3552 2 XXXX
Ishkashim35532 XXXX+992 3553 2 XXXX
Murgab35542 XXXX+992 3554 2 XXXX
Rushan35562 XXXX+992 3556 2 XXXX
Roshtkala35552 XXXX+992 3555 2 XXXX
Khorog35222 XXXX+992 3522 2 XXXX

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