Telephone numbers in Latvia

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Latvia telephone numbers
Location of Latvia (dark green)
Country Latvia
Continent Europe
RegulatorPublic Utilities Commission
Type Closed
NSN length8, with some exceptions
Typical formatVarious
Access codes
Country calling code +371 [1]
International call prefix 00
Trunk prefix None

The Latvian telephone numbering plan is a telephone number assigning system used in Latvia. All the numbers consist of 8 digits with exceptions for special services. The assigning process is controlled by the Electronic Communications Office (Latvian : VAS "Elektroniskie sakari") and regulated by the Public Utilities Commission (Latvian : Sabiedrisko pakalpojumu regulēšanas komisija). [2]



The Latvian SSR had the +7 013 area code. The original format was 8 (013) xxx xxxx. In 1993, Latvia switched to the +371 code. The plan remained relatively the same until 2008, when a 6 was prepended to all landlines.

Example number in Riga:

Mobile telephones

Geographic numbering

The 5-series is currently only reserved for future use. The 6-series is generally used for landlines and the 7-series is used with payphones throughout the country.

  • 5 xx xxxxx
  • 6 0x xxxxx
  • 6 1x xxxxx
  • 6 2x xxxxx
Reserved for landlines
6 30 xxxxxLandlines in Jelgava District
6 31 xxxxxLandlines in Tukums District
6 32 xxxxxLandlines in Talsi District
6 33 xxxxxLandlines in Kuldiga District
6 34 xxxxxLandlines in Liepāja District
6 35 xxxxxReserved for landlines in Ventspils District
6 36 xxxxxLandlines in Ventspils District
6 37 xxxxxLandlines in Dobele District
6 38 xxxxxLandlines in Saldus District
6 39 xxxxxLandlines in Bauska District
6 40 xxxxxLandlines in Limbaži District
6 41 xxxxxLandlines in Cēsis District
6 42 xxxxxLandlines in Valmiera District
6 43 xxxxxLandlines in Alūksne District
6 44 xxxxxLandlines in Gulbene District
6 45 xxxxxLandlines in Balvi District
6 46 xxxxxLandlines in Rēzekne District
6 47 xxxxxLandlines in Valka District
6 48 xxxxxLandlines in Madona District
6 49 xxxxxLandlines in Aizkraukle District
6 50 xxxxxLandlines in Ogre District
6 51 xxxxxLandlines in Aizkraukle District
6 52 xxxxxLandlines in Jēkabpils District
6 53 xxxxxLandlines in Preiļi District
6 54 xxxxxLandlines in Daugavpils District
6 55 xxxxxReserved for landlines in Ogre District
6 56 xxxxxLandlines in Krāslava District
6 57 xxxxxLandlines in Ludza District
6 58 xxxxxLandlines in Daugavpils District
6 59 xxxxxReserved for landlines in Cēsis District
  • 6 6x xxxxx
  • 6 7x xxxxx
Landlines in Riga District
6 80 xxxxxReserved for landlines
6 82 xxxxxReserved for landlines in Valmiera District
6 83 xxxxxReserved for landlines in Jēkabpils District
6 84 xxxxxReserved for landlines in Liepāja District
6 85 xxxxx Trunked radio networks and VPNs
6 86 xxxxxReserved for landlines in Jelgava District
  • 6 87 xxxxx
  • 6 88 xxxxx
Reserved for landlines
6 89 xxxxx Payphones in all Latvian cities (used until 31 December 2011)
6 9x xxxxxLandlines in Riga District
7 89 xxxxx Payphones in all Latvian cities (used from 1 January 2012)


A variety of service numbers are assigned in the 1-series with lengths shorter than the standard 8 digits. Some of these services also provide 8-digit geographical numbers to be reachable from abroad.


  • 112 — Fire brigade, rescue services, civil protection (also general emergency number);
  • 110 — Police;
  • 113 — Ambulance;
  • 114 — Gas emergency;
  • 115 -- Coast Guard

Calls to 112 are answered on average within 6 seconds and are answered in Latvian, English and Russian. In 98% of cases, the operator can detect the location of the caller within a minute. [3]

Various client services

1xxGeneric client services provided by various companies; calling costs to these numbers may vary depending on a number-by-number and an operator-by-operator basis as for example Lattelecom's client service number is toll-free when called from their network's phones.
11xAdditional services provided by the telephone companies.
118xMajor inquiry services.
16xxInternal client services which can be used by the network operators as these numbers can only be reached from the particular network.
18xxVarious services.
116xxxToll-free non-commercial social services.

Toll-free services

Shared-cost services

Premium rate services

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