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The country calling code for Bangladesh is +880. The dial plan type in Bangladesh is closed, and "0" is the Trunk prefix.


When dialling a Bangladesh number from inside Bangladesh, the format is:
"0 – Area/operator code (X) – subscriber number (N)"

When dialling a Bangladesh number from outside Bangladesh, the format is:
"+880 – Area/operator code (X) – subscriber number (N)"

The subscriber number is the number unique to each individual telephone/mobile following the area/operator code. The Area/operator codes in Bangladesh are listed below, with a typical number format, where "X" denotes the Area/Operator code and "N" denotes the individual subscriber's telephone/mobile number.

Area and operator codes

Mobile Network Operators Typical format for a mobile phone number is 01XXX NNNNNN, e.g. 01054 694200 when dialed inside Bangladesh, and +880 1XXX NNNNNN when dialed internationally

Mobile Network Operators↵Typical format for a mobile phone number is 01XXX NNNNNN, e.g. 01054 694200 when dialed inside Bangladesh, and +880 1XXX NNNNNN when dialed internationally

15 - TeleTalk

16 and 18 - Robi-Airtel

17 and 13 - Grameenphone

19 and 14 - Banglalink

10, 12, - Not in use

Fixed line network operators

Typical format for a fixed line telephone number is "+880-XX-NNNN-NNNN"

35 – Bangla Phone

36 – Telebarta

37 – National Phone

38 – PeoplesTel

44 – RanksTel

60 – Bijoy Phone

64 – Onetel

66 – Dhaka Phone

42 - Sheba Phone

BTCL Geographical area codes

02    – Dhaka, Gopalganj District, Narayongonj District, Narsingdi District, IMS Number (Malopara, Shalbagan, Tanore, Godagari, Noahata- Rajshahi && Jessore University) 031   – Chittagong District 0321  – Noakhali District 0331  – Feni District 0341  – Cox's Bazar District 0351  – Rangamati District 0361  – Bandarban District 0371  – Khagrachari District 0381  – Laxmipur District 041   – Khulna District 0421  – Jessore District 0431  – Barisal District 0441  – Patuakhali District 0451  – Jhenaidah District 0461  – Pirojpur District 0468  – Bagerhat District 0471  – Satkhira District 0481  – Narail District 0491  – Bhola District 0498  – Jhalakati District 051   – Bogra District 0521  – Rangpur District 0531  – Dinajpur District 0541  – Gaibandha District 0551  – Nilphamari District 0561  – Thakurgaon District 0568  – Panchagarh District 0571  – Joypurhat District 0581  – Kurigram District 0591  – Lalmonirhat District 0611  – Magura District 0621  – Narsingdi District 0631  – Faridpur District 0641  – Rajbari District 0651  – Manikganj District 0661  – Madaripur District 0662  – Shariatpur District 0671  – Narayongonj District 0681  – Gazipur District 0682  – Kaliakair Upazila 0691  – Munsigonj District 071   – Kushtia District 0721  – Rajshahi District  0731  – Pabna District 0741  – Naogaon District 0751  – Sirajganj District 0761  – Chuadanga District 0771  – Natore District 0781  – Chapai Nowabgonj District 0791  – Meherpur District 081   – Comilla District 0821  – Sylhet District 0831  – Hobigonj District 0841  – Chandpur District 0851  – Brahmonbaria District 0861  – Moulvibazar District 0871  – Sunamgonj District 091   – Mymensingh District 0921  – Tangail District 0922  – Mirzapur Upazila 0931  – Sherpur District 0941  – Kishorgonj District 0951  – Netrokona District 0981  – Jamalpur District 

IPTSP (IP-Telephony Service Providers)

9601 - UberNet 9602 – BTEL 9604 – FUSION NET 9606 – Agni Systems Ltd 9609 – BEXIMCO / BOL 9610 – ADN Telecom 9611 - Amber IT(Dhaka Com) 9612 – MetroNet 9613 – GETCO Online 9614 – NextFone 9619 - Chittagong Online LTD  9633 – IDEA Networks and Communications Limited 9638 - Intercloud Limited 9666 – BDCom-Kotha 9669 – ConnectTel 9678 – Link3 Technologies LTD. 9677 – BRACNet Limited 9639 – ICC Communication  9654 - Tele Bangla 9643 - Race Online Ltd 9696 -  BTCL - Alaap  

Special Numbers

333 – Central Helpline of Bangladesh
999 – Emergency telephone number
106 – Anti - Corruption Commission
999 – Emergency telephone number
1090 – Weather Update Toll Free
121 – Customer care (Grameenphone, Teletalk, Robi, Banglalink)
158 – Customer complaints – all mobile operators
5012 – News
152 – International Trunk Call Booking
14 – Time (BTCL)
16263 – Free Doctor Consultation / Contact for COVID-19

109 – Violence Against Women, and Children Prevention Helpline [2]

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The liberalisation of Bangladesh's telecommunications sector began with small steps in 1989 with the issuance of a licence to a private operator for the provision of inter alia cellular mobile services to compete with Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Board (BTTB), the previous monopoly provider of telecommunications services within Bangladesh. Significant changes in the number of fixed and mobile services deployed in Bangladesh occurred in the late 1990s and the number of services in operation have subsequently grown exponentially in the past five years.

A toll-free telephone number or freephone number is a telephone number that is billed for all arriving calls instead of incurring charges to the originating telephone subscriber. For the calling party, a call to a toll-free number from a landline is free of charge.

A telephone numbering plan is a type of numbering scheme used in telecommunication to assign telephone numbers to subscriber telephones or other telephony endpoints. Telephone numbers are the addresses of participants in a telephone network, reachable by a system of destination code routing. Telephone numbering plans are defined in each of administrative regions of the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and they are also present in private telephone networks. For public number systems, geographic location plays a role in the sequence of numbers assigned to each telephone subscriber.

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Grameenphone, widely abbreviated as GP, is the leading telecommunications service provider in Bangladesh, with more than 79 million subscribers and 46.3% subscriber market share. It is a joint venture between Telenor and Grameen Telecom Corporation. Telenor, a telecommunication company from Norway, owns a 55.8% share of Grameenphone, Grameen Telecom owns 34.2% and the remaining 10% is publicly held.

The Brazilian telephone numbering plan uses a two-digit area code plus eight-digit local phone numbers for landlines and nine digits for mobile lines. Public utility services use short phone numbers, always starting with 1.


Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Limited, doing business as Citycell, was the oldest mobile operator of Bangladesh. It is one of the three oldest and pioneer telecommunications network companies in South Asia along with Etisalat of Sri Lanka and Paktel of Pakistan. It was the only mobile operator in the country using CDMA and EVDO technology. Citycell's total mobile subscriber base was 0.142 million in August 2016. Citycell was owned by SingTel (44.54%), Pacific Motors (37.95%) and Far East Telecom (17.51%). It was the smallest mobile operator of Bangladesh in terms of subscribers. It was shut down due to failure of paying dues as ordered by the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) in 2016.

Robi (company) Telecommunications company operating in Bangladesh

Robi Axiata Limited, DBA Robi & Airtel is the second largest mobile network operator in Bangladesh. It is a joint venture between Axiata Group Berhad of Malaysia, Bharati Enterprises Limited of India. Axiata holds 68.7% controlling stake in the entity, Bharti holds the remaining 31.3%


Banglalink Digital Communications Ltd. is the #1 Fastest & Full Speed 4G LTE Service provider in Bangladesh according to ookla speedtest award. It's also the third largest cellular service provider in Bangladesh. It is fully owned by Telecom Ventures Ltd. of Malta, which is a 100% owned subsidiary of Global Telecom Holding which is in turn a subsidiary of the Dutch holding company VEON.

Telephone numbers in Bulgaria are under an open dialing plan, similar to those of Germany and Austria. Area codes should only be dialed when necessary. Area codes are prefixed with a trunk code of 0 when dialled domestically.

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Onetel is a Bangladeshi fixed line operator. It is a public switched telephone network operator in Bangladesh. As of May 2008, total number of subscribers was 37.796 thousand.

The national conventions for writing telephone numbers vary by country. While international standards exist in the form of the International Telecommunication Union sector ITU-T issued recommendation E.123, national telephone numbering plans define the format and length of telephone numbers assigned to telephones.


Peoples Telecommunication & Information Services Ltd., doing business as (PeoplesTel), is a Bangladeshi fixed line operator. It is a private public switched telephone network (PSTN) operator, ISP and Hosted Call Centre Service Provider in Bangladesh.

RanksTel is a Bangladeshi telecom company. It is a private public switched telephone network (PSTN) operator in Bangladesh and nation's second largest PSTN operator.

Association of Mobile Telecom Operators of Bangladesh (AMTOB), is a national trade organization representing all mobile telecom operators in Bangladesh. Mahtab Uddin Ahmed, MD and CEO of Robi Axiata is currently serving the seat of President for AMTOB.


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