Telephone numbers in Iran

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Iran telephone numbers
Country Iran
Continent Asia
NSN length10
Access codes
Country calling code +98
International call prefix 00
Trunk prefix 0

Number length

All telephone numbers are 11 digits long (initial 0 plus ten numbers). The first two or three digits after the zero are the area code. The possibilities are: (0xx) xxxx xxxx (for landlines), 09xx xxx xxxx (for cellphones) and 099xx xxx xxx (for MVNO).


When making a call within the same landline area code, initial 0 plus the area code can be omitted.

Example for calling

The international call prefix depends on the country you are calling from; e.g., 00 for most European countries, and 011 from North America. For domestic calls (within the country), 0 must be dialed before the area code. The prefix for international calls from Iran is 00 (e.g., for a United States number 00 1 ... should be dialled).

An example for calling telephones in the city of Tehran is as follows:

An example for mobile numbers is as follows:


Originally, there was only one provider of landline telephony, Telecommunication Company of Iran.

Area code

Landlines telephone numbers have these formats: (0ac) xxxx xxxx (within Iran) and +98 ac xxxx xxxx (outside Iran). ac (area code) shown in the list below:

List of Area Code
No.ProvinceArea Code
Area 1
1 Mazandaran 11
2 Gilan 13
3 Golestan 17
Area 2
4 Tehran 21
5 Semnan 23
6 Zanjan 24
7 Qom 25
8 Alborz 26
9 Qazvin 28
Area 3
10 Isfahan 31
11 Kerman 34
12 Yazd 35
13 Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari 38
Area 4
14 East Azerbaijan 41
15 West Azerbaijan 44
16 Ardabil 45
Area 5
17 Razavi Khorasan 51
18 Sistan and Baluchestan 54
19 South Khorasan 56
20 North Khorasan 58
Area 6
21 Khuzestan 61
22 Lorestan 66
Area 7
23 Fars 71
24 Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad 74
25 Hormozgan 76
26 Bushehr 77
Area 8
27 Hamadan 81
28 Kermanshah 83
29 Ilam 84
30 Markazi 86
31 Kurdistan 87

Premium-rate telephone number

Premium-rate telephone number has these formats :

only landline numbers can call these numbers
List of Available Area Code
No.AreaAvailable Area CodeNumbers Format
1access from all provinces907909 907 xxxx
2universal access numbers221909 221 xxxx
3access from Tehran province 230909 230 xxxx
4access from Qom province 252909 252 xxxx
5access from West Azerbaijan province 444909 444 xxxx
6access from Razavi Khorasan province 512909 512 xxxx

Free phone numbers

Free phone numbers have these formats :

only landline numbers can call these numbers

Personal number service

Personal number service has this format : 8080 xxxx

SIP Trunk

needs an area code by landline in different province or via a cellphone

Universal access number

This service allows a subscriber to publish a national number and have the incoming calls routed to different destinations based on various criteria such as the geographical location of the caller, the time of day and the date on which the call is made.

only landline numbers can call these numbers

Universal access number has these formats :

Mobile phones

In order to identify the country which a mobile subscriber belongs to, in wireless telephone networks (GSM, CDMA, UMTS, etc.) Mobile Country Codes (MCC) are used. MCC is allocated by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and MCC for Iran is 432.

In order to identify mobile subscriber in a country, Mobile Network Code (MNC) are used. MNC is allocated by the national regulator. (e.g. MNC for IR-MCI is 11)

The Home Network Identity (HNI) is the combination of the MCC and the MNC. This is the number which fully identifies a mobile subscriber. This combination is also known as the PLMN. (e.g. HNI for IR-MCI with MNC = 11 and MCC of Iran = 432 will be 43211)

There are 9 mobile phone providers in Iran, listed below.

IR-MCI (HNI : 43211)

0911-xxx-xxxx (mobile owner lives in Area 1)
0912-xxx-xxxx (mobile owner lives in Area 2)
0913-xxx-xxxx (mobile owner lives in Area 3)
0914-xxx-xxxx (mobile owner lives in Area 4)
0915-xxx-xxxx (mobile owner lives in Area 5)
0916-xxx-xxxx (mobile owner lives in Area 6)
0917-xxx-xxxx (mobile owner lives in Area 7)
0918-xxx-xxxx (mobile owner lives in Area 8)
0919-xxx-xxxx (mobile owner lives in Area 2)
0990-xxx-xxxx (pre-paid)
0992-xxx-xxxx (pre-paid)
0993-xxx-xxxx (pre-paid)
0994-xxx-xxxx (special for children, pre-paid)
2nd digit after 091 is the code of mobile number. 09124xxxxxx is code4 or 09121xxxxxx is code1. The lowest code has the highest price, meaning that the owner is (probably) wealthier.

Premium-rate telephone

Premium-rate telephone number for IR-MCI has this format : 9922-xxxx

only IR-MCI numbers can call these numbers


Espadan (HNI : 43219)

only in Isfahan province

MTCE (HNI : 43270)

Iraphone (HNI : 43290)

only in Gheshm island

Taliya (HNI : 43232)


TeleKish (HNI : 43214)


MTN Irancell (HNI : 43235)

pre-paid, post-paid and data SIM
(special for TD-LTE)

RighTel (HNI : 43220 & 43221)

pre-paid & data SIM
pre-paid & data SIM

MobinNet (HNI : 43240)

(special for TD-LTE)

Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO)

Shatel Mobile (HNI : 43208 & 43250)

pre-paid & data SIM



UpTel & AzarTel (NeginTel) (HNI : 43202)


Avacell (HiWeb) (HNI : 43212)


SamanTel (HNI : 43210)

pre-paid & data SIM

Farabord Dadeh Haye Iranian Co. (Zi-Tel) (HNI : 43245)

data SIM

Ertebatat-e Farzanegan Pars (Wenex) (HNI : 43293)

data SIM

Emergency numbers

The following numbers are used for emergency services within Iran

110 - Police

112 - Hilal Ahmar Ambulance

115 - Ambulance

125 - Fire Department

911 - Redirected to 112 on mobile phones

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Country Code: +240
International Call Prefix: 00
Trunk Prefix: