Telephone numbers in Armenia

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Armenia telephone numbers
Armenia (orthographic projection).svg
Country Armenia
Continent Europe
Access codes
Country calling code +374
International call prefix 00
Trunk prefix 0

The following telephone numbers in Armenia are destination codes for international calls terminating in Armenia as well as the procedures for dialing internationally from within Armenia.


Dialling plan

The dialling plan is as below:

Calling Armenia from abroad

From abroad to Yerevan, regions, mobile network, Artsakh fixed telephone network and Artsakh mobile network:

+ 374 + Destination Code + Subscriber Number           (to Yerevan, regions)   + 374 + Mobile Network Code + Mobile Subscriber Number (to mobile network)   + 374 + 47 + Subscriber Number                         (to Artsakh fixed telephone network)   + 374 + 97 + Subscriber Number                         (to Artsakh mobile network)

Calling from Armenia

From Yerevan, regions, mobile network and Artsakh to abroad:

00 + Country Code + Destination Code + Subscriber Number

Calls to North America from anywhere in Armenia receive a substantial discount if preceded by a special code specific to each Armenian phone company.

For example, if one makes a call from a Vivacell-MTS phone to North America and dials 77 first, one is charged 14 AMD per minute. It is the same deal for callers from a Beeline (whether a mobile or fix landline) if a call is preceded by *88*.

Thus, from a Vivacell phone one must dial; 77 + 00 + Country Code (1 for North America) + Destination Code + Subscriber Number And from a beeline phone (landline or cell) one must dial: *88* + 00 + Country Code (1 for North America) [1] + Destination Code + Subscriber Number

Calling within Armenia and Artsakh

0 + Destination Code + Subscriber Number

Calling Artsakh from Armenia

From Yerevan, regions and mobile network to Artsakh fixed telephone network and Artsakh mobile network:

0 + 47 + Subscriber Number                      (to Artsakh fixed telephone network)   0 + 97 + Subscriber Number                      (to Artsakh mobile network)


An example for calling telephones in Yerevan, Armenia is as follows:

Subscriber Number  (within Yerevan)       0 + 10 + Subscriber Number  (within Armenia and Artsakh)   + 374 + 10 + Subscriber Number  (outside Armenia and Artsakh)

Destination codes


CityDestination Code
Aparan 252
Ashtarak 232
Talin 249 0
Tsaghkahovit 257 0
Ararat 238
Artashat 235
Masis 236
Vedi 234
Armavir 237
Baghramyan 233
Dalarik 233 76
Echmiadzin 231
Hoktember 237
Metsamor 237
Myasnikyan 233 74
Karakert 233 75
Zvartnots 231
Chambarak 265
Gavar 264
Martuni 262
Sarukhan 264
Sevan 261
Vardenis 269
Abovyan 222
Ptghni 222 96
Hrazdan 223
Meghradzor 223 93
Pyunik 223 94
Alapars 226 75
Solak 223 97
Bjni 223 98
Tsakhkadzor 223
Charentsavan 226
Eghvard 224
Nor Hachn 224
Nor Geghi 224
Zovuni 224 52
Proshyan 224 53
Argel 224 54
Alaverdi 253
Margahovit 322 96
Spitak 255
Stepanavan 256
Tashir 254
Vanadzor 322
Akhuryan 243 00
Amasia 246
Aniavan 242 97
Arapi 243 00
Artik 244
Ashotsk 245
Gyumri 312
Kamo 243 00
Maralik 242
Pemzashen 244
Sarnakhbyur 242 91
Shirakavan 242 93
Goris 284
Kajaran 285
Kapan 285
Khndzoresk 284 94
Meghri 286 0
Sisian 283 0
Verishen 284
Berd 267
Dilijan 268 0
Ijevan 263
Koghb 266
Noyemberian 266
Eghegnadzor 281
Jermuk 287
Vayk 282
Yerevan 10
Mayakovski 222 90
Balahovit/Kamaris 222 91
Aramus 222 93
Arzni 222 94
Geghashen 222 97
Kotayk 222 99
Lernanist 223 91
Arzakan 226 72
Baghramian 231 90
Vache 231 91
Norakert 231 95
Jrarat 231 98
Khoronk 231 99
Panik 244 92
Arevshat 244 95
Mets Mantash 244 96
Khachik 281 51
Arpi 281 91
Aghavnadzor 281 93
Areni 281 94
Malishka 281 95
Yelpin 281 97
Rind 281 98
Shatin 281 99
Agarak 286
Pambak 322 93
Lernapat 322 94
Yeghegnut 322 95
Dzoraget 322 97
Lermontovo 322 98
Vahagni 322 99
Stepanakert 471
Martakert 474
Hadrut 475
Askeran 476
Shushi 477
Kashatagh 477 32
Martuni 478

By regions











Vayots Dzor


Non-geographic network codes

Several new blocks of numbers have been assigned in 2010 and 2011 to several Armenian ITSPs for their respective non-geographic networks.

VivaCell-MTS 6061, 6067, 6068, 6069, 6076, 6077, 6078, 6079, 6080, 6081
Arminco 6027, 6062, 6066
Orange 6065
CrossNet LLC 6037, 6040, 6043, 6047, 6048,6049
Ucom LLC 6044, 6050, 6051, 6052, 6053, 6054
GNC LLC 6046
Griar Telecom6045, 6056, 6057, 6058, 6059, 6060

Mobile network codes

Mobile OperatorCode
Beeline91, 99, 96, 43, 33,79
Ucom55, 95, 41, 44, 66,50
Viva-MTS93, 94, 77, 98, 49, 22,

On 1 April 2014, mobile number portability was launched in Armenia, which means that subscribers of mobile operators can have any mobile network code by porting in from the host operator.

Emergency numbers

General emergency112 or 911
Fire brigade101
Gas services104

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