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Tinsley pump house and derelict outbuilding
Location Tinsley, City of Sheffield
Coordinates 53°24′44″N1°24′18″W / 53.412220°N 1.405010°W / 53.412220; -1.405010 Coordinates: 53°24′44″N1°24′18″W / 53.412220°N 1.405010°W / 53.412220; -1.405010
Grid reference SK396907
Other information
Original company South Yorkshire Railway
Pre-grouping Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway
Great Central Railway
Key dates
March 1869Opened
29 October 1951Closed

Tinsley railway station was a railway station in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England, opened in March 1869. This station was designed by the company architect John Holloway Sanders. [1] The station served the growing community of Tinsley and the workers at the nearby steelworks which had moved to or had been founded in the lower Don Valley following major changes in manufacturing methods in the mid - late 19th century. The station, opened by the South Yorkshire Railway, was built on the line between Sheffield Victoria and Barnsley and became a junction station with the opening of the line from Tinsley Junction (later Tinsley South Junction) to the original Rotherham station by the Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway. The station was located by the main Sheffield to Rotherham road in Tinsley, now on the Sheffield side of M1, Junction 34 in Tinsley.

The station had two platforms, flanking the running lines, and was surrounded by sidings belonging to steel works, in particular Hadfields. Because of the gradients on the line to Barnsley this was also the site of the siding, to the rear of the Barnsley-bound platform, for the "Tinsley Banker", a locomotive, or sometimes locomotives, whose job was to assist (bank / push) trains up the gradients. The station was closed on 29 October 1951.

The Tinsley layout was completed with the opening of the "Tinsley Curve" which enabled trains to run directly from the "Blackburn Valley" line to Rotherham. Although the station is now closed, the station buildings are still present near the new footbridge, which crosses over the line and Sheffield Supertram. The Sheffield Supertram now runs along this part of the old line and the nearest tram stop is Tinsley/Meadowhall South.

About 3/4 mile towards Sheffield, along Sheffield Road, is the site of West Tinsley railway station.

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Tinsley Viaduct

Tinsley Viaduct is a two-tier road bridge in Sheffield, England; it was the first of its kind in the United Kingdom. It carries the M1 and the A631 3,389 feet (1,033 m) over the Don Valley, from Tinsley to Wincobank, also crossing the Sheffield Canal, the Midland Main Line and the former South Yorkshire Railway line from Tinsley Junction to Rotherham Central. The Supertram route to Meadowhall runs below part of the viaduct on the trackbed of the South Yorkshire Railway line to Barnsley.

Sheffield Supertram Light rail system in South Yorkshire, England

The Sheffield Supertram is a light rail tram network, covering Sheffield and Rotherham, in England. The infrastructure is owned by the South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE), with Stagecoach responsible for the operation and maintenance of rolling stock.

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Sheffield station, formerly Pond Street and later Sheffield Midland, is a combined railway station and tram stop in Sheffield, England, and the busiest station in South Yorkshire. Adjacent is Sheffield station/Sheffield Hallam University Sheffield Supertram stop. In 2017–18, the station was the 43rd-busiest in the UK, and the 15th-busiest outside London.

The Dearne Valley line is the name given to a railway line in the north of England running from York to Sheffield via Pontefract Baghill and Moorthorpe.

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Meadowhall Interchange is a transport interchange located in north-east Sheffield, consisting of a combined heavy rail station, tram stop and bus and coach station. The second-busiest heavy rail station in the city in terms of passenger numbers, Meadowhall Interchange provides connections between National Rail services, the Sheffield Supertram light rail network, intercity coach services and the city bus network.

Sheffield Victoria railway station Disused railway station in South Yorkshire, England

Sheffield Victoria was the main railway station in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England, on the Great Central Railway, between Chesterfield and Penistone.

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Rotherham Central railway station is in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England. The station was originally named "Rotherham", becoming "Rotherham and Masborough" in January 1889 and finally "Rotherham Central" on 25 September 1950.

Transport in Sheffield

Transport in Sheffield, England is developed around the city's unusual topography and medieval street plan. Once an isolated town, the transport infrastructure changed dramatically in the 19th and 20th centuries. The city now has road and rail links with the rest of the country, and road, bus and trams for local transport.

Tinsley Marshalling Yard

Tinsley Marshalling Yard was a railway marshalling yard, used to separate railway wagons, located near Tinsley in Sheffield, England. It was opened in 1965 as a part of a major plan to rationalise all aspects of the rail services in the Sheffield area, and closed in stages from 1985 with the run-down of rail freight in Britain. It was also the site of Tinsley Traction Maintenance Depot (TMD), which was closed in 1998. At its peak, 200 locomotives were allocated to this depot.

Broughton Lane railway station Disused railway station in South Yorkshire, England

Broughton Lane railway station was a railway station in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. The station served the communities of Darnall, Attercliffe and Carbrook and was one of those opened on 1 August 1864 with the South Yorkshire Railway's extension south from Tinsley Junction to Woodburn Junction where it met the Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway (MS&LR). The day the line was opened the SYR became part of the MS&LR. This link allowed the MS&LR access to Barnsley and Rotherham from Sheffield Victoria.

West Tinsley railway station Disused railway station in South Yorkshire, England

West Tinsley railway station is a former railway station in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England.

Sheffield District Railway

The Sheffield District Railway was a 3.5 miles (6 km) railway line in South Yorkshire, England. It was built to give the Lancashire, Derbyshire and East Coast Railway access to Sheffield, primarily for goods traffic, for which a large goods depot at Attercliffe, in Sheffield, was built. The construction was sponsored by the LD&ECR and the Great Eastern Railway together, with the support of the Midland Railway, which agreed running powers over sections of its own lines. The Sheffield District Railway opened in 1900. The LD&ECR operated the passenger service, although the Midland Railway later ran passenger trains too. The SDR did not have rolling stock and did not operate trains itself. The LD&ECR was absorbed by the Great Central Railway in 1907, and the GCR inherited the LD&ECR running powers.

Wincobank railway station, previously named Wincobank and Meadow Hall, was a railway station in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. The station served the communities of Brightside and Wincobank and was situated on the Midland Main Line on Meadowhall Road, lying between Holmes and Brightside stations. There were no platforms on the Midland Railway line to Barnsley at the original Wincobank station. This was remedied when Meadowhall Station was later built on roughly the same site.

Meadow Hall and Wincobank railway station Disused railway station in South Yorkshire, England

Meadowhall and Wincobank railway station, also known in the 19th century as Meadow Hall, at the time of the Meadow Hall Iron Works, was a railway station on the South Yorkshire Railway near Sheffield, England.

Kilnhurst Central railway station Disused railway station in South Yorkshire, England

Kilnhurst Central was a railway station in Kilnhurst, South Yorkshire, England, one of two railway stations serving the village, the other being Kilnhurst West, situated on the North Midland Railway line. Kilnhurst Central was on the former Great Central Railway's (GCR) Sheffield Victoria - Doncaster line, between Parkgate and Aldwarke and Swinton Central.

The Sheffield District Rail Rationalisation Plan was a series of linked railway civil engineering projects, station and line closures and train route changes that took place in and around Sheffield, South Yorkshire. The majority of these changes took place in the 1960s and early 1970s, however the plan, by now much modified in the face of rapidly dwindling freight traffic, was not fully realised until the 1980s.

Attercliffe railway station Disused railway station in South Yorkshire, England

Attercliffe railway station was built to serve the Parish of Attercliffe cum Darnall, then separated from but now part of the City of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England.

The South Yorkshire Railway was a railway company with lines in the south of the West Riding of Yorkshire, England.


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